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261 Fearless Club MidTN celebrated International Women's Day with an information event

Educate, engage and empower - that was the aim of the first information event of the 261 Club MidTN on International Women's Day. We inspired women to join our global network!

On International Women’s Day the 261 Fearless Club MidTN celebrated women with our first information event in the area: EDUCATE + ENGAGE + EMPOWERThe three-prong event started with a 261 Fearless presentation by Katina Wolfe,  261 Club Director of the 261 Fearless Club New England and Network Manager for 261 Clubs of North America. Katina EDUCATED twenty-five ladies of Middle Tennessee about our founder, Kathrine Switzer’s story and the benefits of not only moving, but of how 261 Fearless empowers and honors women through the vision of Katherine’s legacy.

Next, Wendy Sadler, leader and 261 Coach of 261 Fearless Club MidTN, ENGAGED a group of twenty-five women in a thirty-minute activity period, which included fun, laughter-filled games, dynamic warm-ups, a run around the Gateway Island and cool-down stretches.

For the last thirty minutes, the audience enjoyed infused water, veggies and fruits while listening to a panel discussion of six strong, amazing Middle Tennessee female runners (Cheryl Griffith, Julie Corcoran, Courtney Pragel, Marge Rice, Stacy Windrow) led by Katina. They were EMPOWERED through discussing the following topics: Run Alone or Together, Nutrition, Hydration, Safety, Most Memorable Run.  Everyone left this small event feeling inspired, grateful and fearless!

The event was especially inspiring for all the participants who left feeling grateful and fearless. One of the women commented: “Strong, amazing women who inspire and encourage each other, creating a powerful circle of strength and courage.” This event was an amazing opportunity to inform about 261 Fearless and motivate women in the area to join our weekly meet runs!

We thank our partner The Better Boro Project, with the help of this non-profit organization we were able to use the venue free of charge.

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