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And then I did it: Susan tells her running story

Each of our 261 Club members has their individual stories about how they joined their local meet run. Find out more about their first running steps and how it changed their lives. Be inspired by their stories!

Running can help you overcome difficult times, apart from keeping you fit and healthy. Especially running in a supportive group like the 261 Fearless community can give you the strength to overcome difficult situations or phases. Susan went through such a period and the 261 Club helped to always look forward:

"I am widowed with one child in college and the other who is a senior in high school. In my life, every day is different. I try to exercise at least three mornings a week. I try to walk 5 miles at least two mornings a week and I run with 261 Fearless on Wednesday morning. If I can, I like to try to run one other morning. I work part-time from home, so I like to get my work done on Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings. Then I have the rest of the days to do errands, do the yard work, grocery shop, laundry, do what needs doing inside the house and get dinner together.

I started running with the 261 Fearless Club Doyelston in May 2017. Back then, I was looking to get back into running and was also looking for a week day morning group to run with.

It has been a wonderful experience as I joined this group a year after my husband died. I met a wonderful group of women. If I am having a bad day, the hour with them always helps me to change my mindset and I leave in much better spirits than I had come in. The exercise I get also helps me to want to continue to do more exercise during the week.

Joining the group helps to keep me active and continuing to run. Running with this group of women has really helped me to get through the most devastating time in my life after my husband died unexpectedly at 51.

Even though I am not in as good of shape as I was before my husband died, the encouragement I get from Christine and the other women helps me to continue to push forward to  try to improve my fitness. No matter how I am feeling on any given day, I always feel encouraged to try and to just do what I can do that day. My favourite part of the meet run is that I can connect with other women and catch up with what has been going on in their lives as we do the workout.

For the future, I hope to run at least another 5K. I doubt I will get back to running another half marathon, but I just want to continue to live a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise."

Do you feel motived and inspired to start being active as well? Join our local 261 Club, find the meet run closest to you on the map.

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