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Running & Periods

Periods can be a right bother when it comes to running. Pain or heavy bleeding can make running impossible, hormonal shifts can drain you of motivation and then there’s the simple inconvenience of having to carry period products. Not all women are affected equally, some have few problems with their menstrual cycle where as others find themselves debilitated for a few days every month. How can we stop periods being such a barrier to running?

The Power of Volunteering: Why It Matters and How You Benefit

Volunteering is a remarkable way to contribute to your community while benefitting your own life. It goes beyond the act of giving; it's about making connections, gaining new skills, and finding a sense of purpose. Volunteering opens the door to a world of positive change for both you and your community.

261 Club Spotlight: LA

Get to know the 261 Club LA and learn more about the fearless women running there.

The Marathon

A brief ode to the Beden family and in particular, the efforts of Robin to always ensure those around her are loved, supported and connected, no matter what.

Juliet - our host for the 261 Empowerment Talks

Juliet is the 261 Fearless Women’s Health Lead, and also the host of the 261 Fearless Empowerment Talks, an interview series with women sharing their expertise, knowledge and experiences in different areas. Today, we switch roles and interview Juliet about her experiences with the 261 Empowerment Talks.

261 Club Spotlight: Austria

Get to know the 261 Club Austria and learn more about the fearless women running there.

The gender data gap and women's health

Women and men get ill differently, but they often get the same medical treatment. This can cost lives. The male body and physiology are still the main benchmark for research and treatment.

Running and breasts

At 261 Fearless, we try to remove the barriers that prevent women from running. Whether they’re big or small, breasts can make women hesitant to run or make running difficult. We want women to experience the health benefits of running, including the fact that regular exercise can help to reduce the risk of women developing breast cancer by as much as 30 per cent. We want to share how we directly address breast health in our community, to enable women to run comfortably and confidently, whatever their breast size.

Internship with 261 Fearless

261 Fearless is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering women through running and community activities. Its name is inspired by Kathrine Switzer's bib number (261) at the 1967 Boston Marathon, where she became the first woman to officially complete the race with a bib number. As a public relations intern at 261 Fearless, I have the unique opportunity to work directly at the intersection of the organization and the public. Here's a brief insight into my experiences and discoveries.

261 Club Spotlight: New England

Get to know the 261 Club New England and learn more about the fearless women running there!

International Women’s Day

Celebrate with us as we highlight trailblazers in women’s history! Find out how one fearless step can change the course of history.

261 Club spotlight: New Zealand

Get to know the 261 Club New Zealand and learn more about the fearless women running there!

Celebrating Black History Month: Wilma Rudolph – One Step at a Time to Victory

Black History Month is about honoring the triumphs, struggles, and contributions of African Americans throughout U.S. history. Its importance can’t be overstated. Knowing the past and recognizing the impact of these individuals on our society, opens the door to the future. Today, we highlight Olympic Champion and international sports icon, Wilma Rudolph.

The 261 Fearless Coach Ambassadors

We’d like to introduce our new 261 Fearless Coach Ambassadors. These women are passionate, purpose-driven Coaches who embody the spirit of a 261 Coach. Throughout the year, they will share their experience with 261 community to give you a look into the life of a Coach.

261 Club spotlight: United Kingdom

Get to know the 261 Club UK and learn more about the fearless women running in the UK since 2017!

Running and the Pelvic Floor

Leak urine when you cough, jump or run? You aren’t alone, millions of women around the world suffer stress urinary incontinence. It’s no surprise that this is a topic that comes up all the time in our 261 communities. Our 261 Coaches are well equipped to deal with it. A 261 group could be just the place for you to feel confident to exercise if you have a leaky bladder.

261 Club Spotlight: Chile

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our newest 261Club, 261Club Chile. Double-knot those laces because South America is ready to empower women to live and run fearlessly!

Get to Know Mandy, 261 Club New England

We want to introduce our 261 Coaches around the world - you can now meet the fearless women making the 261 Club Meet Runs happen every week and empowering women through running! Today, we want you to meet Mandy from the 261 Club New England.

Women's running group in the dark - Running at dusk

Running & Safety

Especially in the dark winter months, a lot of women feel unsafe when running outside. However, with some preparation and thought, you can enjoy running outside without fear! We have collected tips from the women in our community on how they stay safe on their runs:

Group of women with headlamps posing in a park at night

Running in Cold Weather

The temperatures are dropping, the weather is changing and you'd rather just stay indoors where it’s cozy and warm - winter is here! Find out here how you can stay warm on your winter runs.

Publicity for a panel discussion and book signing with participants Edith Zuschmann, Kathrine Switzer, Kathryn Bertine and Christine Yu

261 Fearless at the New York Marathon

The weekend of November 4th and 5th 2023 will see the New York Marathon literally run across the city that never sleeps, with marathon-related events happening all weekend long!

October, the month of supporters

At 261 Fearless we don’t just want to celebrate all the women who support us – we know there are so many of you and of course we are very grateful for each and every one of you!

261 Fearless X Peloton Germany at the Berlin Marathon

Have a look at the special Peloton event for our 261 Fearless charity runners!

Workshop with a women about running - 261 Fearless

Why We Need More Women Leaders

261 Fearless encourages women to step up and become leaders. We provide the education, training and setting for women to get out of their comfort zone and grow. But why is it so important to have more women leaders in our world?

Group of women who run together - 261 Fearless

Thank You for Being a Friend: What is a 261 Friend and How Can You Become One?

If you’re looking for a way to support women’s empowerment, why not consider becoming a 261 Friend?

Become a 261 Coach & Change Women's Lives

Running can change your life. You couldn’t agree more when you read this sentence? Then you’re one of the fortunate women who made running a regular part of their lives. You have experienced the power running has on you – physically, mentally, and beyond. Now it’s your turn to inspire other women with your passion, so they can experience the same transformation through running. Become a certified women’s running coach and help empower women through running.

Running and life span

Great news! Runners have a 25 to 40 per cent reduced risk of dying prematurely and live approximately three years longer than non-runners. It’s said that an hour of running may add seven hours to your life. No other form of exercise that researchers have looked at shows comparable impacts on life span. BUT more doesn’t always mean better.

Collage of pictures with different 261 coaches

Mothers as 261 Coaches

It’s probably a feeling that many women will recognize: while the kids are little and they live at home there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. Once they’ve left the house, however, there’s often a gap – a sense of loss of purpose. We asked some of our Coaches if they’ve experienced this, how they managed to turn it around and how their role as a 261 Fearless Coach helped this process. Here’s what they told us!

Running After Menopause

There’s so much talk about running in the perimenopause, how it can help you through the menopause transition and what to do if you’re struggling. But, there’s very little information for women who are running after menopause. The average age of the menopause (when you haven’t had a period for 12 months) is 51. Millions of women are living half their life in the post menopause! What can running offer them? Is running safe for women after the menopause? Are there any changes women should make to their running routines post menopause?

Running and the Menopause

There’s good news for runners! Running can help manage the perimenopause and set women up for a healthy future beyond the menopause too. Our women’s health expert Dr Juliet McGrattan gives us the low down on running and the menopause.

