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261 Fearless Ambassador

A 261 Fearless Ambassador is a woman who finds solace, strength and freedom in running or walking. She is also a role model, a communicator, a supporter and a friend. She has the ability to stand strong for herself and has the aspiration to bring the love of running to others. She understands that women can benefit enormously from running by using the strength it brings to overcome personal limitation and adversity. She has the ability and personality to connect women.  Our 261 Fearless Ambassadors are all over the world, willing to talk to you about running and 261 Fearless and help get you moving.


Our Ambassadors are active in running events — please look for them in their purple 261 Fearless tech-tees provided by Reebok.  You will find these women at events of all distances – some will be at the front of the pack and most will be scattered across the paces.  We are more excited about putting one foot in front of the other than we are about how fast and far you do it!  Remember, the words of our mentor, Kathrine Switzer, “Life is for participating, not spectating.”

Our Ambassadors are inviting and active on social media. Please post questions you may have about running on our facebook and twitter pages and our Ambassadors will share their thoughts and experiences. Sometimes it is great to know you are not alone.


Our Ambassadors talk about 261 Fearless in their local communities and will help get out the word when a 261 Fearless Club is starting in the area.  Our Ambassadors invite women of all abilities into the Clubs.

Membership into 261 Fearless Ambassador Program is by invitation only. All interested women must complete an application and meet program expectations as determined in quarterly reviews and assessments.  Invitations occur on an annual basis – all must re-apply at the end of their annual term.

The next round of 261 Fearless Ambassador Enrollment will be announced soon.



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We are a global movement that empowers women through running and walking.


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