Training for 261 Club Directors

Women’s Leadership Education for Club Directors

For a 261 Club to be established in a new country (or state in the USA), a new local non-profit business needs to be formed. If you’re a woman with a passion for non-competitive running, women’s empowerment and women’s education and in addition you have skills in business or non-profit work, this is a wonderful opportunity for you. You could become a Club Director and establish and manage a 261 Club. We’re looking for highly motivated, committed, organized and patient individuals to take on this challenging but incredibly rewarding role.

The benefit I enjoy most is connecting with so many wonderful and inspiring women around the world who serve as Club Directors in their country. This global community is especially empowering!

Bruna, 261 Club Albania

Training to become a 261 Club Director

All new Club Directors need to participate in the Business Training. Our Education team will guide you through the steps to launch and manage your 261 Club. This training and certification are carried out virtually with one to one education and mentoring.

The women’s leadership training for Club Directors includes:

  • The business aspects of 261 Clubs
  • How to establish, maintain and manage a non-profit business
  • How to identify target groups and best-practice-examples
  • Budgeting
  • Team recruiting
  • Team leadership

You will receive one to one mentoring from a Club Network Manager until the establishment process of your non-profit 261 Club is completed.

Club Directors may also coach Meet Runs, but this is not a requirement of the role.

Women Supporting Women 261 Fearless


Applying to become a 261 Club Director

If you’re interested in becoming a 261 Club Director and commencing the 261 Business Training Course for Club Directors, please check you meet our minimum requirements:

  • Post-secondary education in business, non-profit management or related field or equivalent experience
  • Passion for running, health, women’s empowerment and women’s education
  • Ability to recruit a board team of at least 3 for club establishment
  • Established network of influencers within our target areas/groups
  • Superior communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Flexibility to volunteer within a dynamic and changing environment
  • Marketing experience preferred
  • Non-profit experience preferred
  • Fluent in reading, writing and speaking English
  • Participation Fee $US 800.

Next Steps

If you meet the above requirements, we encourage you to apply.

Please fill in the application form and add your motivational letter and CV as attachment

Once received, we'll be in touch about subsequent application steps.

Please note: without a successful completion of the 261 Business Training and certification course it is not permitted to set up and start a local 261 Club.


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