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It’s probably a feeling that many women will recognize: while the kids are little and they live at home there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. Once they’ve left the house, however, there’s often a gap – a sense of loss of purpose. We asked some of our Coaches if they’ve experienced this, how they managed to turn it around and how their role as a 261 Fearless Coach helped this process. Here’s what they told us!

Anne, 261 Coach with the 261 Club UK

When I first joined 261 Fearless, the eldest was 19 and the youngest 17. My main reason for joining was to meet people as I felt I had become quite isolated as the children got older.
I never in a million years thought I would end up becoming a 261 Coach, but becoming a 261 Coach has made me so much more confident. I’m more prepared to try doing things that in the past I wouldn’t have done, so last year I went backpacking with my (now) 22 year old daughter in Vietnam. Being a 261 Coach has made me realize that I can do things which in the past I was unsure about. Also, now that my children have left home it has partly filled that gap, giving me something new to do and it making me feel that I am still useful.

Sandra, 261 Coach with the 261 Club New England

I have 3 children; 2 that are 26 years old and one 30 years old. It felt great to go from walking to starting my running journey as a 261 Club member and 261 Coach. Becoming a 261 Coach during this life stage has supported me with my personal fitness goals, connected me with a new network of friends, more importantly allows me to give back to my community and support other women on their journey. In addition, as a leader in my career, during the education program I reflected on how some of my current leadership skills can be used in my coaching journey.

Jackie, 261 Coach with the 261 Club UK

I must have been 55 when I joined 261 Fearless Club Bicester. We’d just moved down from Manchester and I knew absolutely no-one! My husband worked away a lot and my two children aged 21 and 18 had both now fled the nest, one to London and one to France. I felt secretly excited but rather daunted by the prospect of becoming a 261 Coach. With the support and encouragement of my other 261 Coaches and colleagues the course turned out to be great fun! The coaching team were incredibly encouraging and supportive, and it was so reassuring to meet other attendees like myself. It has proved very uplifting becoming a coach in my menopausal years!  My confidence has grown, along with my sense of purpose in helping other women to achieve goals they never thought possible.

Carolyn, 261 Coach with the 261 Club UK

I joined 261 in 2018 and became a coach in 2019 when my youngest son would have been 19 and had just left school. The others were 22, 24 and 26. It did feel like I was able to choose how I spent my time for the first time in 26 years! It was definitely something I wanted to do for myself. When your children grow up, there is definitely a sense of loss, that you are no longer needed. Becoming a 261 Coach helped me realize that I still had a lot to offer! I have become more active and fitter and understand the importance of keeping active as you become older. I gained a lot of confidence and amazed myself (and my family) by running the Great North Run half marathon - I’d never imagined I could do that!

Janet, 261 Coach with the 261 Club Greater New York

I joined 261 Fearless in December 2019 when my children were 14, 19, and 22 years old. I became a coach in June of 2022. At this point in my life, I felt like I had both the time and energy to devote to a worthwhile organization, and 261 Fearless was the perfect fit. This was the first group I joined that did not involve the children in some way and it felt freeing: it was my choice, and I was there for myself.
The educational process of becoming a 261 Coach was everything I had hoped for: I learned some things about my running form and what to watch for in others. I also learned that being a 261 Coach entails a lot of non-running skills. I have taken on a leadership role in helping women reach their fitness goals. This equates to my feeling both fearless and proud. Coaching for 261 Fearless has allowed me to take advantage of educational activities and friendships that I might not otherwise have had. I have pushed myself outside my comfort zone by taking on this role, and I am so happy that I did.

Juliet, 261 Coach with the 261 Club UK

I applied to be a 261 Coach for 261 Fearless Club Greenwich 7 years ago, my children were 15 and 13 and both at secondary school and generally getting on fine which enabled me to think a bit more about what I wanted to do for myself. Although I have always worked full time and my job offered plenty of challenge, it was so good for my mental health and life balance to engage in something meaningful outside of the workplace that gave me a different purpose. During the process of becoming a 261 Coach, I learnt a great deal about women’s physiology, good running technique and how to build strength and coordination, but also how to run a group and build relationships within a Meet Run. Becoming a 261 Coach was a life changing decision. It has allowed me to develop an identity outside of the workplace, make amazing new friends and become much more grounded in my community.

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