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Who We Are And What We Do

Women of the 261 Fearless running group in action on a running track, photographed under a cloudy sky during a training run

261 Fearless is a global non-profit network that encourages women to run and teaches them how. We believe that running can be the first step toward empowerment.

Once women overcome limiting beliefs like “I’m not made for running” they can truly achieve anything in life (not only in sports). But sometimes society’s (or even their own) expectations are so high that they feel overwhelmed and never even start.

This is where our 261 Coaches and the 261 Running Program come in. Since 2016, we have helped establish woman running groups in 13 countries on 5 continents!

The 261 Moment

The Moment When You Leave Your Fear Behind

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Discover the Secret to Empowerment

(and learn how you can get involved)


Well, there is the obvious way: Start running! Just head outside, pick up the pace, and feel the joy of moving your body. If you need help starting out our 261 Fearless Coaches are there to help. But this is not a pitch to just join one of our running groups!

Instead, we’ll say it blatantly:


We Want to Help YOU Make an Even Greater Impact, on Yourself and Other Women too!

So... How Can You Empower Other Women?

(and yourself at the same time!?!)

Our running groups rely on our 261 Fearless Coaches to lead women in their pursuit of a more healthy, active, and therefore empowered lifestyle. The 261 Fearless Coaches around the world are role models for our members. They motivate, inspire, and encourage women to step out of their comfort zone.

This is Your Chance to Become a 261 Fearless Coach!

Basically, you only need one thing to join our global crew of 261 Fearless Coaches:
The Desire to Pass on Your Enthusiasm for Running to Others!
Got that? Great! 261 Fearless handles the rest with an extensive certification course where you will learn everything you need to lead your own local 261 Fearless running group.

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And learn how YOU can empower women.

Play a Vital Role in Empowering Women in Your Community in a Matter of Weeks

Join our 261 Fearless 'Train the Trainer' Certification Course TODAY! During our Certification Course, our 261 Master Coaches provide you with the information and skills needed to lead and guide women’s running groups. You will learn the 261 Fearless methodology that is built around three pillars:

The Education Program


Promoting and Executing Sustainable and Healthy Running Habits


Encouraging a Lifelong Love of Physical Activity


Developing and Maintaining the Ability to Participate in Exercise

In particular, the program focuses on the following:

A woman in a purple 261 Fearless running shirt stands smiling next to a banner of the 261 Fearless running group

When I learned about 261 Fearless I knew I found something truly unique and special. So, I became a 261 Coach in 2019 and began coaching with the 261 Fearless Club GNYRochester. I was able to witness, first-hand, the impact 261 Fearless was making on the club members.

Lori, 261 Fearless Coach

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How Is Kathrine Switzer Involved

and What is the Story Behind 261 Fearless?

Kathrine Switzer, an icon of the women's running movement, proudly poses with her bib number 261 in front of a historic photo from her famous Boston Marathon run

When Kathrine Switzer entered the Boston Marathon in 1967, women weren’t allowed to participate in the event. She signed her entry form using her initials, K.V., not to mislead race officials, but because that’s how she was accustomed to signing things. Those officials didn’t check her health form which stated her full name and Kathrine was able to enter the race. She was given bib number 261. In a dramatic incident that made headlines around the world one angry race director attempted to violently pull Kathrine off the course.

At the time, Kathrine was only 20 years old. Even at such a young age her incredible strength and determination to finish helped her overcome fear.

Her life’s motto became ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’.

Kathrine’s passion to support women in finding the joy and power in being active led to her founding 261 Fearless with fellow runner Edith Zuschmann. Together, their common goal is to educate women around the world and provide them the opportunity to to become empowered by experiencing their own ‘261 moment’.

Join a Global Tribe of Brave Women Following in Kathrine’s Footsteps!

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And learn how YOU can empower women.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am not a fast runner. Can I still become a 261 Coach?


YES! If you are passionate about running, we encourage you to apply. The 261 Clubs are not about running faster or further, but about having FUN.


I have no previous coaching experience. Can I still apply?


YES! You will learn the skills you need to lead the group in our edcucation program, so there is no previous experience required.


I don't have a 261 Club in my area. Can I still apply as a 261 Coach?


You can submit the form to register your interest and we will reach out to you when when a 261 Club is established in your area. While you wait please consider supporting us by visiting our shop and purchasing an item (or 2) from the 261 Fearless Collection by adidas.


I want to write 5k training plans for women. Is this the right program for me?


At 261 Fearless, we are not about running faster or farther and our Meet Runs are all about having FUN. We teach healthy and life-long running with evidence-based knowledge about running. We don't teach how to write training plans.


I have never been to a Meet Run. Can I still apply?


YES! You don't need any previous experience. If you want to know what a 261 Club Meet Run looks like, click here.


Can I apply directly without attending the info session?


Absolutely! If you're sure that you want to take on this new role and enter an exciting new journey, you can apply as a 261 Coach here.



I Want to Transform the Lives of Women and My Own

Start My 261 Fearless Journey RIGHT NOW!

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And learn how YOU can empower women.

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