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Activate You:
Your exercise program,
to get FIT joyfully

Exercise will become one of your favorite habits within just 12 weeks. A habit that makes you FIT and FULL OF ENERGY!

  • From zero to loving exercise – change your habits for life
  • The program is motivating, simple and progresses over the course of 12 weeks
  • Access to a range of daily activities to motivate you to be active
  • Activating 12-week movement plan – especially designed for women
  • Start with 3 to 10 minutes of movement per day and end with being able to run/walk/workout for 45 minutes without stopping, all within 12 weeks
  • Move from 0 to 150 minutes of exercise per week* (WHO recommendation) within 12 weeks
  • Learn how to stay active regularly
  • Simple and motivating exercise videos with instructions, workout podcasts, expert tips from coaches, dietitians and doctors & words from women who know how it feels
  • Anytime and anywhere on demand
  • Train whenever and wherever you like – on or offline
  • Use our journal to keep track of your progress and achievements
  • Developed for women – by experienced experts
  • Only 99 cents per day
  • You can register and begin the program anytime


Becky –  “The advice I would give is to definitely take part, it has definitely changed my life for the better."
Elizabeth – “Activate You is such a good starting point for a healthier and happier body and mind. I’ve learned that my body is capable of achieving amazing things if I put the work in.”
Annie – “The daily online messages and notes are really useful. I’m slowly making changes to my routine to fit in exercise. I’ve learned I can do more than I think and that the old me is still in there!”
Samaire – "DO IT! I have mentioned Activate You to so many people who aren't ‘brave’ enough to join a class or go to the gym, etc. and to friends who say they can't or don't exercise. Take those first steps and you won't regret it."

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Just 12 weeks to an active & healthy life

How Activate You Works:

  • After registration, you‘ll receive an access link to our 261 Education platform where you’ll find your motivating Online Activate You program
  • Every seven days you’ll get access to a new set of activities to complete during the week, for example a workout, a motivating tip, a training session or informative content about health and exercise.
  • There are at least seven activities each week so something for every day.
  • Follow all exercises and workout whenever and wherever you want.
  • The daily tasks start with around 3 to 10 minutes per day and increase gradually through to week number 12 where the longest workout is 45 minutes and you’ll be confidently exercising five times per week.
  • Each week, has a theme chosen to help you build your exercise routine
  • You don’t need any equipment – just sports clothes and trainers
  • Print out the free weekly exercise calendar to record your activities
  • Complete your weekly Activate You journal to keep your motivation and inspiration high.
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This is WHY YOU should join the Acitivate You program

Women support Women

  • The ideal beginner’s training for women’s minds and bodies
  • Energising, motivating, inspiring
  • Start immediately
  • Pressure-free – the ideal home-workout
  • Get started and continue for the long run – without feeling overwhelmed
  • Feel fitter and stronger every day
  • Effective, step by step and fun exercises
  • Clear program structure which helps you to move with joy every day
  • Flexible and ideal for fitting into your daily routine
  • Enjoy your well-deserved, active time – every day
  • No equipment or additional investments needed
  • Train offline – fitness training always & everywhere
  • Have fun discovering exercise and trying running 
  • Gain self-confidence and energy within a few weeks 
  • Enjoy and benefit from the advice and tips from our experts
  • Strengthen your immune system and boost your heart and lungs – day after day
  • Visualize your results in your activity calendar and journal
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Our experts

Dr. Juliet McGrattan - expert activate you
A confident woman in a purple Adidas running shirt looks directly into the camera, a powerful image that radiates the determination and solidarity of the 261 Fearless running community
Austrian Dietician’s Association 261 Fearless
Lisa Ruggles - expert activate you
Christina Mayer - running coach
Master Coach for German-speaking countries Marlene 261 Fearless

Our services

  • Access to the Online Activate You program on our 261 Education platform
  • Daily activities that motivate you to be active with joy
  • Understandable, comprehensive and achievable step-by-step instructions for physical exercise and mental health
  • Videos with simple exercises you can carry out anywhere and anytime
  • Workout instructions for walking or running via podcasts
  • Regular written exercise and training recommendations for your daily life
  • Health tips by experienced experts – trainers, dietitians and doctors
  • Inspiring and motivating stories of women from the 261 Fearless community – to read or listen to
  • Access to our virtual Empowerment Talks & expert panels
  • Downloadable Activate You journal entries to visualize your achievements and support your habit change
  • Activate You medal