Train the Trainer Certification Course for Coaches 261 Fearless

The ABCs of a 261 Coach

Some might wonder if they have to run marathons or hold an advanced degree in athletic training or sports management in order to be a 261 Coach. The short answer is no, absolutely not, not even close. Ok, maybe that’s not a short answer, but you get the point. So, what does a 261 Coach need to have to make an impact on the women in her community? It’s as simple as A-B-C.

Empowering Women 261 Fearless

The Joy of Running

By Dr Juliet McGrattan

Blog , 261 Clubs

Four women in 261 Fearless T-shirts throw autumn leaves into the air

Running after having Covid-19

From the experience of our global community, we know that getting back to running after COVID-19 isn’t always easy. It can take a long time before you feel back to your pre-COVID self.

Woman holding a framed picture and smiling at the camera; the 261 Fearless logo can be seen in the background

261 Moment with Marlene

The 261 Moment happens when you are FEARLESS and overcome a challenge on your way. Marlene used to be afraid to run, today she is a 261 Coach and Master Coach. Find out about her journey!

Snow-covered forest path in winter

Keeping Safe on Winter Runs

Dr Juliet McGrattan

Blog , 261 Clubs , Women & Health , Running Tips


Activate You, the 12-week activation program with 261 Fearless!


Activate You, the 12-week activation program with 261 Fearless!


Activate You, the 12-week activation program with 261 Fearless!


Activate You, the 12-week activation program with 261 Fearless!


We celebrate 10 years of running with 261!

Master Coaches in Education

We welcome the Jennifer Thomas class of our Master Coaches. This year, we'll educate four new Master Coaches in the UK and New Zealand. Find out more about the fearless women here!

261 Fearless at the 126th Boston Marathon

It was a magical weekend all around for the 126th running of the Boston Marathon! Our team of charity runners was welcomed with excellent running weather, loud and lively spectators, and the iconic course paved by historic trailblazers.

Woman walking on a nature trail along a river in a 261 Fearless T-shirt

Kathrine's training tip: Clothing

I love this old expression: “There is no such thing as bad weather; only inappropriate clothing.”by Kathrine Switzer

Kathrine Switzer , Running Tips

Five women in white 261 Fearless T-shirts pose smiling in a park

New Coaches in UK & US

We welcome new 261 Coaches to our global community! The volunteers started their journey as 261 Coaches at the Train the Trainer certification courses and will now start to lead meet runs in their local clubs. Find out more about them, their love for running and their motivation to step up and become coaches!

Running and Anxiety – Eight Tips for Anxious Runners

Running makes you feel good, there’s no denying that. It can be used to help improve and maintain mental health. One of the conditions it is particularly beneficial for is anxiety and with around 40 million adults in the United States and over 25 per cent of Europeans experiencing anxiety in any given year, it’s vital that we make running and all the benefits it brings, accessible to everyone.Let’s look at what anxiety is and learn how running can help reduce it.

Women & Health , Running Tips


261 Fearless Inc. provides education to 261 Coaches and Club Directors who lead meet runs in local 261 Clubs and encourage members to start running. This is the domino-effect of empowerment that 261 Fearless triggers. Let’s find out more about the 261 Education Program from our 261 Master Coaches, Lisa and Juliet.


Setting up a local 261 Club is a journey full of joy, but it also takes a whole lot of endurance. A 261 Club is a local, independent non-profit organization under the umbrella of the 261 Fearless Club Network. Bruna, 261 Club Director of 261 Club Albania, tells her story of how she lifted and was lifted through the club.

Running Niggles: Shin splints, numb feet and ITBS

Lots of things can hurt or feel uncomfortable when you start to run. Dr Juliet McGrattan, expert on women's health and running with 261 Fearless, gives some valuable tips when it comes to niggles like shin splints, numb feet and ITBS.

Blog , Women & Health , Running Tips


261 Club Austria encourages women of diverse backgrounds to run together: At the meet run in Vienna, refugees and local women don’t only run together, they also break down cultural and language barriers.

261 Club Membership Survey 2022

We asked the members of the 261 Clubs around the world what changed in their lives through the weekly meet runs. The results are incredible!

A woman in a purple 261 Fearless running shirt stands smiling next to a banner of the 261 Fearless running group

New Master Coach in Education

Welcome to the team, Lori!

Laughing man wearing a 'Team Mimosa' T-shirt and proudly displaying his medal

Research Shows Impact of 261 Education Program

We are excited to present research results on the 261 Education Program! We are extremely thankful to Dr. Jerry Canterbury for his research involving our organization. His dissertation examined whether 261 Coaches gain leadership skills through the 261 Education Program. We are thrilled to share his encouraging results.

261 Education: Coach Certification

We believe that EDUCATION is the key to EMPOWERMENT. When you gather information and develop your skills, confidence builds and you feel empowered to set goals, make decisions in your own life, and encourage others to do the same. This is our mission – 261 Fearless educates women as 261 Coaches, so that they are well equipped to help other women become empowered through running.

Volunteering as a 261 Coach

Volunteering for your community is a valuable experience that makes you grow personally and professionally. Our 261 Coaches do important work to bring forward our mission and empower women through running!

Group of women doing stretching exercises in the woods, part of a 261 Fearless workout

261 Clubs around the World

The 261 Clubs around the world are the heart and soul of our mission, delivering weekly meet runs to their members. 261 Fearless Inc. provides the 261 Coaches and Club Directors with the know-how and skills to lead a successful and impactful 261 Club. Find out what's happening in the clubs around the world and which new locations are coming soon!

Coach Education for the new 261 Club Israel

The 261 Club Israel can start launching new groups and hold their first meet runs soon! Women from Israel traveled to Austria to go through our in person education course Train the Trainer. With becoming certified 261 Coaches they will build bridges between a very diverse society through running.

Train the Trainer certification courses in Germany and Austria

We are so proud of our newest 261 Coaches in Germany and Austria! Nine fearless women took the first step in the certification process to become 261 Coaches and share their joy for running with other women. Let's find out what drives them and what they've learned during the Train the Trainer weekend.

Blog , 261 Clubs , 261 Education

261 Fearless Around the World: The 261 Club Israel

Through your participation in our global Running and Walking Series Move the World, you support 261 Fearless Inc. in fulfilling its mission - for example in Israel.

Blog , 261 Clubs

Two women in purple 261 Fearless T-shirts jogging together along a lake

A fearless look back at 2020

We look back to a year full of surprises, unexpected turns and new situations. Our team has bundled their efforts and came up with creative ideas and solutions to stay connected and to keep our global 261 Fearless community active. Let's go on an imaginary trip back through 2020 and into 2021!

Blog , 261 Clubs , 261 Education , 261 Events , 261 Fearless Organization

Inspiring 261 reading recommendations

Our 261 Fearless Inc. team has some inspiring reading tips for you to enjoy over the holidays!

Blog , 261 Education , Running Tips

261 Friendship - the greatest gift of all

Just as the holiday season starts, we've got the greatest gift idea of all for you: the 261 Friendship. Make one of your loved ones a 261 Friend - they become part of a global community and support 261 Fearless in empowering women throughout the globe.

