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The 261 Clubs around the world are the heart and soul of our mission, delivering weekly meet runs to their members. 261 Fearless Inc. provides the 261 Coaches and Club Directors with the know-how and skills to lead a successful and impactful 261 Club. Find out what's happening in the clubs around the world and which new locations are coming soon!

What’s a 261 Club?

A 261 Club is a local non-profit organization providing weekly meet runs for its members. The non-competitive and non-judgemental running program is developed by 261 Fearless Inc. and delivered by the local 261 Coaches. In the 261 Clubs, women are motivated and encouraged to step out of their comfort zone, get active, take care of their health and their lives by experiencing empowerment through running. All this happens in the group, without any pressure to perform and with loads of fun exercises and games!

What’s the role of 261 Fearless Inc.?

261 Fearless Inc. is the global non-profit organisation that supports local 261 Clubs with education, mentoring and know-how. We educate 261 Coaches to live up to their role, provide ongoing training as well as support in case of difficulties. 261 Fearless Inc. constantly works on providing new insights and knowledge for 261 Clubs to focus on what they do best: delivering FUN meet runs.

What’s happening in our 261 Clubs around the world?

Currently, we have 18 clubs in 11 different countries on 5 continents: Albania, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Israel, New Zealand, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, India and in 8 States of the USA. After providing virtual meet runs during the pandemic, all 261 Clubs are back to in-person meet runs again – members can experience an hour of “running vacation” each week. Our 261 Coaches participate in regular webinars about women’s health, leadership or outreach to constantly improve their skills. Local 261 Clubs are a community where women support and lift each other up – because together, we’re fearless!

Are there any new 261 Clubs coming soon?

Yes, there are! We don’t want to reveal too many secrets, but we’re working hard to expand our 261 Club network and to bring the unique meet run program to women in their communities. Currently, we’re supporting 261 Club Israel in its establishment process! We’ve already educated their 261 Coaches and can’t wait to see their intercultural group with Muslim and Jewish women launch. Also, we're proud to announce three new meet run groups within existing 261 Clubs in Germany, Austria and New Zealand. It's great to see our family grow and our network expand. Stay tuned for more information about other new 261 Clubs!

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