Be fearless. Be FRIENDS.

Welcome to 261 Fearless - the unique international social network uniting and empowering women around the globe through their passion for running. You want to support our mission? BECOME a 261 Friend and your contribution will provide women around the globe access to running, education about running and leadership and it will open a new chapter in their lives. Perhaps it will also open a new door in your life!

What is the 261 Friendship program?

Everybody, no matter their gender, no matter if you are a runner or not, can actively support the 261 Fearless Inc. nonprofit with a financial contribution! In return you not only know that you are making a difference in women’s lives and you are getting a tax deduction confirmation for your contribution – you also get the benefit to connect with 261 Friends around the world.

How does your contribution benefit women?

261 Fearless Inc.

• Provides ongoing education for 261 Coaches who bring the running opportunity to women who have never had access or limited access to physical activities

• Supports the establishment of 261 Clubs around the globe - from Albania to Zambia.

• Inspires women globally with the 261 Fearless mission.

• Connects women globally through the 261 Fearless network to break down barriers and prejudices.

Your contribution has a great impact on women and their families around the world. We will keep you informed about the progress in our 261 Friends Newsletter and through our 261 Friends Facebook group.

How do you support us?

You can choose one of the following contribution options to support our 261 Fearless cause. With a little gift from 261 Fearless we want to say thank you!

Turquoise supporter: You contribute $ 26.10 and subsidize one training kit for a 261 Coach. We thank you with (5) 261 hair ties or sustainable 261 pencils.

Fuschia supporter: You contribute $ 60 and subsidize one year’s ongoing education for six 261 Coaches. We thank you with our 261 Friends bracelet.

Blue supporter: You contribute $ 100 and subsidize running shoes for one 261 Club member in need. We thank you with a 261 - adidas black t-shirt.

Silver supporter: You contribute $ 261 and subsidize the participation of one future 261 Coach in our 261 Train the Trainer certification course. We thank you with a necklace and earring set from our partner Fair Anita.

The Solstice Artillery Pendant is handmade by women in Ethiopia from recycled brass bullet casings. The Clockworks Horn Earrings are handmade by women in India from recycled brass-plated metal and sustainably-sourced animal horn, in partnership with a local butcher shop. Nickel-free.

Purple supporter: You contribute $ 500 and subsidize the start-up loan for one new 261 Club. We thank you with a co-branded bag created for our partnership with Unshattered.

Bib supporter: You contribute $ 1,000 and subsidize a local 261 Education Panel to raise awareness for women's running. We thank you with a framed personalized bib, online recognition and one gift of your choice from above.

Experience the 261 Friendship: Connect with 261 Friends globally!

Being a 261 Friend has another great benefit for you: you can meet and connect with 261 Friends globally. There are several ways to become active:

• Join the closed 261 Friends Facebook group and connect with other supporters.

• Participate in our yearly 261 Friends events – either virtually or in person - and experience the 261 Friends spirit.

Be fearless! Become a 261 Friend.

Please note: Being a 261 Friend does NOT entitle you to start your own local 261 Fearless Club or join a local 261 Club as a member. Click here if you would like more information on starting a local Club.

Be fearless!

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