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261 Fearless Empowerment Talk: How to activate our society to wake up for change

Bestseller author and multi talented - journalist, lawyer, female activist, chef and TV presenter: Eva Rossmann - our guest in our 261 Empowerment Talk, Premiere: February 6, Noon EST

Knowledge and information are the keys to being empowered and taking control over one's life. 261 Fearless wants to provide these important tools to all women worldwide through the 261 Fearless Empowerment Talks in cooperation with our partner adidas.

We are proud to welcome our next guest: Eva Rossmann and we will talk with her about:

How to activate our society to wake up for change?

The Austrian bestselling author started her career as a lawyer in the Federal Chancellery of Austria. However, strict bureaucratic rules were not her thing and Eva Rossmann decided to change her profession and become a freelance journalist. She was among the initiators of the petition for a referendum for women's rights in Austria in 1997 and since then, she has been an advocate for women's rights through her work as an author. Besides working as a political activist, she is a passionate author of crime novels and has received several awards for her society-critical crime books with two fearless women as the main characters. Furthermore, she works as a chef in a highly rewarded traditional Austrian restaurant and since retiring from her professional basketball career, she is a passionate hobby runner. In her latest book she deals with the climate crisis and the populism behind the scenes. 

Premiere: February 6, 2020, noon EST (5pm UK Time, 6pm Continental Europe Time) live on 261 Fearless YouTube Channel

Listen, watch and be inspired by Eva Rossmann's ideas and advice in the 261 Fearless 

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