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Boston Marathon 261 Fearless

Boston Charity runners partner with 261 Clubs around the globe

We have a great opportunity for 261 Clubs and Charity runners at the Boston Marathon 2019: They will enter a unique partnership!

We are proud of our Charity runners at the Boston Marathon 2019. Each one of them contributes to achieve our mission of empowering women around the world through running. Our runners often wonder how we manage to do that, and it's a good question!

Local 261 Clubs around the world are helping women to find joy and strength through running. And now, our 261 Clubs will partner with our Charity Runners, so they can find out more about each other. Charity Runners will learn how their fundraising supports Clubs and how the 261 Fearless mission is implemented at the local level. 261 Clubs will see first hand the hard work that goes into fundraising by Charity Runners, in turn making meet runs possible. And in addition, new bonds and friendships will be created across borders and oceans!

The 261 Clubs and Charity Runners will get to know each other and motivate each other over the next few months. A highlight of the weeks leading up to Marathon Weekend in Boston will be a virtual run, where Charity Runners can join their 261 Club and run together at a 261 meet run. This will boost their motivation for the big day! Knowing that a whole team of women stands behind you and supports you, gives you that extra lift on the day!

Make sure you stay connected and see what is going on with 261 Fearless and our Club - Charity Runner partnerships on our social media channels!

Would you like to join in the 261 Fearless fun? There are so many ways to be part of our global running community, find the right one for yourself. You can apply for our education program and become a 261 Coach, support us as a 261 Friend or offer your talents as a volunteer - whichever option you choose, you are welcome in the 261 Fearless community. Join us!

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