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Voice America

Women and Sport, the Long Road Up – Kathrine Then and Now

The program spotlights the Kathrine Switzer life story; the woman who entered and finished the Boston marathon even after a race organizer tried to literally knock her off the course. Still being written as strong, she has founded a new non-profit 261 Fearless in order to use running as a vehicle to empower women. Join Kathrine as she tells of her plans also to 'run Boston' again in 2017 on the 50th anniversary of her historic run.

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Women’s Running UK

The 261 Fearless Running Movement

Lisa Jackson reveals all about Kathrine Switzer’s exciting new running phenomenon.

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Run this World Podcast

Being Fearless and Free

We hear firsthand from Kathrine about her background as a woman runner growing up in the 60s, especially her groundbreaking effort in the 1967 Boston Marathon. And, we talk about all sorts of great benefits of running, physically, emotionally and psychologically and how 261 Fearless is teaching us to run free and fearless.

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Women’s Running Magazine

A Famous Women’s Running Pioneer Started a Global Movement

The latest evolution of Switzer’s message is 261 Fearless, Inc., a global nonprofit designed to connect women through running. The goal is for women runners of all abilities to develop a supportive community for healthy living through the camaraderie inherent in running. No matter where women live or what languages they speak, running is one language.

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Runners World Germany

Nach 50 Jahren: Kathrine Switzer läuft wieder den Boston Marathon

Vor 50 Jahren beendete Kathrine Switzer als erste Frau mit offizieller Startnummer einen Marathon. Zum 50. Jubiläum steht Switzer mit ihrer damaligen Startnummer 261 am 17. April in Boston wieder am Start.

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Women's running pioneer Kathrine Switzer will run Boston Marathon

Kathrine Switzer, the woman who made history by pinning on an official race bib and running in the 1967 Boston Marathon, at a time when the marathon was a male -only event, is making history again. As a 50th Anniversary celebration, Switzer will lace up her shoes once again, pin on a “legitimate” bib and run the 121st Boston Marathon.

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Marathon Pioneer Kathrine Switzer On Moving Ahead Fearlessly: Opportunity for all women, everywhere.

Fitness, empowerment and living your best life with Marathon Pioneer Kathrine Switzer, creator of 261 Fearless: opportunity for all women, all over the world through self-discovery, community, diversity, wellness & running.

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Introducing the Women Can marathon – and celebrating a running hero

This year, a new UK trail marathon across east Devon will celebrate the spirit of Kathrine Switzer, the woman who took on the chauvinists of running and won

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Kathrine Switzer: intervista alla prima donna maratoneta

Kathrine Swizer, atleta e giornalista sportiva, è diventata icona del mondo dello sport. Oggi grazie al suo coraggio e alla sua tenacia le donne possono correre la maratona. Ecco la sua storia.

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Kathrine Switzer is running Boston again, on the same principles

By Rachel G. Bowers

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En avril 1967, c’est sous le pseudonyme de K.V. Switzer qu’une femme participait officiellement pour la première fois au marathon de Boston.

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50 Years After Sparking a Revolution, an Icon Runs Boston Again

In 1967, Kathrine Switzer wasn’t allowed to run the Boston Marathon, but she did anyway. This year, she’s back. By Amanda Loudin

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Kathrine Switzer Launches Global Non-Profit 261 Fearless

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Kathrine Switzer will run the 121st Boston Marathon® in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of her Historic Run

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Women's Running Pioneer Kathrine Switzer announces Team 261 Fearless who will start 2017 Boston Marathon® with her

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Women Can Marathon becomes first UK Partner Event for 261 Fearless

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Second Annual Women’s Right to Run 19K 5K Named Official Partner Event for 261 Fearless

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