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261 Club Membership Survey 2022

We asked the members of the 261 Clubs around the world what changed in their lives through the weekly meet runs. The results are incredible!

The 261 Clubs provide opportunities for healthy running to women of all backgrounds and fitness levels all around the world. During weekly meet runs led by the 261 Coaches, members gain strength, self-esteem and fearlessness. That’s our aim – but does it actually improve the members’ wellbeing? We’ve done the reality-check and asked the 261 Club members how they feel about it.

Incredible results!

We’ve found that 95% of 261 Club members globally report that being part of the 261 Club community helps them to exercise regularly. About 65% have noted a significant positive development of their physical and mental health since they joined the club. 64% of the women managed to avoid setbacks through the continuing support and backing experienced in the 261 Club. More than half, 51%, appreciate the easy access to running a 261 Club offers. These results are exceptional, and we are extremely proud of the impact the 261 Clubs have on their members!

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