Blog , 261 community stories

Banner for the 261 Fearless running and walking series 'Move the World'

Move the World 2020

We MOVED THE WORLD! Women, men and families around the globe ran, walked, biked, hiked and moved in many ways, with every step achieving a positive change in the world and having a lasting impact on women’s lives.

Blog , 261 Events

Charity- und Event Managerin Debbie 261 Fearlerss

"My Favorite Item" - Tips from our 261 Fearless Inc. Team

Our 261 Fearless Inc Team picked their favorite items they purchase online. We'd like to inspire you with our reading tips, motivate you to stay active with virtual workouts and make you life easier with practical items for your home.


The 261 Empowerment Classes

At 261 Fearless we believe education is key to empowerment. We want our coaches to feel confident, knowledgeable and up to date when they lead their weekly meetruns. Our 261 Empowerment Classes, ensure that’s the case.

Blog , 261 Education

Running Niggles III: Sore Muscles

A common running niggle, sore muscles happen to the best of us, but like most of these niggles, they’re more frequent in beginners. There’s so much for beginners to discover and cope with and this is why many people don’t stick with running. Those of us who have got past that early stage know just how amazing running is, so it’s important we share our experiences and encourage those just starting out on their journey. This running niggles series is designed to do just that but there’s something for the more experienced runners in this blog too so read on to learn all about muscle aches, why they happen and what to do about them.

Blog , Women & Health , Running Tips

Running Niggles II: Chafing

If you’ve never had chafed skin from running, you are in the minority and also very lucky! Skin which has been rubbed raw can be intensely painful and make any movement, let alone running, very difficult. Here’s all you need to know about chafing.

Blog , Women & Health , Running Tips

"My Favorite Item" - Tips from our 261 Fearless Team

Our 261 Fearless Inc Team picked their favorite items they purchase online. We'd like to inspire you with our reading tips, motivate you to stay active with virtual workouts and make you life easier with practical items for your home.

Blog , Running Tips

Running Niggles I - Blisters

It’s entirely normal for things to twinge and ache when you start running for the first time or after a break. These issues can be enough to convince you that running just isn’t for you. But if you know what you can do to minimise these problems and what to look out for that might need some attention, then you can begin your running journey well equipped and confident. We’ve created a series of blogs to cover all the common beginner niggles and what steps you can take to give you a smooth start to your running journey. We’re starting with blisters! They might sound minor but a good going blister can literally stop you in your running tracks.

Blog , Running Tips , Women & Health

Woman in purple jacket smiles at the camera

"My Favorite Item" - Tips from our 261 Fearless Team

Our 261 Fearless Inc Team picked their favorite items they purchase online. We'd like to inspire you with our reading tips, motivate you to stay active with virtual workouts and make you life easier with practical items for your home.

Blog , 261 Fearless Organization , Running Tips

Woman in a purple jacket smiles at the camera, part of the 261 Fearless Community

"My Favorite Item" - Tips from our 261 Fearless Team

Our 261 Fearless Inc Team picked their favorite items they purchase online. We'd like to inspire you with our reading tips, motivate you to stay active with virtual workouts and make you life easier with practical items for your home.

Blog , Running Tips , 261 Fearless Organization

How to Keep Your Lungs Healthy

In the last blog we covered respiration essentials and learnt about how our lungs actually work. Now let’s consider some common lung conditions and find out how we can keep our lungs healthy and in great condition for running.

Blog , Women & Health , Running Tips

COVID-19 can't stop us! 261 Fearless Clubs around the world keep moving

Our 261 Clubs offer weekly one-hour meet runs to empower women through running and being active – normally! Now, the circumstances have changed, but our local 261 Clubs found ways and options - and continue to support our members in staying active.

Blog , 261 Clubs

"My favorite items" - tips from our 261 Fearless Team

Our 261 Fearless Inc Team picked their favorite items they purchase online. We'd like to inspire you with our reading tips, motivate you to stay active with virtual workouts and make you life easier with practical items for your home.

Blog , 261 community stories

Respiration Essentials – The Lungs

We all know our lungs are vital to everyday life but now they’re potentially under serious attack from a virus, our respect for them has grown further. Biology lessons may be a dim and distant memory but having an understanding of how our lungs function can help us to fully appreciate them and to know how to look after them too.

Blog , Women & Health

Woman in a purple jacket jumping happily on a green meadow

Responsible Running

As a global running network, we have a whole range of pandemic running scenarios amongst our community. We have members who aren’t allowed to run at all and are confined to their homes, we have those who can exercise for one hour a day, close to home and we have others who have a little more freedom in their movement. Whenever our runners are heading out, we want them to be safe but also protect others, so we’ve put together our own 10 responsible running rules for fearless runners.

Blog , Running Tips

Keeping Healthy When You’re Stuck at Home

Life is far from normal for all of us at the moment. Whether we are still allowed to go out and exercise or not, we’re all having to spend a whole lot more hours in our homes. There’s never been a more important time for us to remain healthy, we need our immune system in its best shape ever. It’s vital therefore that we all take steps to maintain and boost our mental and physical health. Here are some simple things that we can do every day to keep well with suggestions as to how to achieve them:

Blog , Women & Health

Group of women and girls in 261 Fearless clothing posing on outdoor steps

261 Fearless Club Albania at the Women’s MARCH

On International Women's Day the 261 Fearless Club Albania participated in the Women's March of Tirana to support girls and women's rights.

Blog , 261 Events

Group of women in colourful sportswear posing in front of a building with a 261 Fearless banner

261 Fearless Club MidTN celebrated International Women's Day with an information event

Educate, engage and empower - that was the aim of the first information event of the 261 Club MidTN on International Women's Day. We inspired women to join our global network!


The first 261 Club New Zealand meet run in Palmerston North after the summer break

261 Club New Zealand re-launched its first meet run after the summer break: Over twenty women of all ages joined and had loads of fun running, playing games and chatting.


And then I did it: How running helped Petra to overcome challenges

Each of our 261 Club members has their individual stories about how they joined their local meet run. Find out more about their first running steps and how it changed their lives. Be inspired by their stories!


And then I did it: Susan tells her running story

Each of our 261 Club members has their individual stories about how they joined their local meet run. Find out more about their first running steps and how it changed their lives. Be inspired by their stories!


What I've learned being a coach: Lisa Ruggles

Next in our ‘What I’ve learned being a coach’ series, we hear from Lisa Ruggles.


We Educated 28 New 261 Coaches in Three Countries

Our 261 Coaches spread the joy of running in their communities and lead weekly meet runs that help to empower women. Over the last two weekends, we educated 28 women who will now step up and take over this new role.

Blog , 261 Education

What I've Learned Being a Coach: Katina Wolfe

Next in our ‘What I’ve learned being a coach’ series we hear from Katina Wolfe.


Group of women in purple jackets posing on an observation deck overlooking New York City

The 261 Fearless Charity Team at the TCS New York Marathon

Our 261 Fearless Charity Team was on top of the world in New York for the TCS New York City Marathon! A weekend full of bright sunshine, parades, fireworks, and amazing views culminated in the running of the biggest marathon in the world.

