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Activate You, the 12-week activation program with 261 Fearless!

Activate You, 261 Fearless’ 12-week personal jump-start program, guides women living an inactive lifestyle on a journey toward a happier, healthier life through regular exercise. 261 Fearless launched the program in 2021 and it has had a major impact on past participants. Elizabeth, one of those participants, says:

I am brave enough to join a course on my own despite not knowing anyone.

What is Activate You?

It’s a 12-week program designed by 261 Fearless to help women start exercising on a regular basis. Women are supported, every step of the way, as they grow from not exercising at all to establishing a consistent workout routine. With the help of local 261 Coaches, participants identify and work to overcome the barriers that keep them from exercising. The first step to a new active lifestyle can be quite daunting. But the non-judgmental, non-competitive Activate You group offers women a safe, supportive, and motivating environment to thrive in. With every session, women grow mentally and physically stronger, changing their lives in the process!

What impact has Activate You had on participants?

Survey results show that women participating in the 12-week program report feeling more confident about their ability to exercise, their activity level increased, their overall mood improved, and they’ve created new connections within their community. In specific case studies of participants, women who completed the 2021 Activate You program were asked to share their personal accomplishments. Here is what they said:

How did you feel about exercising before joining?

I wanted to do it but found I didn't have the motivation to make the time for it or have money to join a class or gym .

What was it like going to the first session?

Daunting as I didn't know anyone but I felt so pleased to be accepted onto the course. Everyone was so friendly and the activities were great to get us all introduced.

What three things have you learned about yourself?

That I can run further than I imagined. I am brave enough to join a course on my own despite not knowing anyone. My body is capable of achieving amazing things if I put the work in.

What advice would you give someone who was thinking of taking part?

Do it! You'll learn so much in such a supportive environment. Each and every coach has been so supportive, encouraging, knowledgeable and friendly and it's all done at your own pace.

Is there anything else about your Activate You experience that you would like to share?

This is such a valuable course and I hope the council continue it. It's such a good starting point for a healthier and happier body and mind which is so important! A huge thank you to all involved. I feel very grateful to have been able to take part in it and plan to continue running afterwards.

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