"My Favorite Item" - Tips from our 261 Fearless Team

Our 261 Fearless Inc Team picked their favorite items they purchase online. We'd like to inspire you with our reading tips, motivate you to stay active with virtual workouts and make you life easier with practical items for your home.

Juliet lives in England, has three children, a crazy dog and is a doctor by trade. She is one of the founders and Directors of 261 Fearless Club United Kingdom and a coach at two clubs in the Lune Valley and Lancaster. Her passion is inspiring women to find health and wellbeing through leading active lives. She blogs at drjulietmcgrattan.com, is the Women's Running UK Health Expert and the author of the award-winning book Sorted: The Active Woman's Guide to Health published by Bloomsbury. Today, Juliet is sharing her favorite amazon items with us!

Cretan Olive Oil

I enjoyed a wonderful holiday in Crete last year and the food was a true highlight. I brought back a precious bottle of olive oil made in a remote village and every now and then I treat myself to a glug drizzled on salad or even better just wiped up with crusty bread. I’ve been rationing it as it is divine and I’m pleased I’ve now found The Hellenic Deli who ship Cretan products to keep me going until I can return to the island myself!

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Deep Work by Cal Newport

This book has completely transformed the way I work. I can honestly say I’m working smarter and not harder. Using the advice and techniques I’ve even managed to write my second book without missing out on any family time at all. I’ve read it three times and learn something new each time I devour its pages.

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Kate Percy’s Go Bites

I initially used these as a fuel for when I was running but now use them for snacks during the day too. Tasty little balls packed full of energy and natural ingredients. They come in handy little packets of three so are great to pop in your pocket or bag. I buy them by the box load and my favourite flavour is the strawberry and cashew.

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Kraft Wrapping Paper

I realised how much wrapping paper I was using for Christmas and birthdays and that most of this couldn’t be recycled because it had foil and glitter on it. My sister recommended this heavy duty brown paper and I love it. I bought coloured string and a variety of stickers to decorate it and tags to label the parcels (all recyclable too) and they look great, kind of vintage!

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I keep seeing beautiful pieces of silver jewellery appearing on my Instagram feed and want to buy them all! Carys hand makes all her jewellery using eco silver and uses the simplicity of nature as her inspiration. I love the textures and shapes and the minimalist approach as I’m not in to a lot of bling!

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