261 Events , 261 Charity Program

View of a picturesque town by a river with mountains in the background

Our fearless journey at the 261 Coaches Refresher in Austria

At our annual Refresher course for 261 Coaches in Austria, the whole team collected creative ideas, exchanged and expanded their network and had a lot of fun.

261 Education , 261 Clubs

261 Fearless and Business Skills Development

261 Fearless Clubs are all non-profit organisations. Because we are a global network, we have new clubs launching in different countries (and states in the USA) all the time.

Blog , 261 Fearless Organization

Women in purple 261 Fearless T-shirts play with balloons in a training room

The UK Coach Refresher

Our UK coaches were hosted by 261 Club Burwell near Cambridge for their annual refresher this weekend. Learning and laughter were on the menu!

Blog , 261 Clubs , 261 Education

Group of women posing smiling and making funny poses in a gym

261 Fearless and Volunteering

261 Fearless coaches are all volunteers. They give up a one hour a week to lead the running activities during a meetrun, but further time for club administration, planning and developing their coaching skills.


The 261 Fearless Charity Team rocked the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C.

A big Thanks to our Charity Runners and the whole 261 community for the support and a memorable weekend in Washington D.C. at the Marine Corps Marathon. Through all the support we can take the next steps to empower women globally through running.

Blog , 261 Events , 261 Charity Program

261 Club Metro Chicago Rocks the Bank of America Chicago Marathon!

261 Club Metro Chicago and 261 runners from all over the world gathered in Chicago for a unique Marathon weekend. At the various events, one could see how truly international 261 Fearless has come to be!

Blog , 261 Events

Four new 261 Coaches for 261 Club Austria

We've educated four new 261 Coaches in Austria who will now support our groups in the southern region of Carinthia. Meet the fearless ladies!

Blog , 261 Education

And then I did it: How Sigrid started running with the 261 Club Germany

Each of our 261 Club members has their individual stories about how they joined their local meet run. Find out more about their first running steps and how it changed their lives. Be inspired by their stories!

Blog , 261 Clubs , 261 community stories

What I've Learned Being a Coach: Sylvie Chishungu Zawadi Mwamini

Next in our ‘What I’ve learned being a coach’ series we hear from Sylvie Chishungu Zawadi Mwamini.

Blog , 261 community stories , 261 Clubs

Pilot Project Education 261 Fearless

A new pilot project: Educating refugee women to become 261 Assistant Coaches

261 Fearless provides opportunities to step up and to be empowered to ALL women. Therefore, we've launched a pilot project within our refugee program in Vienna: we educated 2 women from Syria and Afghanistan to become 261 Assistant Coaches.

Blog , 261 Education , 261 Clubs

What I've learned being a coach: Kate Southern

When women become 261 Fearless coaches they often do so because they want to give back, to share what running has given to them and to help women in their community.

Blog , 261 Clubs , 261 community stories

Cultural exchange: Austrian 261 Coaches visit 261 Coaches in Albania

The Albanian 261 Coaches and 261 Club members in Tirana and Fier welcomed the 261 Coaches from Austria and Kathrine Switzer warmly. The four days of exchange, mutual learning and building up a network were inspiring and motivating for everybody!

Blog , 261 Clubs , 261 community stories

Train the Trainer Boston: We welcome nine new Coaches!

Nine ladies learned all they need to know to be 261 Coaches and spread the joy of running in their communities. Find out more about them!

Blog , 261 Education

261 Fearless at the Great North Run

261 Fearless Club UK were honoured to have thirty fundraising bibs for the Great North Run in Newcastle on Sunday 8th September.

Blog , 261 Events , 261 community stories

Austria Klagenfurt joined the Club 261 Fearless

261 Club Austria joined the Raiffeisen Women's Run in Klagenfurt

The Club 261 runners in Austria participated as a team at the Women's Run in Klagenfurt and celebrated the joy of running together.


WE can do this: the 261 Club NZ Palmerston North relay adventure

261 Fearless Club Palmerston North / New Zealand took part in the local Halcombe Relay – a six-person relay on country roads based in Halcombe just out of Palmerston North.

Blog , 261 Events , 261 community stories , 261 Clubs

FOR the Oceans and ACROSS the Oceans

261 Fearless Coaches, Members and Friends are doing their bit to reduce the plastic in our seas.


261 Fearless Runs for the Oceans

There are so many reasons why we run. We run for fitness, for freedom, for empowerment, for fun, to challenge ourselves; the list is truly endless!


261 Fearless Club Workshop in Goma

Our 261 Coaches Sylvie and Prudence in Goma lead a 261 Fearless Club Workshop in their city of Goma in DRC to show women what empowerment means and how running can be the vehicle.

Blog , 261 Clubs , Women & Health

Group of women with 261 Fearless medals posing in front of a tent

261 Fearless and Women Can

261 Fearless joined the Women Can Marathon in Devon, England. The event was a blast!


261 Fearless offer New Empowerment Classes to 261 Coaches

Education is key to empowerment, that's why we've just launched a brand-new education program: 261 Fearless Empowerment Classes.

Blog , 261 Education

Train the Trainer Boston: 7 new 261 Coaches

It is our great pleasure to introduce 7 new 261 Coaches to you after a fruitful Train the Trainer course in Boston!


Avon Women's Run in Berlin

261 Fearless Germany joined the Avon Women's Run in Berlin for a good cause, helping to fight breast cancer!


Four women smiling and posing in front of a 261 Fearless banner at an event

261 Fearless starred in Toronto

Our team was at the Toronto Marathon Expo to tell women about 261 Fearless and our unique 261 Club network around the world


Wings for Life Team 261 Fearless

Running for those who can't at the Wings for Life World Run

261 Fearless joined the Wings for Life World Run as a team and women all over the world ran for those who can't.


First 261 Meet Run in Fier, Albania

We are proud to announce that our first 261 meet run was held in Fier, Albania!

Blog , 261 Clubs

New 261 Club in Chicago, USA

We are proud to launch our brand-new 261 Club in Chicago, USA. Come and join us!

Blog , 261 Clubs

261 Fearless and Social Running

When most people think of a running club, they envisage a place where people go to train together, to run faster, further and to prepare for events and club championships.


First meet run for the 261 Club Zambia

261 Fearless spreads the joy of running all around the world - now to Lusaka in Zambia.


14 new 261 Coaches in the USA

At our Train the Trainer courses in Boston and Minneapolis we certified 14 new 261 Coaches, we're very proud of them!


Group of women in sportswear posing laughing in the park, part of 261 Fearless

261 Fearless Empowering Women

We use running as our vehicle to empower women around the world but what do we mean by empower and how are we doing it?


Katherine Switzer History 261 Fearless

The History of 261 Fearless?

The moment the media on the press truck at the 1967 Boston Marathon pressed the shutter release buttons on their cameras and captured a race official trying to rip the race numbers from a runner’s shirt, the future of women’s running was changed forever.

Blog , Kathrine Switzer

Four new 261 meet runs in Germany

261 Fearless is expanding in Germany! Four new meet runs in three different cities offer a weekly running holiday for women.


What is 261 Fearless?

261 Fearless is a growing presence in the world of women’s empowerment globally.


Run on Sun - the 261 Fearless talk

We run on the sunny side of life and share our joy with other women!

