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261 Empowerment Talks

Knowledge and information are the keys to Empowerment. 261 Fearless Inc. aims to provide these important tools to all women worldwide via the 261 Fearless Empowerment Talks in cooperation with our partner adidas

Internationally renowned women speak during these sessions, share their knowledge in their fields of expertise, discuss the challenges they have faced and offer new insights, knowledge and information to viewers. Interesting insights into different societies, fields of work and global issues are waiting, as well as helpful advice to apply and take forward in your own life.

261 Empowerment Talks on Demand

Vino Subramaniam, 261 Coach


Vino is the founder and owner of Diya Wellness- a natural, handmade wellness brand in Newcastle. She's also a running coach at 261 Fearless Club Newcastle. Upon leaving the legal industry after 11 years, she realised true wellness can only be achieved when physical, mental and emotional well-being are nurtured and taken care of. Growing up in a traditional South Asian family she was inspired by her cultural roots to create a self-care brand that reconnects elements of ancient Indian recipes and rituals to modern lifestyles. In this Empowerment Talk, she speaks about the power of community in pursuing her journey to being an entrepreneur.

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Anna Bassett, Master Coach


Anna has been a Coach for 261 Fearless since 2018 and more recently has been through the Master Coach training. Her most recent role is as part of the 261 Fearless Inc team, helping with the new Master Coach in Education programme. Anna comes from a yachting background, having spent 25 years sailing and working as crew worldwide, before deciding it was time to stay put and study.  Her Bachelor of Sports degree has resulted in her remaining, for now, in the education sector working as a lecturer in the Sport, Recreation and Exercise programme at a Tertiary college. In addition to her “day job”, Anna does contract work for sport events. When not working, Anna loves long walks, sunny summer swims, chilly winter swims, singing with Auckland Choral, and anything else to do with the sea and the mountains. Swimming, paddling, diving, sailing, skiing, tramping, (the Kiwi version of hiking!) mountain biking……you get the picture.  She lives with her partner, his children and combined animals in a friendly beach community just outside Auckland.

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Kathryn Bertine, activist


Kathryn is an author, athlete, activist and award-winning documentary filmmaker looking back on a very successful career as a pro cyclist, being three times Caribbean Champion, and six times the national champion of St Kitts and Nevis. She raced for five years on the pro circuit, retiring from cycling in 2017. Kathryn is an activist for equality in women’s sport. Her most notable achievement was securing the inclusion of a women’s field in the Tour de France in 2014 which in 2022 evolved into the Tour de France Femme. Her fourth book Stand: A memoir on activism. A manual for progress, tells this story and her journey into activism. Learn the truth about what it means to be an activist.

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261 Fearless Charity Runners at the Boston Marathon 2023

In this Empowerment Talk we explore the theme of ‘running to make a difference’. We have a panel of guests, all from our 261 Fearless Boston Marathon Charity team. We discover how running has made a difference to their lives and why they decided to run and raise money for 261 Fearless, to help us make a difference to other women around the world. Our host today is Kim Chaffee, the 261 Fearless Charity Teams Manager. We join her and the panel just prior to the Boston Marathon, and stay tuned to the end for an update on how they all got on!

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Sophie Power, Ultra Runner


Sophie is a GB Ultra runner, she has completed some ofthe world’s most famous ultra races including the 268 mile Spine Fusion and the 153 mile Spartathlon. Sophie is a mum of three and the image of her breastfeeding her baby at a rest stop during the UTMB ultra went viral. Sophie saw the opportunity of the media coverage and used it as one of many stepping stones to empower women to be active, to make running and racing more accessible and start lines more equal for women.

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CAROLINE DE MORAES, Sports Television Presenter


How would you feel if you were given an amazing work challenge on the other side of the world and then realised it co-incided with the arrival of your new baby? Would you accept? Would you decline? In this Empowerment Talk we chat to Caroline de Moraes who found herself in this exact situation. She explains the challenges, pressures and expectations of working as a freelance, pregnant sports reporter and then taking a new-born to Qatar for the Men’s Football World Cup. Join us for this interesting insight into working and motherhood.

