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The 261 Fearless Women's Coach Education

Are you a passionate runner who wants to share the power of non-competitive running with other women? Do you want to make a difference in your local community through women’s education and women’s empowerment? If so, why not become a 261 Coach?

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As a Master Coach I know that education program provided by 261 to our coaches is unique. They learn, not only the 261 methodology, but how to motivate and lead women in non-competitive environments while building communities that are inclusive of all participants. Being able to watch the women grow into strong, confident coaches has been exhilarating!

Lori, Master Coach

Women’s Education to become a 261 Coach

A Coach’s journey begins at a Train the Trainer Certification Course, our education program for future Coaches. This is not just providing skills to run. Through this certification, future 261 Coaches:

  • gain knowledge and insights to lead a women-only run group in a 261 Club.
  • learn about the 261 Fearless methodology which helps women to run consistently and healthily throughout their lives.
  • learn strategies to foster a judgement-free and supportive environment that focuses on safe and injury-free running.
  • learn techniques for managing socially, emotionally and physically healthy female running groups.
  • understand how to confidently deliver the program across culturally, socially and globally diverse landscapes.
Train the Trainer Certification Course for Coaches 261 Fearless

The Certification Course of our women’s coach education entails

  • 2-day in-person group training
  • 1-hour webinar about the communication platform CORE and our e-learning platform
  • Practice at three 261 Club Meet Run with assistance of certified 261 Coaches
  • 1 supervision call with a Master Coach after completion of previous steps
  • Written online exam on the content of the in-person training

After completing the 2 day in person course you have a maximum time of 4 months to complete the 4 remaining steps in your training.

After successfully completing these steps, you will be certified as a 261 Coach and can lead a woman running group in your local Club. We’ll accompany you during this journey and beyond since you will receive ongoing support and education in our continuing education programs.

Group of women during Coach Education

Applying to volunteer as a 261 Coach

If you’re interested in starting your Coach journey and attending a 261 Train the Trainer Certification Course, please check you meet our minimum requirements:

  • Passionate female runner in good health and no health restrictions with regard to running:
    • Have enjoyed a consistent running habit over the last 12 months and be comfortable running a continous distance of 5km
    • Able to perform squats, lunges and the plank without detrimental mobility discomfort
    • Endurance to be able to do jumping jacks for at least 20 seconds without stopping
    • Able to balance on one leg for at least 10 seconds
  • Reached the age of maturity
  • Clear understanding of the 261 Fearless mission and the role of a 261 Coach
  • Advocate for the power of running; understand how running can empower women and possess the desire to share this with others within a non-competitive environment
  • Desire to have a role in women’s empowerment and women’s education through running
  • Desire to learn and/or build good leadership skills
  • Willing and able to commit as a volunteer coach
  • Willing to join the mandatory initial as well as the ongoing education programs
  • Interested to be part of our global community and open to communicate with the international group of 261 Coaches
  • Good health and no health restrictions with regard to running
  • Medical clearance from a Physician, clearing you for physical activity/running (must be certified within 6 months of course attendance)
  • Tobacco and drug free
  • Successful completion of the application process, this involves a questionnaire and an online interview
  • Certification Course Commitment: 
    • Fee (excluding travel and accommodation costs):
      • USA: US$26.10
      • Canada: CAD$ 26.10
      • Great Britain: £20
      • New Zealand: NZD$ 36,
      • Europe: € 25
    •  Commitment to volunteer as a Coach for at least one year

Next Steps

We recommend visiting your local 261 Club Meet Run and getting in touch with the local Club Director. You can find the contact information on our website, navigating to the Club section. Your Club Director will guide you through the necessary application steps.

If there is no Club in your area, please complete the registration of interest form. Once received, we’ll hold your information and be in touch with you once a club has been established in your area.


Upcoming 261 Education Courses

Train the Trainer certification course in Albania:

Train the Trainer certification courses in North America:

Train the Trainer certification courses in Austria:

Train the Trainer certification courses in UK:  

Train the Trainer certification course in New Zealand:

IMPORTANT NOTE: A minimum of 8 participants are required. If course minimum is not met, 261 Fearless Inc. reserves the right to cancel the course. Paid fees will be refunded or can be reallocated to a future course.


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