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New Coaches in UK & US

We welcome new 261 Coaches to our global community! The volunteers started their journey as 261 Coaches at the Train the Trainer certification courses and will now start to lead meet runs in their local clubs. Find out more about them, their love for running and their motivation to step up and become coaches!

Karolien, 261 Club UK in Newcastle

I love running because it clears my mind when something is bothering me, it lifts me up when I feel down, and it somehow helps me to put things into the right perspective. Running has shown me that I can do more than I thought I could and I want to share that feeling with other women. There's nothing better than seeing those smiling faces after a 261 Fearless Session!

Anne, 261 Club Milwaukee

Running is my therapeutic outlet and makes me feel positive! As a 261 Coach I have the chance to volunteer with my passion for running.

Sam, 261 Club UK in Greenwich

Running gives me a sense of wellbeing and time when I am allowed to forget everything. The 261 Club gave me so much at a point in my life that I lost a lot of myself. Being a 261 Coach allows me to give back. 

Keriann, 261 Club Milwaukee

Running for me is about the goals I set for myself, an outlet for stress, an inlet for happiness and for the physical and health benefits it brings. Some of the best experiences of my life have come as a result of running!

Mandy, 261 Club New England

Running is a tool to work through complex situations or simply clear my head after a long day. I believe running can transform women's lives. I attribute most of my confidence and fearless spirit to running and I want to give that feeling and experience to as many other women as possible.

Erica, 261 Club Milwaukee

Running is my time just for me and I really love the empowerment I feel when accomplishing my personal running goals. As a 261 Coach I want to share the experiences I made through running – from achieving my personal goals to the friendships I have built – with other women.

Liz, 261 Club Milwaukee

I love running for how amazing I feel outdoors with my dogs, getting all the good feels, and saluting other runners in passing. It has always been inexpensive and goes with me everywhere. Running outdoors I see, feel, and smell life at every turn.

Hilary, 261 Club UK in Newcastle

I started running 5 years ago after having had a stroke and also having a recurrence of cancer. It was a real struggle at first and I didn’t expect to keep it going. Over the years I have grown to love running (even though it still feels like a struggle a lot of the time). When I first joined the 261 Club, I had the usual worries of would I be able to keep up and would I fit in? These all disappeared instantly, and I was immediately put at ease. I decided to train as a 261 Coach to offer this same welcome and reassurance to other women.

Becca, 261 Club New England

Running for me has been a way to learn a new city and to meet new people and enjoy being outdoors. Becoming a 261 Coach has given me the opportunity to help other women in their running journeys and empower themselves and myself to try new things. 

Kathleen, 261 Club Greater NY

I wasn’t involved in sports growing up so it wasn’t until I started exercising as an adult that I discovered the joy of feeling your body move through space. I wanted to be able to help other women find the same feelings of strength, freedom and joy. Being a 261 Coach gives me the opportunity to help other women discover how great it feels to get out and get moving, in a positive non-judgmental, non-competitive environment!

Mindy, 261 Club Milwaukee

Running is so simple - not a lot of gear.  You can grab a pair of shoes and be out the door quickly - anytime. When I started running, I knew I'd be physically healthier, but the mental fitness benefits, mindset growth and lifelong friendships that come along with it are what I love the most. I’ve become a coach to share how running has forever changed me in the best ways and hopefully empower and inspire other women to get active and/or stay active in a fun, non-competitive environment!

Kate, 261 Club Milwaukee

Running gives me the chance to spend time with friends doing something that is good for us! We travel to new spots in the State and Country - so many great adventures. I became a 261 Coach to share my love of running!

Sarah, 261 Club Greater New York

I love running because it gives me a way to spend time with my friends and has allowed me to meet a lot of new people who share a similar lifestyle and passion for exercise. I decided to become a 261 Coach because I know how much movement in my life means to me and how much it empowers me and I wanted to be able to give that experience and joy to other women. 

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