Blog , 261 Clubs

Welcome to six new coaches!

The UK hosted a Train the Trainer course in Solihull, Birmingham over the weekend of the 1st to the 3rd of March 2019 and six new women became certified 261 Fearless Coaches.

Blog , 261 Education

261 Club UK Coaches Refresher

The UK 2019 refresher was held in the Lune Valley in the North of England and coaches gathered there for a weekend of updates, brain storming and socialising.

Blog , 261 Education , 261 Clubs

Boston Marathon 261 Fearless

Boston Charity runners partner with 261 Clubs around the globe

We have a great opportunity for 261 Clubs and Charity runners at the Boston Marathon 2019: They will enter a unique partnership!


International Train the Trainer in Vienna

261 Fearless educated 6 women from 3 continents at our very international Train the Trainer Vienna.


Exchange between 261 Clubs

That's what 261 Fearless is all about: You can meet women from different areas, see the world from a new perspective and learn something new!


Train the Trainer Course Berlin 261 Fearless

New 261 Coaches certified at 261 Train the Trainer course in Berlin

261 Fearless educated 5 new Coaches in Berlin - a great weekend filled with the magic of 261.

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Train the Trainer Nashville

After a weekend full of fun and 261 spirit we certified four new Coaches. Find out who they are!

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The 261 Fearless Game Changers - a review

The 261 documentary - powered by adidas - has come to an end, but the 261 Fearless Game Changers have just started!


Join us at our 261 Fearless events in 2019

In 2019 we have a lot of exciting events where you can feel the 261 spirit. Join us in one of the 261 Fearless events, be inspired and meet like-minded women!

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261 meet runs around the world - join in!

Have you ever joined a meet run? You have over 50 chances to try it.Do you run regularly in your local 261 Club meet run? Then it's time to try something new at one of over 50 meet runs around the world.


Two women standing at a stand presenting 261 Fearless merchandise

261 Fearless Club UK at the National Running Show

Our Club UK Directors and Coaches headed to the NEC in Birmingham for a weekend of sharing the mission of 261 Fearless with everyone attending the National Running Show.

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Ladies Night in Berlin Team 261 Fearless

Ladies Night in Berlin

A night full of fun, information and new input for the ladies who joined us at our 261 Ladies Night in Berlin!


Man giving a talk to a group of women in a conference room

Safety & Running

A safety expert of the Austrian police gives us tips on how to be safe when running.


Run the World Challenge Tirana 261 Fearless

Run the World in Tirana

The 261 Club Tirana was running for a healthy life together with Dan Thompson as part of the Run the World challenge.


261 Coaches refresher in Austria

Education is key for 261 Fearless! Our 261 Coaches attend a yearly refresher to get new ideas, new content and connect with each other.


261 Fearless Shine in New York City

Our charity team was at the New York City marathon and had a memorable weekend. 13 runners participated and collected the incredible sum of $70,000 for the 261 Fearless cause - WOW!


261 Fearless Launches a New Club in Asia!

Tasneem Muchhala has defied the odds and started her 261 Fearless Club in Mumbai, India. Congratulations Tasneem, what an achievement!


Group of six women in sportswear proudly show off their medals after a race

San Antonio - a weekend full of 261 Fearless events

Check out the schedule of our 261 Fearless events at the Humana Rock 'n' Roll Marathon and Half Marathon in San Antonio!

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Two women smile for the camera in front of a sign

261 Fearless Club Members Take on the Admiral Swansea 10K

Equipped with bib numbers 261 and 1261, Carol from 261 Fearless Club Inverurie and Rose from 261 Fearless Club Lune Valley recently ran the Admiral Swansea 10K marathon. Read Carol's report below.


Person holding the book 'Sorted: The Active Woman's Guide to Health'

Pat Winiecki loves to read - especially her new book Sorted: The Active Woman's Guide to Health

Pat won Dr. Juliet McGrattans award-winning book Sorted: The Active Woman's Guide to Health. Now she finally has it in her hands!


Train the Trainer Fun UK 261 Fearless

Fearless Fun at the UK Train the Trainer

Manchester was again the chosen venue for the latest Train the Trainer in the UK which was held from the 12th to the 14th of October.

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Four women jogging together in a schoolyard

New 261 Fearless Clubs Around the World

261 Fearless is growing! Our network is expanding and reaching women all over the world. We are proud that we can empower women around the globe thanks to our 261 Fearless community. Find out more about our new 261 Clubs and the fearless ladies leading them!

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Testing adidas Solar Boost running shoes

This week Nicole Peeters is testing adidas Solar Boost running shoes for us and we are more than curious to find out how their "boost" her runs!


Testing adidas Supernova Tank Top

New mum Jenny takes the new adidas Supernova Tank Top for a test run in the blazing Texas heat and gives us the low down.


Group of women sitting at a table in a café laughing

A New Club and a First Birthday

There was lots of excitement for 261 Fearless Club UK last week

Blog , 261 Clubs , 261 community stories

Testing the adizero three-quarter tights in the Mediterranean

Our 261 Friend Josie from Malta got the chance to exclusively test and review a product from our sponsor adidas.


261 Fearless at the 2018 Berlin Marathon

Nine women run on our 261 Fearless Charity Team in the 2018 Berlin marathon - it was an unforgettable experience for them and for us as well! Fearless women from all over the world travelled to Berlin and joined us in a weekend full of events.

261 Charity Program , 261 Events

Running connects at our 261 meet run in Vienna

Our 261 meet run in Vienna started in July 2018 for female refugees and has been a huge success! Women from Syria and other countries meet once a week with the 261 Coaches Christina Mayer and Anna Moitzi to run and have loads of fun together.


Large group of people in 261 Fearless clothing posing in front of a lake

A Fearless Women's Run in Austria

Four 261 Fearless Clubs and a 261 Fearless Friend rocked the biggest running party of the year at the Women's Run in Austria!


United like a Family: Prudence's Train the Trainer Experience at adidas in Germany

Our journey to Germany to be part of the Train the Trainer at the adidas headquarters, and then being part of the new 261 Fearless Documentary was an unimaginable opportunity and I cannot find words to express my joy. Let me tell you a little more about it.

Blog , 261 documentary

Woman jogging under a blue sky and smiling

Sylvie's Herzogenaurach Experience - the Mutual Language of Running

Sylvie doesn't speak english - but that didn't stop her from communicating with her 261 Fearless colleagues at the Train the Trainer course in Herzogenaurach! Sylvie gives us the lowdown on her time with our other game changers!

Blog , 261 documentary

Mimoza's Reflections of Her Germany Train the Trainer Experience

"Every moment of this experience in Herzogenaurach was a big surprise that made me feel excited and full of emotions. I never thought I would have the chance to see the adidas Headquarters amongst a group of other women from all over the world." Mimoza from Albania tells us about her participation in the 261 Train the Trainer.

Blog , 261 documentary

Now that Tasneem is a Game Changer, There's No Stopping Her

"Well, to be very honest, I didn’t know what being ‘a 261 Fearless Game Changer’ truly meant before I did this program." Tasneem, one of our seven game-changing heroes recalls her Train the Trainer experience in Herzogenaurach.

