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Thank you

For your financial support of the 261 Fearless - A Global Social Running Network for Women

261 Fearless, Inc. believes that women who run find the strength and fearlessness to take on the many other challenges in their lives. Your financial support helps us to continue providing the 261 Fearless program, services and education to women globally. 

What Does Your Donation Do?

With a US$ 10 donation – you fund the participation of one 261 Coach in the virtual 261 Empowerment Class, the Ongoing 261 Education Program

With a US$ 26.10 donation – you fund one 261 Coach Kit, including training equipment for 10 participants

With a US$ 100 donation – you fund one running kit for one 261 club member in need

With a US$ 261 donation – you fund a grant for one low income woman to participate in the 261 Train the Trainer Certification Course to become a certified 261 Coach and be active in a local 261 Club

With a US$ 500 donation – you fund one startup loan for a new local 261 Club to cover their very first expenses

With a US$ 800 donation – you fund a participation fee grant for one low income woman to participate in a 261 Business Training & Certification Course with the goal to set up a local 261 Club in her community

With a US$ 1,000 donation – you fund one local 261 Education panel to raise awareness of the benefits of social running for women

With a US$ 2,000 donation – you fund one 261 Empowerment Class, the ongoing 261 Education Program for active 261 Coaches, for 200 Coaches

We appreciate your commitment.
Thank you for your support of 261 Fearless!

Charitable Status 261 Fearless, Inc., is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization with the United States. 

If you have any questions regarding your donation, please contact giving@261fearless.org.

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