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261 Fearless Empowering Women

We use running as our vehicle to empower women around the world but what do we mean by empower and how are we doing it?

To us, being empowered is all about choice. The ability to see your choices, make a choice and crucially to follow that choice with an action. We have seen first-hand the power that running has to change lives, whether that be through a change in lifestyle, mind-set or direction in life. The ability that running has to empower a woman and give her the courage to see and make choices cannot be underestimated. We enable this by using running in many ways. We use running:

To build confidence.

Running with 261 Fearless helps women gain or regain faith in their own abilities. To feel good about themselves, whatever level of activity they’re at. To challenge themselves, set realistic targets and celebrate success. To step outside of their comfort zone in a safe environment, surrounded by other women to support them. With growing confidence, we watch them flourish.

To build networks. 

Strong connections and friendships make women feel safe, supported and enthused. Running with 261 Fearless gives women the immediate network of their local 261 Club, a group of other women who will motivate and encourage them. Our network extends way beyond this too with the opportunity for women to interact with others all around the world. To extend their new connections outside of their running world with friendships, business connections and mentoring informally happening every day. Through building a woman’s networks we widen their horizons.

To help women take control.

Running with 261 Fearless helps women to take control of their lives. We help them to realise that it’s not wrong to set aside time to run and enjoy themselves. In fact, that time can make them more productive, focused and resilient. They also discover that running helps them to take control of their emotions, to relieve stress and anxiety and to lift mood. It also encourages them to take control of their future because through running they can improve their health and wellbeing for years to come. 

To help women find joy. 

Too often, women set aside their own personal goals and ambitions and prioritise those of their families. Responsibilities of daily life can take over and women forget how to have fun. At 261 Fearless, we use our non-competitive environment to make women laugh, to find joy in moving their body and through this, rekindle their dreams and desires for the future. Both liberating and empowering.

Encourage women to respect their bodies.

Through our 261 clubs we provide a judgement-free, comfortable environment within which women can discover what their body can do. Without fear of comparison, they can develop their endurance and strength and realise that their body can do much more than they ever thought it could. Alongside this, our 261 Coaches show them how to train safely and how to ‘future-proof’ their bodies so they can enjoy an active life for many years ahead.

Provide opportunities for self-development.

We believe that education for women is key to empowerment. Women progress in their running skills but we also provide the opportunities for women to learn, about running, about women’s health and if they want to take on the challenge of starting a club, about running a business. They then have the opportunity to step from being empowered to take on the role of empowering others. 

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