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Esther Newman, magazine editor and podcast host

Activating Women to Run Through the Media

Esther is an award-winning magazine editor and podcast host. She is passionate about promoting running as just about the best thing there is, and empowering women to take ownership of their physical and mental wellbeing. She hated team sports at school, but has always loved (slow) running and swimming, and thoroughly enjoys being punished at early morning bootcamps. Her favourite race distance has crept up to marathon, as long as it’s on the trails, because that involves more flapjack. 

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Alia McCants, Director of Social Impact at Peloton

Achieving Social Equity with Peloton

How would you like the world to be? This is one of the questions we posed to Alia McCants, Director of Social Impact at Peloton. Alia shares how her deeply held values have served her in her career working on projects which aim to achieve social justice and equity, starting in education and now health and wellness. She explains why Peloton chose to support 261 Fearless and what each of us can do to make a social impact in our community and workplace.

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Using running to break down cultural barriers in Israel

At 261 Fearless we know that running has an incredible ability to unite and empower women. It can break down many barriers including cultural ones. In this Empowerment Talk we chat to Michal Golden, the founder and Club Director of 261 Club Israel. She established the club with a mission to bring Arabic and Jewish communities together. With an honours Masters degree in Women’s studies and recognition as a visionary social leader, she is well equipped but also aware of how difficult this challenge is. Hear about her personal journey, the many challenges she’s faced and the progress being made in 261 Club Israel.  

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Michal Golden, Club Director of the 261 Club Israel

Women Driving A World Of Renewable Energy

How does being a nationally ranked cyclist inspire you into a career in renewable energy? And how do those endurance events help you in your role there? Join us as we talk to Lisa Csenar, Head of Project Development and Acquisition of Wind and Photo-voltaic Projects at Verbund, Austria’s leading electricity company. She explains her journey to and passion for her current role and makes us pause and think about what we can do, in our own lives, to ensure the future of our planet.

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Lisa Csenar speaking about Women Driving A World Of Renewable Energy


Donna Deegan about exercise and breast cancer

Award-winning journalist, philanthropist and marathoner, Donna Deegan is the founder of The DONNA Foundation, a non-profit that provides financial assistance and support to families living with breast cancer and funds ground-breaking breast cancer research. The three-time breast cancer survivor formed the organization in 2003 following her second diagnosis of the disease.

In 2008, Donna created 26.2 with DONNA, The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer, dedicated to breast cancer research and care, now a signature event of The DONNA Foundation. The marathon is listed as one of CNN Travel’s 7 U.S. Marathon’s Worth the Trip and voted as favorite charity race by Women’s Running Magazine readers. It is held annually on the second weekend in February attracting thousands of runners and supporters from all 50 states and more than 20 countries.

In addition, Donna is the author of two memoirs, The Good Fight, a chronicle of her own breast cancer treatment and recovery, and Through Rose Colored Glasses, A Marathon from Fear to Love, which encourages all with life altering challenges to change their perspective from one of fear to one of love.

Donna is a wife and mother of two and lives in Atlantic Beach, Florida.

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Empowerment Talk with Donna Deegan 261 Fearless

Donna Deegan talking about exercise and breast cancer.

This episode is all about: FOCUS

Because precision and focus probably best describes the outstanding qualities of our guest, Jasmin Ouschan. At the age of three Jasmin picked up her first billiards cue. Soon she was considered a child prodigy in pool, a sport in which the mind plays an important role. Very soon she turned into a professional athlete who permanently asserts herself at the top of the world in pool billiards: Her determination, the perfect precision of her game and - her absolute will to win make this possible. She tirelessly to refine her technique, practicing innovative training methods and she tries out new, unconventional ways to play a perfect game.

The results: She won the world championship title in 2010, ranked 3rd in the men's world championship and won 59 European championship medals. She is the most successful female billiard player in the world, celebrated in the USA and became a superstar in China. Besides being a pro athlete, Jasmin Ouschan founded and manages the Billiard Sports Academy in her hometown Klagenfurt/Austria.

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Empowerment Talk with Sue Anstiss

In this Empowerment Talk Sue Anstiss speaks about the power of women's networks. Learn why it is especially important for women to connect and support each other and how to build up a strong network yourself.

