261 Empowerment Talks

Knowledge and information are the keys to Empowerment. 261 Fearless Inc. aims to provide these important tools to all women worldwide via the 261 Fearless Empowerment Talks in cooperation with our partner adidas

Internationally renowned women speak during these sessions, share their knowledge in their fields of expertise, discuss the challenges they have faced and offer new insights, knowledge and information to viewers. Interesting insights into different societies, fields of work and global issues are waiting, as well as helpful advice to apply and take forward in your own life.

261 Empowerment Talks on Demand

Meet Kathrine Switzer & Edith Zuschmann

The two founders of 261 Fearless Inc. discuss:

Being Fearless: Stepping Up and Making Decisions

Kathrine Switzer, Activist, Speaker, Board Chair and Founder of 261 Fearless Inc. and Edith Zuschmann, CEO, President and Co-Founder of 261 Fearless Inc. discuss about how women can cope with fearful situations and grow through them. They share experiences and tips to become fearless in stepping up.

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Meet Eva Rossmann

Bestseller author and multi talented - journalist, lawyer, female activist, chef and TV presenter, discusses:

How to activate our society to wake up for change

The Austrian bestselling author Eva Rossmann started her career as a lawyer in the Federal Chancellery of Austria. However, strict bureaucratic rules were not her thing and Eva Rossmann decided to change her profession and become a freelance journalist. She was among the initiators of the petition for a referendum for women's rights in Austria in 1997 and since then, she has been an advocate for women's rights through her work as an author. Besides working as a political activist, she is a passionate author of crime novels and has received several awards for her society-critical crime books with two fearless women as the main characters. Furthermore, she works as a chef in a highly rewarded traditional Austrian restaurant and since retiring from her professional basketball career, she is a passionate hobby runner. In her latest book she deals with the climate crisis and the populism behind the scenes.

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Meet Flavia Bittencourt and Esther Paranha

Two strong women who are busy smashing the glass ceiling in Brazil

Flavia Bittencourt is the General Manager of adidas Brazil. Prior to that, she held various leadership roles in multi-million dollar businesses in Brazil in the technology, food and beauty sector. Additionally, she is a mother of 4 young children.

Esther Paranha is a passionate runner and engineering student. She is on her way to become one of the first ten women of colour to graduate in Engineering. To feel safer while running in the city, she joined a group of friends. This became a diverse and colourful women’s running group called Elas que voam.

Two strong and fearless women who live their dreams and sow the seeds for a new generation of self-empowered women in Brazil.

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Meet Pamela Forster

How to pursue your dream - in a male dominated field

Pamela Forster is a professional Parkour and Freerunner. She participated in the German Ninja Warrior series and is a stunt woman for several TV shows broadcast in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Excitingly Pamela has filmed stunts for the new TV show Wonder Woman which will be released in June 2020. She is also a board member of the Austrian Sports Federation and an advocate for sports for the future.

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Meet Dr. Zoe Williams 

Inspiring the Next Generation of Active Women

Dr Zoe Williams is a General Practitioner and television personality in England. She has a particular interest in lifestyle medicine – using physical activity and healthy eating to prevent and manage ill health. With a childhood passion for sport, Zoe played netball and hockey at county level before taking up rugby at University and playing at Premiership National League level. Whilst a junior doctor, Zoe took on the role of Amazon in the UK series of Gladiators. Her natural ability in front of the camera has led to a career in television and she is frequently on the screen as the resident doctor on This Morning (ITV) and Horizons and Trust Me I’m a Doctor (BBC). Zoe’s enthusiasm and drive to steer the public towards healthier lifestyles is infectious and her commitment and hard work is demonstrated in the Fit4Life Community Interest Company which she founded to inspire, educate and motivate young people to be physically active.

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