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261 Coaches refresher in Austria

Education is key for 261 Fearless! Our 261 Coaches attend a yearly refresher to get new ideas, new content and connect with each other.

Education is key for 261 Fearless! That's why we organize yearly refreshers for our 261 Coaches worldwide. Last weekend we held a refresher at the Faaker See (Lake Faak) in Austria. There, we worked on new and exciting content that our 261 Coaches can implement in their respective 261 Clubs.

A security expert from the Austrian police was invited and gave us important tips on running and safety. A topic that is especially important for women! You can read all of those tips in our next Blog entry, just a tiny hint beforehand: Running in groups is not only more fun, but also much safer!

New content about the personality structure of people can help 261 Coaches to identify the target group for their meet run and motivate the women effectively. In order to accomplish their marketing strategy, the 261 Coaches created a specific plan for marketing actions and exchanged ideas with each other.

Games, fun and more: Our 261 Coaches prepared new games and exercises to exchange with their colleagues. Now each one of them is full of new ideas they can try with their groups!

At dinner the 261 Coaches had another opportunity to exchange about their experiences. Time was over much too quickly and everybody had to return home - full of new energy and ideas!

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