Blog , 261 documentary

Christina Looks Ahead After Energetic 261 Train the Trainer Weekend

"The weekend in Germany actually started in Paris for me. I was still at work when Prudence and Sylvie, our colleagues from Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo, arrived." Christina from Austria tells us about her journey to adidas HQ in Herzogenaurach.

Blog , 261 documentary

261 Fearless Friends Rock the Humana Rock n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon

I had the privilege of traveling with the 261 Fearless Friends group to Chicago to run the half marathon last weekend, and what an experience it was! Written by Demi Clark.

Blog , 261 Events

Our 261 Game Changers: Greta's 261 Train The Trainer Experience

"I love sport. I love running. I’ve always loved it. My dream? To work in a big sports company. I currently work in fashion." Greta - one of our seven heroes in our 261 documentary - presented by adidas - tells us how she experienced her weekend in Herzogenaurach.

Blog , 261 documentary

The 261 Fearless Women of Change - Meet Our Heroes

It's time to get to know a little bit more about each of our 261 Fearless Game Changers and their backgrounds.

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Patricia Winiecki and her 261 Fearless Friends conquered Niagara Falls

Read Patricia's report about joining the 261 Fearless Friendship Team for an amazing event in Canada: the Niagara Fall Women’s Half Marathon


The 261 Fearless Women of Change - The 261 Fearless documentary powered by adidas

Women who run the world CHANGE the world. Fearless, active, self-confident women are making changes, big and small, in their own lives, their local communities and in the wider world.

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Five reasons why you should join us in Carinthia for the annual Raiffeisen Women’s Run

Have you ever been to Austria before? Then it's about time! We have the perfect reason to travel there: the season highlight of the Austrian 261 Fearless Club - the Women's Run


Worried about being fearless? The top six concerns about joining a 261 Fearless club.

So, you’ve spotted your local 261 Club on Facebook and you like the look of it. You can see the women in the group photo are smiling and having a good time. You think you’d actually like to be part of that but you really don’t have the courage to go along. Let us reassure you.

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A Game Changing Train the Trainer

Anyone who has been to a 261 Fearless Train the Trainer to become a coach will know that something very special happens during these courses.


Real Truths about Women, Running, Traveling and Life

By Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham. There I was standing in an English field with deep green fresh grass, humid sea air and a hilly terrain in front of me.


Fearless Friends

What’s it like being a Fearless Friend? Jo Moseley in Yorkshire, England signed up and tells us about the benefits that joining the programme has given her.

Blog , 261 community stories

Running as a New Mum

Congratulations on the birth of your baby! When you know how running helps you in life, both physical and also mentally, you might be itching to get back out there BUT there are some important things you need to consider before you sprint out the door.

Blog , Women & Health

The Best Day of My Life

Ominous race conditions failed to stop Pat from completing the Boston Marathon with the 261 Fearless Charity Team, follow her journey as she recounts the best day of her life!


261 Fearless at the Wings for Life Run 2018: Running for those who can't

Many of our 261 Fearless members faced the challenge of running away from a moving finish line in order to raise money for those who cannot run themselves.

261 Clubs , 261 Events

Our London Marathon Weekend

Kathrine Switzer was in London to run the Virgin Money London Marathon for the first time this April. Our 261 Club Greenwich coaches were in town to support her and had a special treat from our global sponsors Adidas.

261 Clubs , 261 community stories

Our 261 Fearless Clubs around the world ran Boston!

In order to show their support for our 261 Fearless Charity Team in Boston, some of our clubs prepared special activities for their meet runs, following the motto '261 runs Boston'. Read here about some of the amazing activities that our wonderful coaches organized!

Blog , 261 Clubs , 261 Events

Woman running alone across the finish line of a race

Meet Allison from our 261 Fearless Boston Marathon Team

"We are all Fearless as we work through our own personal struggles." Team member Allison Eagan has experienced more than her fair share of struggles. Read how she plans to make Boston 2018 her 'comeback marathon'.

Blog , 261 Charity Program , 261 community stories

Woman with walking sticks hikes on a path in a 261 Fearless T-shirt

Meet Molly from our 261 Fearless Boston Marathon Team

"...you become Fearless and there is nothing that you can’t accomplish." Experienced ultra runner Molly Sheridan explains how running has made her fearless and how she can't wait to meet Kathrine Switzer.

Blog , 261 Charity Program , 261 community stories

Easter Egg Run in Austria

On Thursday before Easter, the 261 Fearless Club in Klagenfurt, Austria, hosted a special event - the annual Easter Egg Run. Despite pouring rain, lots of highly motivated women joined and participated in many fun activities.

Blog , 261 Clubs

Meet Demi from our 261 Fearless Boston Marathon Team

"We're in an era where women are learning their power." Demi shares her Boston story and what makes her fearless.

Blog , 261 Charity Program , 261 community stories

Meet Kirsty from our 261 Fearless Boston Marathon Team

"When I cross the Boston Marathon finish line, that will be for both me and my dad" Kirsty Bullis tells us about why she chose to run for 261 Fearless in Boston and how the finish will be an emotional one for her.

Blog , 261 Charity Program , 261 community stories

Woman bites into a medal and smiles proudly

Meet Mary from our 261 Fearless Boston Marathon Team

"My passion for running continued to grow and so did my ability to cope with the trials and tribulations of life." Read how team member Mary Spivey found strength and empowerment through running.

Blog , 261 community stories , 261 Charity Program

Join our Charity Team and Take on the TCS NYC Marathon with 261 Fearless!

The best way to encourage you to sign up to be part of our 2018 TCS NYC Marathon Charity Team is to let Leah, member of our 2017 team, share her amazing experience from last year.

Blog , 261 Charity Program , 261 community stories

Meet Debra from our 261 Fearless Boston Marathon Team

We're inviting the incredible runners from our fundraising team to introduce themselves and tell us all about their running stories and why they are running for 261 Fearless. Meet our runner Debra Wray ...

Blog , 261 Charity Program , 261 community stories

My First Running Steps - Dana

"I couldn't have done it without my 261 Fearless club." Dana from the 261 club in Doylestown shares the start of her running journey.

Blog , 261 community stories

Healthy breakfast bowl with oatmeal, fruit and avocado toast

Eating to Run

There’s so much contradicting advice when it comes to eating and running. Should we eat lots of carbs, hardly any carbs, low fat or high fat and what about protein? It’s a very confusing picture.

Blog , Running Tips , Kathrine Switzer

Activity for Health 261 Fearless

Why Running Is Not Enough

One of the great things about running is that it’s a fast, efficient and fun way to stay healthy. You all know that running regularly will help to reduce your risk of lots of major diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer. What you might not know however is that running is not enough. There’s something else you need to do too.

Blog , Women & Health

Event - women with flowers - thank you

Five 261 Fearless Game Changing Women celebrated Int. Women's Day 2018 in Boston

Tracing the brave choices in their pasts and looking toward future revolutions, Five 261 Fearless Game-Changing Women gathered at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel last night to mark International Women’s Day by sharing their stories with invited guests and viewers worldwide via a livestream on CBSBoston.com.

Blog , 261 community stories , 261 Fearless Organization

Alice's inspirational running story: "Running has helped me on so many levels."

