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First meet run for the 261 Club Zambia

261 Fearless spreads the joy of running all around the world - now to Lusaka in Zambia.

Our 261 Coaches, Charity and Brenda, have successfully launched 261 Club Zambia! On March 30 they had the first two official 261 meet runs in Zambia's capital Lusaka. Both meet runs take place every Sunday early in the morning, from 5.30 to 7 am in different areas. Charity and her group run in the area of Chilanga, their meeting point is Four Pillars Lodge. Brenda and her group meet at the filling station and run along the Great East Road. All of these women have started running for the first time in their lives, they had never run before joining the 261 Club Zambia. Running has changed their lives!

261 Coach Charity is convinced that 261 Fearless will bring a change: "Running brings us together and gives us the much needed freedom and joy!" For the participants it's finally their time as women, away from the hustle of their lives as working women, mothers and wives. The women can rediscover themselves through the meet runs.

The women already feel the changes running has made to their everyday lives. One of the members commented that she feels much lighter and it's much easier for her to do household chores. Running with the 261 Club does help women to get fitter!

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