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261 Fearless at the 2018 Berlin Marathon

Nine women run on our 261 Fearless Charity Team in the 2018 Berlin marathon - it was an unforgettable experience for them and for us as well! Fearless women from all over the world travelled to Berlin and joined us in a weekend full of events.

Our 261 Fearless Charity Runners had a great time in Berlin and we are grateful they participated to spread our mission to empower women through running. Together they raised almost $ 13,000 for our global non profit organization! THANKS to all the runners and their donors! We are so thankful!

The weekend’s activities started with an Instagram Live panel at the Adidas Runbase Creators’ Table. Kathrine was joined by Edith Zuschmann (261 Fearless CEO), Jessie Zapo (from Adidas Runners NYC), and Adrienne Herbert (global ambassador for adidas Women) to chat about how they are changing the world by empowering women of all ages through social running. Kathrine’s story continues to inspire our runners and beyond, especially when she talks about how just putting one foot in front of the other with a friend can lead to running your first 1K which becomes 2K and then 5K. The power of the run and of friendship binds us together both locally and globally.

The next morning a wonderful group of 261 runners joined the 261 Club Germany Meet Run in Berlin Tegel. "This was the first time I had experienced a run with another 261 local club besides my own 261 club in the Washington DC Metro area. We had so much fun playing games and laughing with the Berlin 261ers even though we do not speak the same language. Running is the common language that we all shared! I also took a little time to walk with Kathrine since she is recovering from a hip injury. We shared our walk with Joann Flaminio, the retired first female president of the BAA. Joann is now 261 Fearless Global Advocate. Wow, I was in the presence of greatness!" recaps Rosy from Washington DC.

At noon the 261 meet & greet with Kathrine at another 261 Club meet run location was another wonderful success. Women and men from many different nations passed by and connected with the local 261 community. 

The race day itself was not only a historical run for Eliud Kipchoge setting a new men's world record - it was an unforgettable day for our 261 charity runners, too. At KM 37 we have them together with the Adidas Runners a final boost at our cheer zone.

We all shared our stories at the postrace 261 celebration that evening.

“Berlin was one of the most amazing experiences of my adult life!  Not only was it great to connect with other 261 Fearless teammates, the Berlin 42 was a once in a lifetime event made possible by the Charity Team of 261 Fearless Team Berlin 2018. Would I do it again?  Absolutely!” Claudia

“When I heard that 261 Fearless and Kathrine Switzer were planning to be at the 2018 Berlin Marathon, I immediately decided to join in the fun! I have participated in previous 261 Fearless events, so I knew that we would all have a blast.

I enjoyed the Berlin Marathon experience with all the live music as it reminded me of the Rock ‘n’ Roll events I have run with 261 Fearless. Just as I was starting to tire, I came upon the Adidas Runners and 261 Fearless cheer station. I held my hand up for high-fives which energized me! Another life-changing experience that is changing the world, one run at a time.” Rosy

Many fearless women joined us in Berlin and we hope to see more of them at future events!

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