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261 Train the Trainer Certification Course for future 261 Coaches

The 261 Train the Trainer Certification Course is a prerequisite for future 261 Coaches whereby 261 Master Coaches provide the needed information to coach women within an existing group. After successful participation they get the 261 Coach Certificate. By participating in this 2-day training program, participants learn the 261 Fearless methodology behind promotion and execution of sustainable and healthy running habits, encouraging a life long love of and ability to participate in the physical activities.

During this certification course, 261 Fearless Master Coaches train future coaches in strategies to foster judgment-free and supportive environments that focus on safe and injury-free running. Participants learn techniques for managing socially, emotionally and physically healthy female running groups enabling confident delivery of the program across cultural, social and globally diverse landscapes. Once certified, 261 Coaches are able to guide Club Meet Runs under the umbrella of an existing 261 Club.

You are interested to go through the 261 Train the Trainer Certification Course and to become a Coach in a local 261 Club?

Minimal requirement for potential 261 Coaches:

  • Frequent runner and female
  • Clear understanding what the 261 Fearless mission means
  • Desire to encourage others in improving their lives through running
  • Medical Clearance from a Physician clearing participant for physical activity/running (must be certified within 6 months of course attendance)
  • Tobacco and drug free
  • Successfully complete the application process
  • Certification Course participation fee (US$261.00 (CAD 350) – exclusive of travel and lodging costs) 

Next steps:

  • If there is a club near you, a visit with your local 261 Club Director will be your first step. We recommend you to visit the local Meet Run and get in touch with the local 261 Club Director. Contact information can be found on our website under individual club pagesOnce you’ve had a chance to connect, your Club Director will then guide you towards subsequent 261 Coach application steps pursuant to attendance at our 261 Train the Trainer Certification Course.
  • If there is not a club near you, please complete our inquiry form. Once received, we’ll hold your information and be in touch with you once a club has been established in your area.

261 Business Training & Certification for future Club Directors

This specific training is a prerequisite for future 261 Club Directors whereby 261 Master Coaches teach and guide participants through the steps of launch and management of a 261 Club. This training and certification includes full participation in the 2-day Business Training covering the 261 Fearless business practices. In addition to training related to identifying target groups, marketing best practices, Club Directors are taught how to establish, manage and maintain a non-profit business. Afterwards, each Club Director gets 1:1 mentoring from a 261 Fearless Master Coach till the establishing process of the local 261 Club is completed.

Minimum requirements for potential 261 Club Directors:

  • Post secondary education in business, non-profit management or related field or equivalent experience
  • Passion for running, health and the empowerment of women
  • Established network of influencers within our target areas/groups
  • Superior Communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Flexibility to volunteer within a dynamic and changing environment
  • Marketing experience preferred
  • Non-profit experience preferred
  • Fluent in reading, writing and speaking English
  • Participation Fee $ 800 (exclusive travels and lodging)

If you meet these requirements, we encourage you to apply!

Please send a letter of inquiry along with your current resume / CV to


Once received, we'll be in touch about subsequent application steps.

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