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As a partner of the 261 Fearless International Women’s Day Campaign, we will proudly promote and recognize you for your dedication to women’s empowerment and social responsibility, and ensure you get the visibility and recognition you deserve.


We will showcase your commitment to making a genuine impact on women’s lives to our global network of over 150 thousand people, and since our International Women’s Day Campaign extends through March, the expansive benefits of teaming up on this campaign will too.

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Be Fearless Sponsorship Opportunities

This isn’t just another sponsorship opportunity - it’s a chance to make a bold impact, reshape the narrative, and position your company as a revolutionary in the realm of women’s empowerment. Join us and commit to making meaningful change by exponentially increasing the number of women reached, educated, and empowered!

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Shake-up the status quo and support women's empowerment through running!

Revolutionaries - $10,000 Gift

Trailblazers - $5,000 Gift

Change-Makers - $2,500 Gift

*Social media outlets include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube

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