261 Club

Kansas City /USA

Mondays 6pm

We start and end at the skate park near Kearney High School.



We will be running and playing outdoors until the last possible day of "warm for Missouri" weather.

  • During the winter WEAR LAYERS. 

You'll climb out of that car with heated seats and feel like you've entered the arctic tundra but I promise you it will warm up.  Wear a headlamp if you own one, we'll provide one if you don't.  Anyone else missing daylight savings time yet?!

  • During the summer WEAR WHAT YOU'RE COMFORTABLE IN. 

For some that's shorts and a tank top for others it's capris and a t-shirt.  When it gets crazy-midwest-summer hot outside bring a water bottle.  We'll mix in cool down activities between the games.

We have lots of pictures on our Facebook page if you're nervous about what to wear.

  • Check our Facebook page for last minute changes

One of the things every 261 Club has in common is the saying 'If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes.'  The very first Club Kansas City Meet Run was nearly called off due to a tornado warning.  We're stubborn & hearty Great Plains gals but we know when to pack it in for an early dinner.  Kids, pets, family, weather, car trouble, jobs, illness, LIFE.  It happens.  We'll post when it gets in the way.


We are a female-specific running community that focuses on the fun, social, non-competitive side of running. Women of all abilities train together, support and encourage each other through running inspired activities and games. Taking the first step as a runner can be overwhelming. Many women find that a supportive place like our 261 Fearless Club is a great place to start. 


261 Fearless Club Kansas City is a non-profit 501 (C)(3) organization, membership allows you to join our weekly meet runs, participate in monthly social activities, and stay informed about annual events. 


Unlike a traditional running club we do not focus on pace, time or distance. Instead we teach you healthy running techniques and give you female specific running tips. We are also part of a larger global network of 261 Fearless clubs that span five continents. 


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