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United like a Family: Prudence's Train the Trainer Experience at adidas in Germany

Our journey to Germany to be part of the Train the Trainer at the adidas headquarters, and then being part of the new 261 Fearless Documentary was an unimaginable opportunity and I cannot find words to express my joy. Let me tell you a little more about it.

Before we arrived in Germany we spent 3 days in France and we could visit its capital city: Paris! We were three of us: Sylvie from DRC, Ericka from Free to Run and I. We stayed in Germany for 4 days in a hotel. We started the training programme with a presentation and a reminder of the programme ahead of us as well as some remarks by our partner adidas.


The training programme about the empowerment of women through sports was held in German and English, but thanks to God we had an interpreter, Christina, who helped us to understand the content. We had theory sessions (lessons) and practical sessions (exercises) and we understood how important practice is with regards to theory in order to strengthen our body.


During the days in Germany I felt relaxed and with what I learned I can now help women in Goma in particular and in DRC in general. With the certificate I will receive I can also add an additional competence to my CV.


During our stay in Germany we even had the time to visit a little village. The training programme was held in the adidas building and we had the opportunity to step into the adidas stadium and to visit the production centre. We also learned about the brand’s history and the material certain athletes use. During the exercises I liked most when we had to introduce ourselves while doing exercises.

We were warmly welcomed by the organisers and we stayed in a nice hotel, we received sports clothes and shoes from adidas.


At the end of the training we had an evaluation where we had to explain and do exercises with respect to what we learned from the beginning to the very end of the training. We were united like a family, respect and being together was what describes it best, thank you!


You can watch me and follow my progress in the new documentary series called The 261 Fearless Documentary - Powered by adidas on the 261 Fearless YouTube or Facebook accounts. I am very much looking forward to watching the new episodes of this wonderful documentary soon!

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