Humana Rock ’n’ Roll Events 2017

TEAM 261 Fearless Fundraising Bib Program for Humana Rock ’n’ Roll Events 2017

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until all Team 261 Fearless bibs have been assigned.

261 Fearless, Inc., has been granted by the Competitor Group, a limited number of charity bibs for the 2017 Humana Rock ’n’ Roll Chicago and San Antonio Races. 261 Fearless is seeking applicants for Team 261 Fearless who have a passion for running and a commitment to supporting the 261 Fearless mission of creating opportunities for women. Minimum fundraising requirement is assigned to each individual receiving a charity bib to participate with Team 261 Fearless and is to be raised through his/her own individual fundraising efforts. Funds raised by Team 261 Fearless participants benefit 261 Fearless global and local programs and services.

By completing this application, you agree to the Terms and Conditions for Team 261 Fearless. Competing application does not guarantee a spot on Team 261 Fearless.

Contact Information


I would like to be contacted at

Running Shirt Type

Running Shirt Size


Entry Type


Fundraising Experience

If yes, what was the most recent charity/race?

What is the most substantial amount of money you have raised for a non-profit organization (this does not need to be a marathon/road race program)?

How did you accomplish this?

If you are a member of our team, what will your personal fundraising goal be?

What is your plan for reaching or surpassing this goal? Please let us know some of the specific actions you intend to take. We will provide all the support we can, but we also want to see that you have put some thought into how you will reach your personal goal.

What community organizations are you involved in? Please note any positions or roles held (such as board member, volunteer, sustainer, etc.) and any related fundraising experience.

Outside of your friends and family, what networks (i.e. professional organizations, school associations, online networks, alumni networks, parent networks, etc.) of which you are a member do you plan to tap into in order to raise funds and awareness about your participation on Team 261 Fearless? Please list these networks below.


Running Experience

In this section, we want to learn more about your running history. This is merely so we can get to know you better. As long as we know you can complete a marathon within the six hour time limit and without serious health concerns, it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced marathon runner.

Running level

Current weekly running mileage:

What is your current running/training regimen?

If you have completed the distance to which you applying in the past please list the race!

Do you currently have or have you had any previous injuries or health related issues that may affect your training?

If yes, please describe these injuries.


261 Fearless is excited to offer an option to hire an experienced marathon coach who will provide virtual assistance.


Connection to 261 Fearless

How did you learn about 261 Fearless?

Have you had any previous experience with 261 Fearless?

Why would you like to run for Team 261 Fearless?

What does running mean to you?

What does being FEARLESS mean to you?

How do you see yourself becoming involved with 261 Fearless after the Humana Rock ‘n’ Roll event?



What social networking sites do you use?

Do you have a blog?

How many blog followers?


Is there anything else you want us to know? Hobbies? Unique qualities? Obstacles overcome?


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