"The thing that keeps me running is the way I feel whenever I complete a run. When I am done I always feel amazing."

Blog , 261 community stories

Meet Caroline from our 261 Fearless Boston Marathon Team

Behind every runner is a story. Why did that person start running? What motivates them? What are their running goals?

Blog , 261 Charity Program , 261 community stories

My First Running Steps - Tanja

Let us introduce you to Tanja, the second woman in our interview series talking to runners who began their running journeys with 261 Fearless.

Blog , 261 community stories

The 261 Fearless Friendship Program is the Perfect Valentines Gift!

You’re looking for a special and unconventional gift for Valentine’s Day? Then forget roses and chocolates, we have a better idea for you!

Blog , 261 Advocate , 261 Fearless Organization

Feed and Run - Tips for Breastfeeding Runners

Let's be clear about this. Running and breastfeeding are entirely compatible. by Dr. Juliet McGrattan

Blog , Women & Health , Running Tips

My First Running Steps - Sarah

Welcome to our new interview series where we invite women who have found their running feet with 261 Fearless to tell their stories. There are so many barriers to running but with help from the clubs, coaches and members of 261 these women will tell us how they took their first running steps.

Blog , 261 community stories

Make a Commitment

Have you ever thought about how something very important but intangible could be made into something tangible? Or what it could look like? Written by Kathrine Switzer.


Six women in 261 Fearless jackets pose smiling in front of a brick wall

Invigorating Times for 261 Fearless UK!

It’s been an exciting few months for 261 Fearless in the UK. Clubs are growing, new clubs have started and exciting partnerships formed. Here’s Dr Juliet McGrattan's quick round up of all the highlights.


Woman in a yellow T-shirt and sunglasses running on a forest path

Pat's running story: "If you had told me then that forty years later I’d be an avid marathoner and a 261 running coach, I would not have believed you."

"I was discouraged from running much by the then much-touted running myths saying it was not 'lady-like', you’d damage your uterus, get saggy breasts, develop unattractive big muscles, ruin your internal organs, etc."

261 community stories

Women running together at an event called 'Running Myths'

Running is Healthy for You - Ignore the Myths!

The latest Gift of 261 Women's Running is the Gift of Health. We already know that regular running keeps us healthy, but there are running myths that we'd like to bust with the help of Dr Juliet McGrattan!

Blog , Women & Health

Let Us Help You Nail Those New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of year again when we start reflecting on the year that’s passed and setting ourselves challenges for the new year ahead.

Blog , Running Tips

Humana Rock’n’Roll Partner Event 261 Fearless

Meet the 261 Fearless San Antonio Team

Have you ever wondered what's it's like to be a part of a big event with fellow 261 Fearless women? We recently participated in the Humana Rock 'n' Roll marathon series in San Antonio and asked the girls to put pen to paper and share their thoughts and experiences.


Team 261 Fearless Rocks and Rolls San Antonio

On a balmy Thursday night, Deb Mills and Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham, 261 Fearless Staff Members, arrived in beautiful San Antonio, Texas just in time to stroll along the infamous River Walk.

Blog , 261 Charity Program , 261 Events

All a runner wants for Christmas is 261 Friendship

You want to make a very special gift for Christmas to one of your fellow runners this year? We might have the perfect idea for the perfect present: a 261 Friendship.

Blog , 261 Fearless Organization

What Are Friends For?

When I was a 19-year-old university student, I met the 50-year-old mailman of our university. He’d never had an opportunity for higher education, and we had absolutely nothing in common except for the fact that he was a runner and I was a runner.

Blog , Kathrine Switzer , 261 community stories

Club activities during the holiday season

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s the time of year where many of us are in a very special holiday mood. Some of our clubs already have their very own holiday traditions or are in the process of creating them. We asked some of the 261 Fearless clubs how they are getting themselves in the right holiday spirit.

261 Clubs

Woman posing with her medal in front of a photo background of a sponsored run

Liz's inspirational story: Her life was turned upside-down after a severe injury - read about one brave woman's fight and her passion for running.

"There's a whole world out there of acceptance and encouragement, regardless of gender, age, shape, weight, or speed. Running is for everyone."

261 community stories

Runner in a red 261 Fearless T-shirt at a road race

Tanja's running story: Running as a globally uniting force.

"Everybody is unique! And together we are powerful, together we are Fearless."

261 community stories

Infographic shows how donations are used at 261 Fearless

How a donation to 261 Fearless can make a difference

261 Fearless is a global women’s running network with the goal of reaching more women all around the world in order to break down the barriers, connect and empower them through running.

Blog , 261 Charity Program , 261 Fearless Organization

Women running in the snow as part of the 261 Fearless winter training programme

Why Running in Winter is THE BEST!

It’s dark when you get up, dark when you come home from work, and it’s freezing cold. It’s no wonder you can’t drag yourself out the door for a run!

Blog , 261 Apparel , 261 Clubs , Running Tips

Emily’s running story: “I don’t take a step in my running shoes without a grateful reminder of how lucky I am that I can.”

“In so many ways my running journey is a metaphor for life and through it I continue to be blessed.”

Blog , 261 community stories

The Gift of Freedom: Deb's Story

The third Gift of 261 Women’s Running is the Gift of Freedom. You may have already seen our social clips featuring Jessie Zapo and our 261 Club Director Deborah Mills, in which these Fearless women discuss their own ideas about what freedom means to them, and how running makes them feel free.

Blog , 261 Clubs

Meet the 261 Fearless NYC Marathon Charity Team

With the TCS NYC Marathon just days away, we thought it would be a great idea to introduce you to members of the 261 Fearless charity team!

Blog , 261 Charity Program

Susanna's running story: “In my world the word 'can’t' doesn’t exist!”

“I am a determined person. When someone tells me that I can’t do something, it makes me determined enough to prove them wrong.”

261 community stories , 261 Clubs

Creating the 261 Fearless Footprint

I KNOW my focus should be entirely on the TCS New York City Marathon. It’s only a few days away! But lately my heart and plenty of my mind has been on the streets of Boston again. by Kathrine Switzer


Running for Two

As a female runner there are many health issues to contend with. One that causes a lot of anxiety is pregnancy. Suddenly it’s not just yourself you have to look after, it’s another human being too who is rapidly growing inside you and sharing your body. It can be wonderful and exciting but also overwhelming, uncomfortable and a little frightening. Is it really ok to run? Will it cause harm to the baby? How fast and hard should your pace be?

Women & Health

A Perfect Autumn 261 Club Weekend for 261 Fearless in Boston and Hopkinton

Aside from our favorite time of the year when April in Boston brings about Patriots’ Day and the famed Boston Marathon, this past weekend (October 14-15) was one of the busiest and most enjoyable two days of 2017. Kathrine Switzer was in the greater Boston area for two important and impactful events and the members of the local 261 Club that came out – both Saturday in Boston and Sunday in Hopkinton - witnessed an important element of the “Two-Six-One” mission – a full and wonderful sense of Community!

Blog , 261 Events , 261 Clubs

Why You Should Join Team 261 Fearless at the 2018 Boston Marathon!

