What I've Learned Being a Coach: Sylvie Chishungu Zawadi Mwamini

Next in our ‘What I’ve learned being a coach’ series we hear from Sylvie Chishungu Zawadi Mwamini.

Sylvie has been a Coach for 261 Club Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo, for one year. She tells us she has learned a lot on a physical level but also on a personal level.

What I’ve learned personally:

1) Leading others has made me understand my true personality on an emotional level. The task requires me to be understanding and tolerant towards others. I’ve learned a lot about group dynamics too. 

2) Through coaching I’ve learned to have fun and take the time for myself. All the women in the group have benefitted in the same way; we all feel so fulfilled. A lot of women have told me how happy they are to be part of the big 261 Fearless family.

3) The ongoing education I receive helps me to acquire new knowledge in the field of running, in particular I have learnt so much about running technique.

What have I learned from being a 261 coach that I've translated into other parts of my life? 

Others, especially men, often ask why we only allow women in our Club? We answer that this is a space for women that helps us feel our femininity. I have learnt to feel good in my body. I feel good in my skin. I love being a Coach and I’d like to continue to train with many other women in my home country. 

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