Training for 261 Club Directors

Women’s Business & Leadership Training

BE FEARLESS! Establish a 261 woman run club in a new country (or state in the USA) and form a local non-profit business!

We are looking for highly motivated, commited, organized and endured teams of at least three people with a passion for non-competitive running, women’s empowerment and women’s education. If you and your team have skills in business or non-profit work, this is a wonderful opportunity for you, you to set up and manage a new 261 women's only running Club. 

A 261 Club brings social and non-competitive running opportunities to women of all backgrounds and abilities to your local community. As leaders of a 261 Club, you create change for these women as they realize their full potential and become fearelss through running. The weekly group runs called Meet Runs offered by your 261 Club are the vehicle for women's empowerment -
and you become game changers!

A woman from 261 Fearless Club Albania smiles warmly, wearing a pink fleece jacket and sunglasses on her head, showcasing joy and relaxation after a run

The benefit I enjoy most is connecting with so many wonderful and inspiring women around the world who serve as Club leaders in their country. This global community is especially empowering!

Bruna, 261 Club Albania

Women’s Business & Leadership Training
for Starting a New 261 Club

We guide you along the way of starting your own 261 Club in your area. Our individual business training for women provides you and your team with the knowledge and skills to found, manage and lead a local non-profit organization. We offer the safe space for you to learn, gain knowledge, grow and develop leadership skills needed to successfully establish and run a non-profit business.

All 261 Clubs are required to gather a leadership team of at least 3 people to get started. The three individuals will serve on the Board of Directors for your non-profit organization and are not required to become 261 Coaches (even though they can). One woman of your team will serve as the spokesperson for your organization and direct touchpoint with 261 Fearless Inc. in the role of a so-called 261 Club Director. 

Next Steps

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261 Club Business Case Form

Once received, we'll be in touch about subsequent application steps.

Please note: without a successful completion of the 261 Business Training and certification course it is not permitted to set up and start a local 261 Club.


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