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261 Fearless Launches a New Club in Asia!

Tasneem Muchhala has defied the odds and started her 261 Fearless Club in Mumbai, India. Congratulations Tasneem, what an achievement!

On November 18 Tasneem held her first 261 meet run in Mumbai, India. She fearlessly overcame all hurdles and challenges in her way to finally launch her 261 Club. After the torrential rain-filled monsoon season and a sprained ankle, Tasneem could now get underway.

She and her group of enthusiastic women meet every Sunday at 7:30 am in a local park in Mumbai. Choosing an area to hold the meet runs was not so easy in the crowded Indian city, but Tasneem found the right spot. A green space, where women can meet, connect and participate in the fun exercises that make the 261 meet run so special and unique. Images say more than words, just look at the happy faces of all these Indian women: They definitely had a good time!


Tasneem is thankful for her new role as a 261 Coach and said, "I feel extremely happy and proud to help 261 Fearless spread its footprint into India and start the first club in Mumbai. In a country where running, especially for women, isn't taken as a priority, this platform helps me to learn and in turn share and empower the women coming to my club. We had a splendid turn out of women at our first meet run, so here's to welcoming more women to our family! Thank you 261 Fearless for everything you are doing!"

Thank you, Tasneem for helping these women to become fearless and empowered. Congratulations to your first success in this journey!

If you are interested in joining a 261 Fearless club, please check out our clubs page. If there's no club near you, maybe you have what it takes to lead a club of your own? We'd love to hear from you!


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