261 Fearless Team at the Great North Run

8th September 2019

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until all 261 Fearless Team GNR bibs have been assigned.

261 Fearless Club UK has been granted by The Great Run Company, a limited number of fundraiser bibs for the 2019 Great North Run. 261 Fearless Club UK is seeking applicants for their 261 Fearless Team GNR who have a passion for running and a commitment to supporting the 261 Fearless Club UK mission of empowering women in the UK through running.

A minimum fundraising requirement of UK £ 400 (plus UK £ 50 for the bib) is assigned to each individual receiving a fundraising bib to participate with 261 Fearless Team GNR and is to be raised through his/her own individual fundraising efforts. Money raised through these fundraiser bibs will benefit 261 Fearless Club UK programs and services within the UK.

By completing this application, you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Competing this application does not guarantee a spot on 261 Fearless Team GNR.

Contact Information


Running Shirt Size

If you are a member of our team, what will your personal fundraising goal be?

What is your plan for reaching or surpassing this goal? Please let us know some of the specific action you intend to take. We will provide support but we also want to see that you have put some thoughts into how you will reach this goal.


Running Experience

In this section, we want to learn more about your running history. This is merely so we can get to know you better. As long as we know you can complete a marathon within the seven hour time limit and without serious health concerns, it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced marathon runner.

Running level

Have you run a half marathon before?

Have you run the Great North Run before?

Connection to 261 Fearless

How did you learn about 261 Fearless?

Have you had any previous interaction with 261 Fearless?

Why would you like to run for 261 Fearless Team GNR?

What does being 261 FEARLESS mean to you?



What social networking sites do you use?

Do you have a blog?


Is there anything else you want us to know? Hobbies? Unique qualities? Obstacles overcome?


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