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261 Fearless Club Workshop in Goma

Our 261 Coaches Sylvie and Prudence in Goma lead a 261 Fearless Club Workshop in their city of Goma in DRC to show women what empowerment means and how running can be the vehicle.

On the weekend of May 25 and 26 the 261 Club Goma invited all women to a very special event: the 261 Fearless Club Workshop. During the workshop, the participants learned about the origins of 261 Fearless, our mission to empower women through running and why this is important in a city like Goma. The women were very interested and curious about the 261 Club, our 261 Coaches Sylvie and Prudence were bombarded with questions.


It is still unusual to find a women-only running Club in Goma that is easily accessible thanks to our sponsors and donors. Only this way can women with little income can join the meet runs and feel the power of physical activity.


Our 261 Coaches lead the group through exercises and games throughout the whole morning and the women absolutely loved it! "I didn't know that I could feel so at ease in my body", commented one of the participants. The workshop offered a completely new experience to the women in Goma and they will take it even further during the weekly meet runs. Here you can find more information about the 261 Club meet run in Goma as well as some more pictures.


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