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261 Fearless Club Albania at the Women’s MARCH

On International Women's Day the 261 Fearless Club Albania participated in the Women's March of Tirana to support girls and women's rights.

On March 8 we celebrated International Women's Day all over the world - a day to joyfully acknowledge social, political and economic achievements for women and at the same time a call for action to reach gender equality. In Tirana, the 261 Fearless Club Albania joined the Women's March to support Girls and Women's rights.

Prepared with our running uniform and spirit; information leaflets and handwritten posters, and with family and friends as supporters, 261 Fearless Club Albania joined the Albanian Women’s Empowerment Movement in their protest-march to raise awareness about the role and empowerment of women, especially against domestic violence.  

Once at the meeting spot, we met the Swedish Ambassador to Albania who is a regular follower of the club on Instagram. She recognized us by our uniforms, congratulated us on the contribution to the Women's Empowerment Movement, and said she might join our Tirana group any Saturday morning to run.  

The special theme for this event, also as a start for our annual campaign, was the mother-and-daughter participation among the 261 Fearless coaches and members. The 261 Coaches and assistant 261 Coaches from the three Albanian groups – Tirana, Fier, Rrëshen – our club members and supporters being together in one place for such a cause was a great inspiration and energizer for our upcoming activities. Together we were able to introduce the club to the many women's organizations who participated in the march.

Together, 261 Fearless will continue to spread the joy of running among women around the world and help them to become fearless in all areas of their lives. Our supportive network helps women become empowered and self-determined!

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