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The 261 Fearless Forward Wom-inar

Are you afraid to follow your goals and dreams?

Whether it’s been while growing up, during our education, in sport, at work, or in our personal lives over the years… At some point FEAR has prevented us from getting what we wanted. But does it have to be that way? Is FEAR really supposed to keep us from reaching our goals?

We’re here to support you!

Enjoy our bundle of 6 pre-recorded webinars with expert speakers sharing their knowledge, experiences and success. Learn wherever and whenever you want and be ready to set action for your own fearless journey.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to:

  • Gain confidence to overcome your fears and realize your dreams
  • Get inspiration from women of all ages and cultures who have overcome challenges
  • Receive simple tips and recommendations to improve and empower yourself.

As a bonus, you’ll receive the 261 Fearless Forward Wom-inar workbook to reflect and draw your path to fearlessness. Easily downloadable.

The webinar episodes

Wom-inar 1: Fearless in the Face of Adversity

With the 261 Fearless Team

How do you move from Fear to Fearlessness?

Meet our team of speakers as they break down what fear is and share their personal stories of overcoming it and transforming their lives.

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Wom-inar 2: The First FEARLESS Step

With Kathrine Switzer

How simple movement can transform your life.

Meet the women’s running pioneer Kathrine Switzer and learn how putting one foot in front of the other makes you fearless, step by step.

Join Kathrine Switzer as she explains how physical activity and moving your body is a vital step in changing your life. Discovering and controlling your mind, body and spirit can help you accomplish the unimaginable.

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Wom-inar 3: A Healthy Life is a Fearless Life

With Dr. Juliet McGrattan

Why putting health at the top of your to-do list is essential to control your life.

Our health expert Dr Juliet McGrattan explores the health of women and why they are less active than men in the world today. She’ll discuss the power of physical activity to improve health and address taboo health topics which often act as barriers to participation.

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Wom-inar 4: Community over Competition

With Lisa Ruggles

Why be fearful? You’re not alone out there: we've got your back!

You don’t have to do this alone; the power of surrounding yourself with the right people.

Team member Lisa Ruggles will highlight the power that being part of a community has to transform lives. How social exercise can rewire the brain and help you change your behaviour. And why we need diverse communities.

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Wom-inar 5: Education: Key to Empowerment

With Edith Zuschmann

How constant learning is the passport to your fearless future?

261 Fearless CEO Edith Zuschmann explores how education can open the door to new opportunities and the impact that providing education for women can have on their lives. She’ll also explain how physical activity can help to support learning and why we should all find time to volunteer.

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Wom-inar 6: Fearless Forward Forum

With the 261 Fearless Team

Recap this empowerment webinar series.

Join the team for a recap of all episodes and get a final a boost of motivation with tips to move on in your FEARLESS life and to set you off on your own fearless journey.

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Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn about yourself, be inspired by others and become fearless.

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