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Welcome to 261 Fearless - the unique international social network uniting and empowering women around the globe through their passion for running. You can support our mission as a friend - your contribution will provide women around the globe with access to running. Be fearless and inspire other women to do the same. Be part of the 261 Fearless community and connect with women worldwide. No matter where you run, know you're not alone out there. You have a friend at 261 Fearless. In fact, a lot of friends!

What is the 261 Friendship program?

As a 261 Friend you support our cause and through your contribution, we can improve our 261 education programs for coaches and aspiring coaches who then spread the message of social women's running in their local community. You actively support us in empowering women around the globe!

Apart from your symbolic support of our cause, 261 Friends are welcome to become active in the community if they wish to do so and can later apply for participation in 261 education programs with the goal to setup their own club in the future.

Please note: The 261 Friendship program is not tied to a membership in a local 261 Fearless Clubs.

What is the difference between joining as a 261 Friend or a local 261 Club Membership

261 Club membership is tied to the physical proximity to and participation in a local 261 Club, whereas the 261 Fearless Friendship program is independent of actual Clubs. Any woman who is interested in our cause, our message and our contributions to women’s running, regardless of where she is located, can join this program.

Please note: Being a 261 Friend does NOT entitle you to start your own local 261 Fearless Club!

What you get?

First of all, you can be proud of your support for the 261 Fearless cause. Your contribution helps women around the world to start running and become empowered. That' great!

To show our gratitude, you receive a welcome package upon your registration. This includes your personal 261 Fearless Friend card, a surprise welcoming gift and a voucher for purchasing 261 Fearless merchandise. It will be mailed to you after your registration, your personal details and payment of the annual fee have been verified.
Furthermore, you receive monthly news updates via the 261 Fearless Friend Newsletter and you gain access to our closed Facebook Group “261 Fearless Friends” that connects you with other 261 Friends globally and gives you an opportunity to exchange experiences, receive and/or give encouragement as we build an international network of likeminded women. Access is exclusive for Friends and ends with the termination of your involvement in this program.

What you give?

The annual fee is $60 (US) (full price) or $40 (US) (discounted price for students under age 25 and pensioners over age 65 – ID is required).
With your contribution, you support the 261 Fearless Network and help us to expand our 261 Fearless programs internationally. You help us empower women worldwide!


You enjoy running and embrace the idea of social running.
Your main goal is to support the 261 Fearless movement and become engaged with our community.
You accept the principles of the 261 Fearless community, which are: friendship, openness, excitement, non-competitive, judgmental free spirit and the joy of running.
You accept that there is/are no rivalry and comparison, no demands or stress with regard to training and competitions within the 261 Fearless Friends community.

Be fearless!

Become a 261 Friend

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Connection to 261 Fearless

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3/3 Legal Information

Please upload a proof of identity:
(e.g. scan of passport, ID card, driver’s license)

261 Friends is a special community in which we want female runners to find a secure platform to engage with others, therefore it is important to us to protect the integrity of the community by making an ID check and thus ensuring that only legit registrations are accepted.

If you are student or pensioner (65 years and older),
please upload your identiy card for 20$ off:


Referred by

As part of our member-gets-member campaign, please let us know if an already existing 261 Friend referred you to our program. Please indicate her first and last name:

261 Fearless Humana Rock ’n’ Roll

(By ticking you will be contacted by our 261 Event Coordinator with all details how to get the 261 Fearless Promotion Package)

IMT Des Moines Marathon

(By ticking you will be contacted by our 261 Event Coordinator with all details how to get the 261 Fearless Promotion Package)

Terms, Conditions, and Waiver of Liability

As a Friend of 261 Fearless, Inc. (“261 Fearless), I agree to pay the yearly dues specified as a condition of membership in the organization. I also agree to abide by and conform to all rules and conditions established by 261 Fearless, including any additional rules and conditions that may arise by participation in specific racing events or social events or clubs sponsored by 261 Fearless. I understand that such events may include participation in group running sessions, races, and other forms of physical exercise, and require strenuous physical activity.

I further agree that I will not participate in any 261 Fearless sponsored events unless I am medically able. I hereby certify that I am (a) 18 years of age or older, (b) medically able to engage in strenuous physical activity and to perform all activities associated with 261 Fearless events, and (c) otherwise in good health. I further assume all risk, foreseen and unforeseen, relating to any of the foregoing certifications being untrue or inaccurate in any way.

I understand that as a Friend of 261 Fearless, any official membership card received from 261 Fearless is a form of membership identification, which along with any vouchers received, confer benefits. As such, the card and the related benefits are non-transferable and are meant solely for my use as a Friend of 261 Fearless, and giving or providing these items to another is prohibited.

Having read and fully understood, and accepted these terms and conditions, and in consideration of 261 Fearless’ acceptance of my membership, I, for myself and any person or entity entitled to act on my behalf, hereby indemnify 261 Fearless and their affiliated Clubs and waive and release 261 Fearless, its affiliated Clubs and their respective representatives and successors from and with respect to all actions, causes of action, suits, sums of money, accounts, covenants, contracts, agreements, promises, damages (both actual and consequential), judgments, claims, counterclaims, and demands whatsoever, in law or in equity (collectively “Liability”) arising in connection with or otherwise related to my participation with 261 Fearless, any of its affiliated Clubs and/or any of their respective activities. I further hereby grant 261 Fearless and its affiliated Clubs permission to use photographs, motion pictures, recordings of myself or any other record of my participation in 261 Fearless activities solely for 261 Fearless’ promotional purposes.

I understand that 261 and 261 Fearless are registered trademarks and service marks of 261 Fearless, Inc. Any use of these trademarks and service marks without the express written authorization from 261 Fearless, Inc. in each instance is strictly prohibited.

Cancellation Policy

Annual Membership

Upon your registration as a 261 Fearless Friend, your membership will be valid for 12 months from the date of registration. Your membership will automatically renew at the end of the 12 month period on the date provided on your Friends ID. Your membership will be renewed automatically every 12 months thereafter. PayPal is set as an annually recurring payment that you can cancel at any time. Your membership will be automatically renewed if you do not cancel the recurring payment or announce that you are cancelling your membership before the end of the 12 month period. If no payment is registered for the next 12 month membership period, your membership will be automatically terminated after 30 days.

If your membership is terminated you no longer will have access to the benefits that the 261 Fearless Friends program offers (including the Facebook group, newsletter, and discount codes), and your Friends ID will become invalid.

Premature Cancellation

Because of welcome package and administrative costs, if you choose to terminate your membership before your 12 month membership period is completed, we will refund you 50% of your annual fee.

After submitting and paying the annualy US$ 60 / 40 (student and pensioner discount) registration fee on the next screen, we will review your registration as soon as possible.

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