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261 Club Spotlight: New England

Get to know the 261 Club New England and learn more about the fearless women running there!

The 261 Fearless Club New England, led by Club Directors Zelia and Rica, has been making significant strides in empowering women through running since its inception in 2017 as Greater Boston. Originally established as Greater Boston, the Club expanded to other communities, prompting a name change to Club New England in 2019. Currently, Club New England comprises seven Groups spanning Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. The Club's growth reflects its commitment to empowering women through running and education within the 261 Fearless community.

The Massachusetts Meet Run Groups are located in Andover, Boston, Dorchester, East Boston, and Revere, while the New Hampshire Group is situated in Londonderry, and the Rhode Island Group is based in Providence. These locations allow the Club to reach women from various communities, fostering inclusivity and accessibility.

Club New England is supported by dedicated coaches who volunteer their time to empower women. With 35 Fearless Coaches actively involved in sharing the 261 Fearless story, the Groups organize weekly Meet Runs aimed at engaging women and fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

In addition, Club New England has successfully launched four "Activate You" program since 2021.  Activate you is a 12-week program designed to assist women go from inactive to ACTIVE. This program guides members on a journey to incorporate regular movement into their lives, ultimately transforming some of them into regular Group members and even coaches.

The 261 Fearless Club New England will continue to expand its reach and we'd love to have you join us as a 261 Fearless Club member or even as a 261 Coach!

Learn more about the 261 Club New England

“261 is my safe space to connect with like-minded women”

261 means a safe space to connect with like-minded women who are accepted and cherished for who they are. As a Muslim woman, I was looking for that space last year, and soon after thinking about it, I found 261 Fearless! I love running and I've always been passionate about encouraging women to grow, love themselves, and follow their passion and dreams, no matter their religion, education status, body shape, race, or life circumstances, so when I found the club, it was almost like an immediate connection with the mission and vision. I was lucky enough to meet Kathrine at an event in Boston, and heard the story about the organization directly from her. Her bravery and advocacy for women to have a place in the running world motivated me to be a club member and become a coach so I can support other women to become healthier through social running and being part of an amazing supportive community.

Ana, 261 Coach in training

“The 261 Club reignited my passion for running”

The 261 Club reignited my passion for running, even as a 'back of the packer.' I've found a supportive community that reminds me it's not about the speed but the spirit. Grateful for every step with these fearless women!

Karen, 261 Club member

“Women inspiring women, from walking to jogging and onto running, everyone was a team and supportive of each other”

After my dad had passed, I needed an outlet to focus my energy. Running became more frequent for me, but always felt like I was behind everyone else. Becoming involved in 261 Fearless was that void I needed to fill. Women inspiring women, from walking to jogging and onto running, everyone was a team and supportive of each other. I quickly moved into the Coach position and being able to help inspire others the way coaches inspired me to be FEARLESS fills my cup week after week.

Barbara, 261 Coach

“The authentic bond between women inspired me to be part of the 261 Club”

Being a part of 261 Fearless allows me to be in a safe space where women can collaborate, share and empower each other through different forms of movements, strength conditioning, and even through laughter. Seeing the authentic bond of these women inspired me to be a part of this culture. 

Tanisha, 261 Coach in training

“The 261 Club has become one of the most meaningful experiences of my life”

I joined 261 Fearless in Providence first as a member after picking up running during Covid. After the gyms closed, I looked for a healthy outdoor outlet, which I found in running. After moving to Rhode Island in 2020, I was looking for an opportunity to meet new women in the area (making friends as an adult can be hard!) and grow as a runner.  261 Fearless Club Providence has become one of the most meaningful experiences of my life; a group of women who cheer me on in running, as a professional and as a person. I've made lifelong friends through the group and been provided amazing opportunities in our community. For those who are looking to expand your network in a healthy and empowered way, 261 Fearless is the perfect opportunity.

Shannon, 261 Coach

“This is a group of women who make me feel strong, powerful and happy”

I found 261 Club through other club members.  I’ve run my whole life alone and feeling alone.  261 Fearless has changed that with a strong group of women who make me feel strong, powerful and happy.  It’s the highlight of my week every week running with this group of women.  Getting up early on Fridays is 100% worth to see the sunrise with a group of women that make you feel like sunrise.  It’s a powerful group of people.

Mollie, 261 Club member

“I started running for weight loss, but now it’s a joy”

I’ve been a member for a year and half.  It’s worth getting up at 4:30 on Friday morning for the 6am Meet Run. My coach Maura inspired me to join as I use to see her running in the neighborhood. I started running for health reasons and weight loss but now it’s a joy to be outside and meeting people. I hope to continue as long as the program continues.

Suchi, 261 Club member

“Women are trying things that they have not tried before”

I’ve been coaching for the Andover since 2019.  Kathrine Switzer’s story inspired me to join 261. She worked so hard to make running accessible to women of all abilities everywhere.

My group meets early on Friday mornings.  Sometimes we need the kick in the butt to get out the door and get something done.  They are all happy once they get to the Meet Run. We have a great group of women with chemistry standpoint, camaraderie and there’s been some great friendships that have been formed. Women are trying things that they have not tried before which is what it’s all about.

Maura, 261 Coach


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