How the 261 Fearless Effect supported me to find the joy in running and made me feel empowered

Welcome to 261 Fearless Club UK

We are a Community Interest Company and the home of the 261 Fearless global network in the United Kingdom.

מגדל דוד ו-RUN JLM מזמינים אתכם לרוץ לאורך אלפי שנות היסטוריה ולחוות את ירושלים דרך הרגליים

סיורי הריצה הירושלמיים מיועדים לחובבי ריצה וכושר שרוצים להכיר את העיר תוך כדי תנועה מהירה. במקום ללכת בין נקודות העניין בעיר – רצים! במקום להתיישב לשמוע הסברים ארוכים – עוצרים להדרכה קצרה וממוקדת... וממשיכים לרוץ!

בסיורי הריצה הירושלמיים אתם מרוויחים כפליים: מדריכי הסיורים של RUN JLM, מיזם ירושלמי חדש ובועט המשלב בין עולם הריצה להדרכת הטיולים, הם גם מורי דרך מוסמכים וגם בעלי הכשרה כמאמני ריצה וכושר. אתם בידיים (ורגליים) טובות!

תיאור המסלול: מתחם התחנה הראשונה, גיא בן הינום, הר ציון, כיכר החורבה/הקארדו, תצפית גגות, חזית כנסיית הקבר, השער החדש, כיכר ספרא, שער יפו/מגדל דוד, טחנת הרוח ימין משה, גבעת התנ"ך, טיילת שרובר, חזרה למתחם התחנה.

אורך: 8 קילומטרים. מעדיפים מסלול קצר יותר? לחצו כאן למעבר למסלול 5 קילומטרים

*קבוצות ספורטיביות במיוחד המעוניינות להאריך את המסלול ל-10 קילומטרים מוזמנות ליצור קשר במייל

* נקודת מפגש ופרטי התקשרות ימסרו במייל לנרשמים

With no focus on training plans or race preparation and each session designed to give you a break from the stresses of everyday life, there’s lots of laughter and fun to be had at your local club.

All our coaches have completed the unique 261 Fearless Coach Certification courses and are ready and waiting to help you learn to run safely and efficiently.

Come and join us as we run and chat together, make friends and give ourselves the best future we can. Be FEARLESS with us.


We have clubs scattered around the UK. You’ll find the 261 Fearless ethos, spirit and teaching techniques in each one. Read about each club to find out what it’s like to be a member and discover how we’re supporting women to create a positive sense of self confidence and fearlessness.

You can try out any of our clubs for free. After your first meetrun, further attendance is only £2 per meetrun or we have an annual membership of £40 and can subsidise membership fees where finance is a barrier to participation.

261 CLUB


261 Club


261 Club Greenwich meets on Saturday mornings at 10am by the café in Eltham Park South. Coaches Juliet and Lorrae would love to welcome you to join them whether you’re in London for a quick trip or are a local resident. Go and enjoy the beautiful park and find peace in the woods.

You can email them on and find them on social media:

"We know how hard it is to fit exercise into our lives when we're so busy with work and family but we also know how much it helps us to stay positive! Come and join us for an hour on Saturday mornings. After time spent running in our local woods you'll leave feeling refreshed by nature and by the company of like-minded women."
- Juliet Morris, 261 Club Greenwich Coach

261 CLUB


261 Club


Thursdays at 7pm at The Print Centre car park, The Causeway is the meeting point for 261 Club Burwell. Coaches Alice, Gill, Stephanie and Sandi would love you to join them for a fun, evening meetrun to leave the stresses of the day behind you.

You can email them on and find them on social media:

"It's wonderful how running together brings us closer together. There's a strong feeling of support in our club and we all help each other, not only to get motivated to exercise but also with our needs outside of the club. Over the years, it has been so good to see many new friendships form. It's such a supportive community and we love welcoming new women to enjoy it too."
- Stephanie Sutton, 261 Club Burwell Coach

261 CLUB


261 Club

Lune Valley

The beautiful Lune Valley is the home for 261 Club Lune Valley and they meet every Friday at 09.30am at the Bull Beck picnic site near Caton. Join coaches Becky, Rose, Tricia, Roz, Kathy and Anne to run along the scenic cycle path beside the river Lune.