Sue Anstiss has worked in the world of women’s sport for over 30 years, running an award-winning sports and fitness PR agency. In 2020 she founded Fearless Women, a company with a powerful ambition to drive positive change for women’s sport, and she also co-founded the Women’s Sport Collective, a network for women working in sport. Sue is a Trustee of the Women’s Sport Trust and was formerly Chair of Get Berkshire Active and a non-executive director of the National Active Partnership Board, ukactive and BASES. Sue hosts an award-winning podcast, The Game Changers, which features trailblazing women in sport. Guests include Olympians, Paralympians, World and Commonwealth Champions, along with women holding some of the most influential roles in global sport. The podcast is now in its 7th series and is supported by Sport England and Barclays. Sue’s book, ‘Game On: The Unstoppable Rise of Women’s Sport’, will be published on September 2nd, 2021. In 2018 Sue received an MBE for her services to women’s and grassroots sport.

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261 Empowerment Talk with Diane Watson

Diane Watson, financial planner and Principal Partner at Sovereign Wealth. Also the founder of She Can Prosper, a network supporting women and helping them to feel informed and confident in making financial decisions in their lives. 

In this talk Diane explains how and why so many women are disempowered when it comes to finances. She shares how important having a great role model was in her own life, the challenges she’s faced on a male dominated career path and how she aspires to help other women understand and manage their money and their futures. She also offers us advice and tips about where to start with our own finances. Learn how to become empowered through good financial health.

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Helena & Feven Yohannes of 2-4-1 Cosmetics

In this Empowerment Talk Helena & Feven Yohannes share their journey from a refugee camp to company Founders and Directors. The twin sisters share how they overcome their fear and why founding their company is actually a sign of solidarity for them.

Twin sisters Helena and Feven Yohannes arrived in the United States from Eritrea as political refugees. While growing up they developed a love for make-up and saved their wages from their Saturday jobs to buy the latest beauty products. They found they didn’t connect with brands and as women of color didn’t feel represented by them. They took the brave step to set up their own company called 2-4-1 Cosmetics.  They believe makeup is a way to enhance a woman's beauty, not to conceal it. More importantly, makeup is transformative and is a vessel that can inspire deeper conversations. Their mission is to create an effortless beauty brand that instils confidence, kindness and integrity.

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Jay Ell Alexander

CEO Black Girls Run

Women's Running Is Colorful

Jay Ell Alexander is a public relations practitioner with a genuine commitment to giving back to the local community through her passion for communications, health and fitness. She has served as the National Manager and Public Relations Director of Black Girls RUN! since 2012. In April 2018, she became the owner and CEO of the organization. She is the also owner of The Vaughn Strategy, a public relations strategy consulting firm.

A native of Norfolk, Va., Alexander graduated from George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. (2008), with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with a concentration in Journalism. She also received a Master of Science degree in Strategic Public Relations from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va. (2010). Alexander has a passion for running (completing her first marathon in 2014 and numerous half marathons, 10Ks and 5Ks since 2010), loves shopping (sneakers!) and traveling.

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Stacey Copeland

Professional boxer and current Commonwealth Champion talking about:

Closing the Equality Gap


Stacey Copeland is a professional boxer and the current Commonwealth Champion, she became the first British woman ever to win the title when she fought in Zimbabwe in 2018. A former England footballer, Stacey also played in Sweden and completed an athletic scholarship in America. Stacey gives motivational talks for schools and businesses and has talked in European Parliament, the United Nations & at TEDx Manchester 2020 about equality in sport.  In 2017, Stacey set up the 'Pave the Way' project.  Pave The Way aims to create a world where gender is never a barrier to human potential. Challenging gender stereotypes for boys, girls, men and women and working to spark a social change in attitudes so that everyone can be free to pursue their passions regardless of gender.  It became an official charity in March 2020.  She is also ambassador for the 2020 Women In Sport ‘Unlocked’ project and presents a weekly show on BBC Radio Manchester.

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The two Adidas Runners from Kuala Lumpur talk about:

Overcoming cultural barriers for women when they start running

Fatin and Tasha are captains of the Adidas Runners Kuala Lumpur Crew. Fatin is an all-round sportswoman - she runs, bikes, swims and practices yoga. Tahsa lives the quote "A moment of pain worth a lifetime glory" since she started running. For her running is not about doing it alone, it is about competing with yourself, pushing limits and motivate others. Both are running with hijab. 

