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At 261 Fearless, we witness remarkable transformations as women discover their strength and find empowerment through running and education. Their personal stories show how the unique 261 Fearless Education Program helps women become leaders of positive change in their communities. Join us as we present the inspiring journeys of women in our community, and their journey with 261 Fearless.

Leslie, Director of the 261 Club Chile

I have benefited from my role as a Club Director by gaining independence to generate an income on my own, to grow professionally and that I can show other women to do the same, to believe that I can and I am capable. I learned to believe in myself, trust that I know what I’m talking about and that I am perfectly capable of carrying out a project like this and stand up to anyone without hesitation.

Also, I have learned a lot about how to lead other women, motivate them and push them to follow their dreams and not be afraid. But the most important thing is that I learned to push myself, self-motivate and have patience. I have had great mentors within 261 Fearless and I have learned from them that everything takes time and has its moment, without rushing or forcing situations that will develop with time. This was a very important learning, both as a Club Director and in my personal life.

And I want to add that becoming a Club Director has given me the opportunity to believe in myself, to discover my abilities, to meet so many wonderful women who are an incredible contribution in my life.

261 Club Chile

Sonnia, Director of the 261 Club Ecuador

Being a Club Director fits perfectly to my other roles because in all of them I need a lot of leadership, teamwork, planning and goal-orientation. The only difference is that in my role as Club Director I gain personal and spiritual satisfaction.

With 261 Fearless I have learned to be more patient and organized. But above all, I learned to value myself and believe in myself to see that I can unite people to serve a purpose. I have infinite gratitude for the collaboration with the 261 Coaches and members of the club.

Of course, there are also challenges I face: Time is the Key. Organizing my time between 261 Fearless Club Ecuador, 261 Fearless and my other activities such as being a mom, wife, daughter, friend and work. I have achieved this by committing myself to each of my activities, all of them are important. All of what I’ve learned with 261 Fearless are skills I need every day at work and at home with my daughters for example.

And, I have learned that not everything goes as planned but if you take it easy you can find a way to achieve what you set out to do or even improve it. I remember not to give up when I reached the finish line in my first 5k, it was hard for me but I never stopped and I made it. This taught me to never give up, to keep going a little more, to take some rest if I need and then continue.

I’d like to add that if you have the opportunity to contribute something positive to the world, do it. Sharing a simple photo of your daily exercise routine can help others take their first steps to achieve their big goal or improve their mood. Don't stop, do it.

261 Club Ecuador

Hazel, Coach of the 261 Club New Zealand

The skills you gain as a 261 Fearless Coach are absolutely transferable to other parts of life, and I've found my experience as a coach influences a lot of what I do elsewhere. My biggest lesson has been about showing up consistently, because you have to do that as a coach - you can't stay in bed and decide you can't be bothered going to the meet run! It's amazing how little consistent actions over time really do help to achieve the big, hairy goals. For me, showing up is everything - when motivation fades, discipline will get you through. 

What 261 Fearless has taught me is pure, raw self-belief. Nearly everyone feels impostor syndrome, and some of us feel it more intensely than others (I certainly do). I've learned that actually, nobody really knows what they're doing - everyone is winging it! And if you wait until you feel ready, you might never do the things that set your heart on fire. Leadership for me is about doing the doing, not about telling other people what to do - the best leaders are the ones who look at what needs to get done, and they set about doing it. So, do the thing. Do the thing that scares you, you brave little muffin!

I also faced some challenges on my journey. Not long after qualifying as a 261 Fearless Coach and starting up our Ruapehu group with my incredible fellow coaches Jo and Dion, some health issues got the better of me and I ended up having a hysterectomy. I was gutted - we'd only just started! I couldn't run for at least four weeks, so I ended up losing my fitness, but with some persistence and dedication it came back quickly. In the meantime, I still showed up to our Meet Runs and just walked instead, and my walking and very slow jogging had an added benefit: some women felt like they couldn't possibly be too slow if coach Hazel was walking, so they knew they wouldn't be left behind! Getting back to where I was before surgery was a huge achievement and showed me that I really can do it.

261 Club New Zealand

Pat, Director of the 261 Club LA

Leading my first meet run as Director and Coach, I was filled with trepidation. I was unsure of my skills and tended to be stilted. Over time, with experience and continued education from 261 Fearless, Inc., I learned to focus on my participants, rather than on myself. I changed my perspective - I was here for them, and this was all about them.

This change in my WHY - I am here to serve our members, rather than striving for the unachievable goal of perfectionism - allowed me to relax, observe, empathize, relate, teach and have fun. This change in focus has enabled me to assume high positions in other organizations and deliver presentations to audiences of hundreds of attendees.

Leadership is celebrating and boosting your team, praising your member’s accomplishments and focusing on their strengths. They receive the applause when things go right. I accept the responsibility and accountability when they do not. Never give up. Learn from mistakes, work to correct them, and forgive yourself and others. Keep moving forward.

One of the biggest challenges we faced in the 261 Club Los Angeles was lock-down due to Covid-19. I sent weekly emails of encouragement to our members until August 2021, when we were again able to meet in person. Reorganizing the group was difficult, because of people’s widespread fear of leaving their homes and changes in lifestyles over the many months of lockdown. I persisted in emailing the group every week and posting on social media. Eventually, three of our original members returned and new members joined. We continue to wax and wane in membership as the years go by. We keep meeting, supporting and moving forward together.             

This taught me to never give up. This is about a lifestyle. We are in it for the long haul, for life.

All I want to add is: Thank you! 261 Fearless, Inc. has been there for me throughout the years and has given me everything I need to persist, be successful, learn and grow, set and meet goals, make lifelong friends and find enjoyment in serving others.

261 Club LA

Lisa, Director of the 261 Club UK

Personally, surrounding myself with women who genuinely want to see me succeed and who don’t have an alternative agenda has been life changing.  I have discovered that what I think, and feel is valuable, and it is vital to question if something doesn’t feel right.  Without the safe space of 261 Fearless to realise this, I honestly don’t think I would have the confidence to push the boundaries in my research on the relationship between menstruation and physical activity in adolescent girls.  I’m no longer afraid to approach people who are more experienced or better than me.

261 Club UK

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