Poster with the inscription "And then I did it with 261", shows the strength of the power women of 261 Fearless

Become fearless with the 261 Club Connecticut and a network of women lifting each other up.

Welcome to the women's running community, the 261 Fearless Club Connecticut!

Welcome to 261 Fearless Club Connecticut. We were started in September of 2018 with the goal of empowering women through running.  We believe that women supporting women create a positive sense of self confidence and fearlessness. We at 261 Fearless Club Connecticut want to be your supportive women’s community that guides you along your fitness journey. Become FEARLESS with us!

women's running group

We are a female-specific running community that focuses on the fun, social, non-competitive side of running. We provide a safe, friendly and fun environment for women to run together. It's a great way to get fit and make new friends while you're at it. Building a community of support is just as important as getting out and moving.

Taking the first step as a new runner/walker can be overwhelming and intimidating. Many women find that a supportive place like our 261 Fearless Club is a great place to start. For more experienced runners, we offer a space where you can complement your own training while you encourage and inspire women new to the sport. Women of all abilities train together, support and encourage each other through running inspired activities and games. It is a revolution of women's empowerment, allowing fearless women to pass their strength gained through running to others.

women's running group

261 Fearless Inc.

The History behind the Number 261: Being fearless in the face of adversity - that's 261.

In the moment when she felt like giving up and she was full of fear, Kathrine Switzer moved fearlessly ahead. She proved what women are able to achieve on April 19, 1967 when she officially ran the Boston Marathon as the first woman wearing the bib number 261. Back then, a woman running a marathon was unimaginable. Along the course, Kathrine was attacked by an angry official who wanted to forcefully remove her from the race - simply because she was a woman. It was in this moment when she decided to be fearless and went on. She moved on to become an advocate for women's running and enable us to pursue the sport today. The number 261 continues to be a symbol for FEARLESSNESS globally.

Join our 261 Club Meet Runs!

Experience the 261 Effect for yourself by coming to one of our meet runs. Show up at any of our runs and try for free. All you need is a pair of running shoes.

Poster with the inscription "And then I did it with 261", shows the strength of the power women of 261 Fearless

261 Club Connecticut

Meet Run in Wethersfield

Spring, Summer and Fall Meet Runs: Tuesdays 6-7 pm

at the Broad Street Green in Historic Old Wethersfield

Be part of our community!

First 261 club meetrun checklist

Comfortable clothes

261 CLUB

COMFORTABLE CLOTHES. Just wear something you can move freely in, there’s no need for Lycra or technical fabrics. Layers are good so you can take them on or off according to how hot you feel.



Any brand and any age will do, dig out the sports shoes from the back of the cupboard. You can invest in a new pair once you’ve got started.

Sports bra


If you have one; our coaches will be able to advise you if you don’t. In the meantime, just wear the most supportive bra you have and perhaps a tight fitting vest too to give extra support.

Waterproof coat and dry clothes


Bring a waterproof coat and something dry to pull on afterwards.

Hat, gloves, light scarf


Wear a hat and gloves, a light scarf can be a good idea too.

Cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, water


Grab a cap, sunglasses, sunscreen and a bottle of water.

We won’t judge you

No matter what your running ability or experience, you will be welcomed by your local 261 Club. We don’t mind how you look or what you wear, how much you sweat or how slow you go. We’ll help you with your running technique and set you on the path to years of running fun.

We won’t laugh at your questions

So many issues crop up when you begin running, no one will ever snigger at your questions. We’ll guide you through the basics of how to run, what to wear, how to stretch, the list goes on. No one expects you to know anything and everyone will be delighted to share their knowledge and personal experiences.

We’ll look after you

Our coaches receive high-quality training and ongoing education. We want you to enjoy healthy running and be able to get past the lung-busting first steps, so our coaches use games, drills and exercises specifically designed to help you run correctly, safely and injury free.

We’ll support you

A 261 Club is a community of women who want to support and encourage each other to be healthy and active. You will be amazed at how much it helps to have others who believe you can do it and motivate and spur you on. We’ve all doubted ourselves and lacked confidence in the past. Let us guide and support you.

There’s a whole world waiting for you

Joining our local club is just the beginning. It connects you to our global 261 Fearless community, which edu- cates and empowers women around the world. There are end- less opportunities and ways to be involved. Just be fearless and take the first step.

Become a 261 Coach!

261 Coaches are role models for other women to take the first step to a more active and healther life. As a 261 Coach you motivate, inspire and encourage women at your 261 Club Meet Run to step out of their comfort zone and to grow. All you need is loads of engagement and commitment to spark the passion for running in other women.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Become FEARLESS with 261 Club Connecticut.