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14 new 261 Coaches in the USA

At our Train the Trainer courses in Boston and Minneapolis we certified 14 new 261 Coaches, we're very proud of them!

261 Fearless is excited to announce 14 newly certified leaders. Please join us in welcoming these ladies to the family!

Over the weekend of March 30-31, six ladies were certified during our Train the Trainer course in Minneapolis. Julie Baker, Tanya Cornelius, Tara Mennitt, Rosemary Parece and Paula Sahin will join 261 Fearless Club Twin Cities in launching a new Meet Run location out of YMCA Blaisdell. They’ve hit the ground running, starting their new group just two weeks after their Train the Trainer course! If you find yourself in Minneapolis, you can join these ladies on Saturdays from 8:30am-9:30am. Barbara Baratta was certified in Minneapolis as Group Leader. She’ll be establishing a group in Staten Island, NY.


A Train the Trainer course was also held over the weekend of April 5-7 in Boston, MA during which eight ladies joined the 261 Fearless family as a coach, group leader or club director. Urszula Balcerek was certified as a coach and will join Club Doylestown, PA. Stafanie Acierno, Annemarie Carey, Katherine Howland and Maria Kussmaul are newly certified coaches joining Club Greater Boston. Debbie Sindone and Katina Wolfe completed group leader certification. Debbie will soon be starting a group in Liverpool, NY and Katina will continue leading a group in Boston, MA. Lela Harris completed Club Director training and will be starting a Club in the Rohnert Park, CA area.


Do you want to spread your passion for running yourself? Be fearless and apply for Train the Trainer. You will learn everything you need to become a certified 261 Coach and lead meet runs in your local community. You can make a difference by helping women to become empowered through running.

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