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261 Education: Coach Certification

We believe that EDUCATION is the key to EMPOWERMENT. When you gather information and develop your skills, confidence builds and you feel empowered to set goals, make decisions in your own life, and encourage others to do the same. This is our mission – 261 Fearless educates women as 261 Coaches, so that they are well equipped to help other women become empowered through running.


What is a 261 Coach?

A 261 Coach is a role model, leader and motivator for women in her community. She passes on her own passion for running to other women and sparks their joy for an active and healthy lifestyle.

What does a 261 Coach do?

One step makes a small difference, many steps can change lives: This is why 261 Coaches lead meet runs on a regular, weekly basis. These meet runs are filled with fun, laughter and movement beyond running. We include games, strength exercises and instructions for a proper running technique. We want participants to finally discover that being active is fun!

What are the benefits of being a 261 Coach?

The most precious experience as a 261 Coach is to see your members grow and develop. They might start out being intimidated by the very thought of running. Slowly, step by step, they gain strength – mentally and physically. You’ll see how your volunteer work has a huge impact on women’s lives – and your own. You will learn and grow with this new role and with our continuing education opportunities offered exclusively to 261 Coaches. On your journey as a 261 Coach, you are not alone. There is a global network of like-minded women supporting and cheering you along the way, because we believe that together we are stronger!

How to become a 261 Coach?

The first step to become a 261 Coach is the Train the Trainer certification course, starting with an initial weekend-long, in-person training and followed by a webinar, practical tasks to prepare your first meet runs, and a final written test. We work on women’s running, the specific 261 running program, as well as building the leadership skills candidates need to successfully lead weekly meet runs in their communities. The Train the Trainer course is also your  first opportunity to connect with other 261 Coaches and form a bond with the global 261 Fearless network.

What advice do we have for future 261 Coaches?

As a 261 Coach, you will be investing your precious free time into a new project and task – this means you will have an increased workload. Therefore, it’s best to start out by asking yourself two questions before you apply: 

Do I believe in the mission of 261 Fearless to empower women through running and education?
Am I ready to actively work on this mission?

Take your time, think about your personal answers and if you come to the conclusion that you’re in, we cannot wait for you to apply! Click on the link below to apply as a 261 Coach and change women’s lives with us!


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