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261 Club

261 Fearless Club Twin Cities

  • Burnsville, MN

    Meet Runs start and end at the Burnsville YMCA. Contact eertel@261fearless.org for winter meeting times.

    All women 18+, both members and non-members of the YMCA, are welcome to participate. Weather permitting, workout occurs outdoors.

  • South Shore (Herbster, WI)

    Group meets Wednesdays from 5pm-6pm at the Herbster Gym/Town Hall

    Weather permitting, workout occurs outdoors.

Who are we?

A safe, secure female-specific running community - inclusive of all ability, body type, religion, ethnicity or socio-economic status.

261 Fearless Clubs focus on fun, social, non-competitive running. All abilities of runners train together, supporting and encouraging one another. The result is that women feel part of a community rather than just a club, and with clubs as far away as South America and Europe, that community extends all over the globe. 261 Fearless Club Twin Cities meets weekly and is a platform for women of all walks of life and physical abilities to move fearlessly together through running inspired activities.



What will membership give me?

261 Fearless Club Members are connected to a worldwide group of women through our private on-line platform where members can connect and make friends around the world! Annual memberships also offer discounted rates for 261 Fearless partner events and the opportunity to participate in 261 Fearless training and education. As a Club Member, you will become part of a culture that celebrates all women, regardless of ability or background, and encourages them to become fearless in all areas of life!

261 Fearless Club Twin Cities members have access to all weekly meet runs at ALL locations under the Twin Cities umbrella. We also offer events, fundraising opportunities, and more to our members. 




I've never run before. Is being a member of a 261 Fearless Club something I can do?

Absolutely! Whether you have never run a single step, are a seasoned runner, or are a woman in between, you can be part of our network of fearless women! Taking the first step as a runner can be overwhelming. Many women find that a supportive place like 261 Fearless Cub is the perfect place to start. And for more experienced runners, we offer a space where you can complement your own training while you encourage and inspire women new to the sport. 




Your Fearless Coaching Team:

Twin Cities Meet Runs are led by certified coaches Emily Ertel, Emily Koski and/or Heidi Marshall.

South Shore Meet Runs are led by certified coaches Brenda Goetz, Darlene Joecks, Mary Anne Morris and/or Pat Murphy.




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