261 Education Program

261 Education Program

Our 261 Fearless’ mission and philosophy is unique – therefore a specific training is required for women desiring to assume leadership roles within local 261 Fearless Clubs. Upon completion of any level of certification, participants are able to lead 261 Fearless Club Meet Runs, Groups and or a local 261 Fearless Club – a rewarding experience!

The 261 Train the Trainer course is a prerequisite for 261 Coaches, 261 Group Leaders and 261 Club Directors whereby 261 Master Coaches provide the needed information to establish a local 261 Club, establish a new group under the wings of an already existing 261 Club or to coach women within an existing group. Depending on individual and local Club needs and goals, 261 Train the Trainer participants will receive one of three certifications (Coach, Group Leader or Club Director).


Coaches Role 

By participating in this 2-day training program, participants will learn the 261 Fearless methodology behind promotion of sustainable and healthy running habits, encouraging a life long love of and ability to participate in the sport.

During this certification course, 261 Fearless Master Coaches train future coaches in strategies to foster judgment-free and supportive environments that focus on safe and injury-free running. Participants learn techniques for managing socially, emotionally and physically healthy female running groups enabling confident delivery of the program across cultural, social and globally diverse landscapes. Once certified, 261 Coaches are able to guide Club Meet Runs under the umbrella of an existing 261 Club.


  • You must be a frequent runner and a female, age 21+
  • You must understand the power of running
  • You must have the desire to encourage others who are striving to improve their lives through running
  • You must submit Medical Clearance from your Physician (with certification within the past six months)
  • You must be a non-smoker
  • You must complete all stages of our application progress:?

* Step 1: Complete the inquiry form ?
* Step 2: Complete and submit the candidate questionnaire (Upon receipt of your inquire form you will be provided the link to the questionnaire)
* ?Step 3: Complete a 20-30 minutes video conference interview (Upon receipt and approval of your application an interview will be scheduled)

  • You must be approved by our 261 Master Coaches Team to attend our 261 education program.
  • You must confirm to attend a 261 Train the Trainer course and pay the participation fee ($261.00 – US – exclusive of travel and lodging costs) 


Group Leader Role

Group Leader certification includes full participation in the 2-day Coach certification program with an additional ½ day module covering general 261 Fearless leader business practices. Group Leaders receive training related to identifying target groups, marketing ideas and best practices and business administration items necessary to management of an independent Meet Run group.


In addition to meeting all Coach requirements, Group Leaders must:

  • Demonstrate strong leadership and organizational skills
  • Establish an independent Meet Run day/location underneath the umbrella of an existing 261 Club
  • Have at least one additional Coach to support Meet Run


Club Director Role

Club Director certification includes full participation in the 2-day Coach certification program with an additional full day module covering general 261 Fearless leader business practices. In addition to training related to identifying target groups, marketing best practices, Club Directors are taught how to establish, manage and maintain a non-profit business. 


In addition to meeting all Group Leader requirements, Club Directors must:

  • Complete all necessary steps to establish a new 261 Club as an independent non-profit underneath the umbrella of 261 Fearless Inc.
  • Have at least two additional Coaches to support the Club
  • Background in Non-profit Leadership and/or Marketing highly desired

Please note: Any use of 261 and 261 Fearless e.g. for the establishment of local meet runs without attending the 261 Fearless Train the Trainer course is strictly prohibited. 

Upcoming 261 Train the Trainer Courses 2018/19

October 13-14, 2018, Manchester, UK
(Coaching/Training for Group Leaders & Coaches) 

October 26 - 28, 2018, Portland, Oregon / USA
(Coaching/Training + Business Component for Club Directors, Group Leaders & Coaches)

November 17-18, 2018, Klagenfurt / Austria
(Coaching / Training for Group Leaders & Coaches)

January 19-20, 2019, Berlin / Germany
(Coaching/Training for Group Leaders & Coaches)

April 5-7, 2019, Boston, MA/USA
(Coaching/Training + Business Component for Club Directors, Group Leaders & Coaches)

If six or more women are identified and approved within one region 261 Fearless will bring a Train the Trainer Course to the area. Please contact our 261 Club network coordinator at trainthetrainer@261fearless.org with any questions. We are happy to discuss options for running a course in your area!

Please note: Minimum of 6 participants are required. If there is less booking, 261 Fearless reserves the right to cancel the course 10 days prior to the start. Paid fees will be refunded.

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