You can email them on and find them on social media:

"I always thought running wasn't for me and that I couldn't do it but I'd recently retired and was looking for new challenges. I was nervous about going along but discovered a great group of friendly women. There's a wide range of running experience in the club but as a complete novice, I was made to feel very welcome and with their support and encouragement I soon realised that I can run and now I love it! The group really has helped me be fitter, do something that I would never have thought was in me and to gain more of an 'I can' attitude in life."
- Helen Deacon, member at 261 Club Lune Valley

261 CLUB


261 Club


With views of the historic Lancaster Castle and a variety of running routes close by, Ryelands Park is the perfect location for 261 Club Lancaster. Meeting every Friday morning at 09.30am in the car park, coaches Juliet and Jude are ready to welcome you and help you on your running journey.

You can email them on and find them on social media:

“I've found the inclusivity and non-pressurised philosophy of 261 to be the perfect encouragement! The coaches’ approach, with fun warm-up games and activities alongside some running has given me, as an older runner, invaluable improvement in technique, confidence and knowledge.”
- Chris Dowbiggin, member at 261 Club Lancaster

261 CLUB


261 Club


Every Thursday at 09.30 at the Whitelands Farm Sports Ground you’ll find coaches Lisa, Janette, Carolyn, Becca, Julia and Abi leading the 261 Club Bicester meetruns. You can meet them at the car park before the run and you might find them in the café afterwards too!

You can email them on and find them on social media:

“When new members come along for the first time, we always reassure them that it doesn’t matter how far or fast they can run (or not run). Every one of our members is working at their own pace and we have clever tricks to keep everyone together. You’ll never feel you are holding anyone up or worry about being last. It is so lovely the way the more experienced runners support and encourage the women who are new to running. – we’ve all been there – we are all in this together!”
- Lisa Ruggles, 261 Club Bicester Coach

261 CLUB


261 Club


Paddy Freeman’s Car park is the meeting point for 261 Club Newcastle. Join them on Fridays at 09.30am where coaches Clare D, Vino and Clare H will ensure you have a fun, active meetrun with plenty of laughter.

You can email them on and find them on social media:

“I joined as a member and the meetruns quickly became my Friday morning routine. I enjoyed being a part of such a supportive group of women and this motivated and gave me the confidence to then train as a coach. There is such a sense of community and I am really looking forward to leading the meetruns. I am proud to be part of the 261 family.”
- Vino Subramaniam, member turned 261 Club Newcastle Coach

We won’t judge you

No matter what your running ability or experience, you will be welcomed by your local 261 Club. We don’t mind how you look or what you wear, how much you sweat or how slow you go. We’ll help you with your running technique and set you on the path to years of running fun.

We won’t laugh at your questions

So many issues crop up when you begin running, no one will ever snigger at your questions. We’ll guide you through the basics of how to run, what to wear, how to stretch, the list goes on. No one expects you to know anything and everyone will be delighted to share their knowledge and personal experiences.

We’ll look after you

Our coaches receive high-quality training and ongoing education. We want you to enjoy healthy running and be able to get past the lung-busting first steps, so our coaches use games, drills and exercises specifically designed to help you run correctly, safely and injury free.

We’ll support you

A 261 Club is a community of women who want to support and encourage each other to be healthy and active. You will be amazed at how much it helps to have others who believe you can do it and motivate and spur you on. We’ve all doubted ourselves and lacked confidence in the past. Let us guide and support you.

There’s a whole world waiting for you

Joining our local club is just the beginning. It connects you to our global 261 Fearless community, which educates and empowers women around the world. There are endless opportunities and ways to be involved. Just be fearless and take the first step.


We’ll keep you posted here about events you can join us at. Whether it’s to simply find out more about us, to fundraise for our CIC or to run with us, you will be warmly welcomed.

In person events are currently on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic but you can keep update on our social media. We can’t wait to see you.




Just wear something you can move freely in, there’s no need for Lycra or technical fabrics. Layers are good so you can take them on or off according to how hot you feel.



Any brand and any age will do, dig out the sports shoes from the back of the cupboard. You can invest in a new pair once you’ve got started.



If you have one; our coaches will be able to advise you if you don’t. In the meantime, just wear the most supportive bra you have and perhaps a tight fitting vest too to give extra support.



Bring a waterproof coat and something dry to pull on afterwards.



Wear a hat and gloves, a light scarf can be a good idea too.



Grab a cap, sunglasses, sunscreen and a bottle of water.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Become FEARLESS with 261 Fearless Club UK.