Both are fearless women and share their thoughts and experiences about running with a hijab and overcoming cultural hurdles. 

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Head of Secretariat of the Women's Peace and Humanitarian Fund talks about:

The Power Of Women In Crisis

Ghita El Khyari heads the Secretariat of the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund, a United Nations and Civil Society Partnership that empowers women to prevent crises and build peace. Prior to joining the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund, she acted as the Deputy Representative of UN Women in Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. Before joining UN Women in 2012, Ghita served at different positions within the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, including as an Advisor to the Minister and as the Chief of Staff of the Secretary General. She also worked with the Terrorism Prevention Team of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (Vienna) and with the Regional Council of Ile-de-France (Paris) where she established the Gender Equality Committee of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG). Ghita holds two Masters Degrees in International Relations (Sorbonne University – Paris) and in Economic History and Economic Development (London School of Economics – LSE). 

Ghita shares with us her thoughts about how women can support each other in crisis and what we can learn from women how are overcoming crisis. 

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Meet Kathrine Switzer & Edith Zuschmann

The two founders of 261 Fearless Inc. discuss:

Being Fearless: Stepping Up and Making Decisions

Kathrine Switzer, Activist, Speaker, Board Chair and Founder of 261 Fearless Inc. and Edith Zuschmann, CEO, President and Co-Founder of 261 Fearless Inc. discuss about how women can cope with fearful situations and grow through them. They share experiences and tips to become fearless in stepping up.

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Meet Eva Rossmann

Bestseller author and multi talented - journalist, lawyer, female activist, chef and TV presenter, discusses:

How to activate our society to wake up for change

The Austrian bestselling author Eva Rossmann started her career as a lawyer in the Federal Chancellery of Austria. However, strict bureaucratic rules were not her thing and Eva Rossmann decided to change her profession and become a freelance journalist. She was among the initiators of the petition for a referendum for women's rights in Austria in 1997 and since then, she has been an advocate for women's rights through her work as an author. Besides working as a political activist, she is a passionate author of crime novels and has received several awards for her society-critical crime books with two fearless women as the main characters. Furthermore, she works as a chef in a highly rewarded traditional Austrian restaurant and since retiring from her professional basketball career, she is a passionate hobby runner. In her latest book she deals with the climate crisis and the populism behind the scenes.

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Meet Flavia Bittencourt and Esther Paranha

Two strong women who are busy smashing the glass ceiling in Brazil

Flavia Bittencourt is the General Manager of adidas Brazil. Prior to that, she held various leadership roles in multi-million dollar businesses in Brazil in the technology, food and beauty sector. Additionally, she is a mother of 4 young children.

Esther Paranha is a passionate runner and engineering student. She is on her way to become one of the first ten women of colour to graduate in Engineering. To feel safer while running in the city, she joined a group of friends. This became a diverse and colourful women’s running group called Elas que voam.

Two strong and fearless women who live their dreams and sow the seeds for a new generation of self-empowered women in Brazil.

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Meet Pamela Forster

How to pursue your dream - in a male dominated field

Pamela Forster is a professional Parkour and Freerunner. She participated in the German Ninja Warrior series and is a stunt woman for several TV shows broadcast in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Excitingly Pamela has filmed stunts for the new TV show Wonder Woman which will be released in June 2020. She is also a board member of the Austrian Sports Federation and an advocate for sports for the future.

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Meet Dr. Zoe Williams 

Inspiring the Next Generation of Active Women

Dr Zoe Williams is a General Practitioner and television personality in England. She has a particular interest in lifestyle medicine – using physical activity and healthy eating to prevent and manage ill health. With a childhood passion for sport, Zoe played netball and hockey at county level before taking up rugby at University and playing at Premiership National League level. Whilst a junior doctor, Zoe took on the role of Amazon in the UK series of Gladiators. Her natural ability in front of the camera has led to a career in television and she is frequently on the screen as the resident doctor on This Morning (ITV) and Horizons and Trust Me I’m a Doctor (BBC). Zoe’s enthusiasm and drive to steer the public towards healthier lifestyles is infectious and her commitment and hard work is demonstrated in the Fit4Life Community Interest Company which she founded to inspire, educate and motivate young people to be physically active.

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