Have you ever dreamed of being part of a team that raise money for a great charity helping to empower women to pursue their own dreams, while at the same time participating in the Boston Marathon? The dream is real, now you can!

Blog , 261 Events , 261 Charity Program

Be Honest - Do You Warm Up Before You Run?

Is your warm up running around the house looking for a lost trainer or just going a bit slow for the first mile? Warming up is actually more important than you may realise, especially when the temperatures start to drop. It’s too important to skimp on. Here’s why...

Running Tips

261 Fearless Runners Turn Heads in NYC

Almost 50 women, including several members of Kathrine Switzer's 261 Fearless NYC Marathon Team, gathered at the adidas store in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village on October 9 to meet and run as a kick-off celebration for her TCS New York City Marathon run in November.

Blog , 261 Events , Kathrine Switzer , 261 Charity Program

Two women jog under the Brandenburg Gate, part of a 261 Fearless event

The Gift of Friendship: A Berlin Story

Can you imagine a life without friends? Like a garden with no flowers it would be empty, boring and quite simply unfulfilling. This is why the second in our series of ‘Gifts of Women’s running’ is the Gift of Friendship.

Blog , Kathrine Switzer , 261 community stories , 261 Fearless Organization

My Train the Trainer experience: Jasmin from Austria

"What we knew about each other was that we were all part of the 261 community, that we were aspiring to become coaches/master coaches and that we shared a passion for running – and that’s really all we needed to know to form an instant connection."

Blog , 261 Education

Introducing NEW 261 Meet Runs in three Countries

The 261 Fearless movement is continuously growing, five new clubs in three countries are proof of that. Led by incredible and enthusiastic women, they will hopefully introduce many women in Austria, Germany and the US to the 261 spirit.

Blog , 261 Clubs

Liz’s Running Story: “Their doubt and skepticism fuels my fire!”

“I have a personal goal of running a half marathon in every state and to complete 100 half marathons. I don't have a time limit and I may be 98 years old when I'm done, but I will try as hard as I can to do so.” Read everything about Liz’s motivation to run and her ambitions to inspire other women.

Blog , 261 Charity Program , 261 community stories

Let us introduce you to Jessie Zapo!

Jessie is a Global Ambassador for adidas Women and a member of the 261 Fearless Charity Team at the NYC Marathon who shares the same passion for running as we do. Jessie's story is an inspirational one too, make sure you visit her website to learn more!

Blog , 261 Charity Program , 261 community stories

The Gift of Courage

At the adidas RunBase store in Boston last week, Kathrine Switzer passed on the first Gift of 261 Women’s Running to New York-based artist, running coach and 261 Fearless representative, Jessie Zapo.

261 community stories , 261 Fearless Organization

Introducing 261 Club Lune Valley

We're delighted to present our newest 261 club in the stunning Lune Valley in the North West of England.

261 Clubs

Tips for Leaky Bladders 261 Fearless

Leaky Bladders

Star jumps, running downhill, sprint finishes … the thing of nightmares for a woman with a leaky bladder. Many women avoid being active because when they run or jump, they leak urine. It's a MAJOR barrier to exercise and we aren't just talking about women who've been through childbirth, it can affect any woman, of any age. Stress incontinence affects millions of women around the world. So, what exactly is going on and most importantly, what can you do about it?By Dr Juliet McGrattan

Women & Health

Train the Trainer London 261 Fearless

Train The Trainer Comes To London

This weekend’s Train the Trainer course in London was the perfect demonstration of the global community of 261® Fearless. Women from three different continents met for a weekend packed full of running, education and laughter.

261 Events

Road or Trails? We asked our community

What do you prefer, the reassuring stability of the road under your feet or the unpredictability of the trail? We asked our members whether they head for the tarmac or off road when they head out for their runs. Here's what they had to say:

261 community stories

There is Always a Surprise Gift

This story about my last run demonstrates perfectly why I believe running always gives you more than you give it. By Kathrine Switzer

Kathrine Switzer

Our Coaches Share Some Unexpected Benefits of Joining 261 Fearless®

Becoming a 261 Coach is not just about learning how to lead a running club. Our coaches have found that they have gained so much more. Here, in their own words, they tell us what impact becoming a 261 Fearless® Coach has had on their lives.

261 community stories

Training for an event? You need to gather your team.

Setting yourself a running challenge is a great idea but it's hard to do it on your own.By Juliet McGrattan

Blog , Running Tips

Two women in sportswear laughing and giving each other a high-five after a successful run

When a slow running pace isn't an issue

261 Fearless Clubs offer a unique experience: women a chance to be active and social in a supportive and diverse environment. All abilities and levels of running experience are welcomed together, no matter a participant’s pace. A recent conversation between a club coach and one of her runners proves this point, and makes us realize why what we do matters so much.

261 Clubs

Visiting Doylestown USA Club 261 Fearless

Representing the 261 Global Community: a visit at the 261 Fearless Club Doylestown/USA

Our club is comprised of 8 enthusiastic and welcoming women who are eager to learn, grow and run together! They are particularly special because they represent a microcosm of the global running community. by Christine, 261 Club Director Doylestown

261 Clubs

KS Training Tip Hitting the Beach 261 Fearless

Kathrine's training tip: Hitting the Beach

Running Alongside the World’s Oceans By Kathrine Switzer

Kathrine Switzer , Running Tips

Woman cheering as she crosses the finish line of a race

Women’s life changing running stories: “Breaking the status quo! being different and free”

“Running helped me over come postpartum depression. I want to be a supportive role model in my local community and I believe that being a part of 261 will just be the beginning of that goal.” Meet our 261 San Antonio Charity Team runner Mercedes.

261 Events

Going international: how 261 got to Albania

US-citizen Cristin got inspired by 261 and brought the 261 Club idea to Albania, a country where the women's movement and women's empowerment are still very young. by Cristin B.

261 Clubs

Women in 261 Fearless T-shirts and race numbers wave as they cross a footbridge during a race

Kathrine's training tip: First step - conditions

I’m planning on running the TCS New York City Marathon on November 5, which is all about the experience of doing it through the streets after winning it in 1974, when the race was held entirely in Central Park.

Kathrine Switzer , Running Tips , 261 Events

Runners, including a woman with race number 261, at a road race

Rosy Spraker: being a 261 Charity Runner in Boston and Chicago

I still have a runner’s high from sharing the 261 Fearless Team Boston experience with 125 women, men and of course, Kathrine Switzer! I continued to ride that high by fundraising for 261 Fearless in the Humana Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll 5K with Kathrine and fellow 261 runners. by Rosy Spraker

261 Events

Meet Paula Kreiner a 261 Fearless Coach

Like many of us, Paula wonders why she didn’t start running earlier. Here she reflects on all the benefits it has given her and how 261 Fearless has enriched her life.

261 community stories

"261 Fearless Rock and Rolled Chicago" - Event Recap

The Humana Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Halfmarathon - and 261 Fearless... this happened July 15th in Chicago... a recap by Tracy

261 Events

Plan your running - Plan your plan

Taking on any running event is a big challenge. Even if you’ve run one many times before, you still need to prepare your body and your mind. Like any business or social matter, having a plan will increase your chances of success. by Juliet McGrattan

Blog , Running Tips

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