0.99 per day - TOTAL US$ 83.16 for 12 weeks

Subscribe now! You can cancel your subscription within the first 7 days after order. We will refund in full the amount paid. Please email your cancellation request to
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Do you still have questions?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Just send us an E-Mail or fill out our contact form:
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What does the 12-week program include?
Our program includes the online Activate You 12 week program which will give you a range of tasks, advice and learning points to complete each week. It also includes a weekly journal for you to record your progress, a printable weekly calendar to schedule your workouts.
I didn’t receive the link to the online activity calendar. What should I do?
Check your registration confirmation email; this contains your personal link to the calendar. We’ll be sending you an email every couple of days to help you keep active and these emails will contain your link too.
Where do I find the journal?
Each week you will see a new journal entry as part of your weekly activities.
How do I fill in the journal? Do I have to print it out?
The journal can be edited and saved on your computer or you can print it out and fill it in by hand – just click on the paper clip symbol to do this.
What kind of exercises are in the program?
A selection of exercises are included in Activate You. There are guided walk/run sessions, strength exercises with our 261 Master Coaches and later in the program you will have mini workouts to do yourself at home. But, all movement counts and we want you to find what you enjoy and incorporate it into your week.
What should I do if I can’t complete all the activities in a week?
Don’t worry. We know plans don’t always work out. You will have access to this program for 6 months. It’s best to progress through the program in order so take your time and move on to the next week when you’re ready. If you want to keep on track you can simply move on to the next week of the program and leave the missed activities – we don’t suggest doing this too often though.
Do I need to have basic knowledge about exercise and physical activity?
No, don’t worry. This program is suitable for you even if you have no knowledge at all. We will be explaining things and giving you lots of tips and advice as we go.
Are the exercises easy, moderate or difficult?
The difficulty of the exercises increases as you work through the program. Don’t worry, to start with, things are easy and you can always work at your own pace. There is no set distance or speed that you have to go at. Every step forward counts.
How many repetitions do I need to do per exercise?
Our Master Coaches will guide you. They will show you an exercise and give you advice about how many repetitions to do. If you feel good, you can always add a few more but we always advise building up gradually.
How fit do I need to be, to participate in the 12-week program?
You will be able to take part in Activate You if you can walk for five minutes. You will be building your fitness gradually as the program progresses.
Am I going to need equipment to do the exercises or workouts?
No, there is no need for any equipment for our guided exercises.
What should I wear when I do the exercises?
Just wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in. There is no need for Lycra if you don’t want to wear it. A sports bra is a good idea if you have one. Otherwise just wear the most supportive bra you have. We will give you more advice about sports bras during the program. Your comfiest pumps will be fine but as you get fitter and do more, a pair of trainers will be a good investment.
What should I do if I get injured?
Our program is carefully designed to increase your activity gradually to avoid injury. Always work at your own pace, warm up well and take care. If you get injured, please seek advice from a medical professional.
Are there any tips on diet during the program?
Yes, although this program is about physical activity, we know that a good diet is crucial for keeping us healthy. We have specialist dietitians who will be offering some tips and advice during the program.
What should I do, if I have technical problems with accessing my online Activate You program?
Please contact our service team at
Can I cancel my order? And will I get a refund?
Your money will be refunded in full if you cancel within 7 days of your purchase. Please email your cancellation request to
What technical device do I need to participate in the 12-week online program?
You need a device with an internet connection (computer, laptop, tablet orsmartphone). Through your device you can log onto the 261 Education platform and access your online Activate You Program. Every week for 12 weeks, new activities will be added to your course. When following the instructions for your walking or running workout, we recommend using your smartphone and a headset.
What are the topic themes for each week?
Week 1: WelcomeWeek 2: Why move?Week 3: My goalsWeek 4: BalanceWeek 5: HealthWeek 6: Women’s healthWeek 7: SetbacksWeek 8: My supportersWeek 9: DistractionsWeek 10: StrengthWeek 11: CommunityWeek 12: CELEBRATION
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We unite women globally to gain personal empowerment and good health through running.

We use running as a vehicle to empower and unite women through education programs and the creation of women’s only local running clubs.

Through these opportunities, 261 Fearless Inc. breaks down barriers such as: geography and isolation, misconceptions about running and physical activity, and lack of opportunity. 261 Fearless Inc. creates a global, social running network for women of all abilities and backgrounds to support and communicate with each other, encouraging healthy living and a positive sense of self- esteem and fearlessness.


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