261 Fearless Club Zambia

261 Club

261 Club Zambia, Lusaka

Meeting point:

We meet at Kupark Lodge in a serene environment every Sunday at 05:30am and start our morning run all the way to Four Pillars Lodge covering 5 to 10 kilometers.

As we start the meet runs, the ladies are usually full of morale, energy and motivation and the running keeps us together. Running for us has become a culture and our weekends are never complete without running.

Time you meet: We usually meet on Sundays between 05:30am and 07:00am. We are active in a hilly but beautiful area.

Please check our facebook page for any changes to our schedule or cancellations.

Welcome to 261 Fearless Club Zambia!

We welcome you to the 261 Club Zambia! We are a group of highly motivated women who come together every Sunday between 06:00hrs and 07:30hrs to do what we love most – social running! Our meet runs have helped us build strong bonds and friendships which go beyond the running.  

The 261 Club Zambia consists of women who are interested in social running. We are a mixed group of both young and middle-aged women and we thrive at inspiring each other. We come from diverse backgrounds but social running brings us together. We use our meet-runs to learn from each other and to account for each other.

What makes you so special to women in Zambia:

What makes us so special to women in Zambia is that we are more focused on each other as women and are not in competition in any way. As a matter of fact running together gives us a great social life. We assist each other to enjoy running more.

Our 261 coaches are Charity Moonga and Brenda Nyambe Phiri. Charity Moonga is a Journalist and has been working for the state owned Times of Zambia, a print media organization until recently when she joined a CDC funded project known as IDeAS. On the other hand, Brenda is a Lawyer with vast experience in Government circles.

Important information about the 261 Club Zambia

How does our meet runs look like?

They are joyous occasions with so much fun and laughter.

What can women expect?

Women coming for our meet runs should expect to find a safe space for doing what they love most – running! Women coming to the 261 Club Zambia will also find peace, joy, warmth and so much fun at our meet runs. There is never a visitor at our meet runs as all women are made to feel at home upon joining us.

Or meet runs involve meeting, greeting each other, exercising and on one or two occasions we have done Zumba dance exercises as we run together.

Who can join the 261 Club Zambia?

All women above the age of 18 are free to join the 261 Club Zambia.

How to join?

You can join the 261 Club Zambia by either coming to our meet run starting point which is Kupark Lodge or calling the Club president Charity Moonga on +260977780059

What to bring to the meet run?

Women can just come with comfortable shoes, outfit and water to the meet run. 

What do you still need to know about our meet runs and the club?

Our membership fee for the meet run is K50.00 to be reviewed on a yearly basis.

We are looking forward to welcoming YOU! Be FEARLESS!

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Charity Moonga

Phone: +260977780059

If you would like to find out more information or have a question, please let us know!


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