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We want to empower you to become fearless and move forward in your life. Let us inform and inspire you with our 261 FEARLESS FORWARD Wom-inar series.

Our 261 Fearless team will be sharing their KNOWLEDGE & EXPERTISE to help you take your next steps toward fearlessness. The inspirational stories from the 261 Fearless global community will demonstrate how women have overcome adversity, transformed their lives and their health and found fearlessness through community, education and physical activity.

Register for the 6 pre-recorded episodes of our wom-inar series to make your journey from fear to fearless.



Wom-inar Series

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn about yourself, be inspired by others and become fearless.


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Make the full fear to fearless journey with us by registering for the 261 Wom-inar Bundle and receive a free beautiful brass 261 FEARLESS FORWARD cuff bracelet from Fair Anita.

All episodes are pre-recorded. After completing the purchase your access link to watch the recording will be automatically sent in the confirmation e-mail. Please make sure to check your spam-folder.


Single webinar cost:

- USD 19.99 (excl. eventbrite fees)
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Team 261 Fearless

Wom-inar 1:
Fearless in the Face of Adversity

Kathrine Switzer

Wom-inar 2:
The First Fearless Step

Juliet McGrattan

Wom-inar 3:
A Healthy Life is a Fearless Life

Lisa Ruggles

Wom-inar 4:
Community over Competition

Edith Zuschmann

Wom-inar 5:
Education: Key to Empowerment

Team 261 Fearless

Wom-inar 6:

All six wom-inars are pre-recorded. After completing the purchase your access link to watch the recording will be automatically sent in the confirmation e-mail. Please make sure to check your spam-folder.

Read our 261 Wom-inar Cancellation Policy.


Why not make a donation to 261 Fearless Inc. to help us continue our work bringing empowerment through running and education to more women around the world?

As a thank you for your donation of US 35$ you will receive one of our custom made 261 FEARLESS FORWARD t-shirts. You can mark the date you started your journey to fearlessness and help our global non-profit at the same time.

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About 261 Fearless

We unite women globally to gain personal empowerment and good health through running.

We use running as a vehicle to empower and unite women through education programs and the creation of women’s only local running clubs.

Through these opportunities, 261 Fearless Inc. breaks down barriers such as: geography and isolation, misconceptions about running and physical activity, and lack of opportunity. 261 Fearless Inc. creates a global, social running network for women of all abilities and backgrounds to support and communicate with each other, encouraging healthy living and a positive sense of self- esteem and fearlessness.

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261 Wom-inar Cancellation Policy

Once purchased, webinars are nonrefundable.

The webinar technology didn’t work.

Before purchasing the LIVE FAQ Session please visit the Zoom support page. Most technological glitches can be traced to your company’s firewalls, security settings, or other network issues. Please work with Zoom and your I.T. Department to resolve these issues in advance. If technical glitches prevent access to the live Session, access to a recording will be granted.

Unhappy with the content of the webinar?

Please submit comments on the feedback form at the end of the webinar. Depending on feedback from all participants, refunds may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Any decision to offer a refund is strictly at 261 Fearless Inc.’s discretion.

What if you have a scheduling conflict?

We understand plans can change. Scheduling conflicts may include unexpected meetings or other work obligations, absence from the usual workplace, personal or family illness, jury duty, etc. You will always get access to the recording of the booked webinar. The recording is available the next day and for 30 days after the webinar has concluded. Contact hours are still available to the purchaser with the completion of an evaluation form within this 30-day window. At this time it is not possible to transfer a registration from one person to another.

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