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Four new 261 Coaches for 261 Club Austria

We've educated four new 261 Coaches in Austria who will now support our groups in the southern region of Carinthia. Meet the fearless ladies!

Four new 261 Coaches will support our team in Carinthia, the southern region of Austria, and spread the joy of social running in three different meet runs. During the Train the Trainer certification course in Klagenfurt the new Coaches learned everything about women and running, the right technique and new games for their meet runs. Now Elke, Petra, Lisa and Birgit are well prepared for their new role as 261 Coaches.

All of them have been active as members of the 261 Club Austria, but now the fearless ladies decided to step up and become Coaches themselves. They are looking forward to having a lot of fun at the meet runs as well as motivating and inspiring other women to take their first running steps. At the 261 Club meet run they can try - without any pressure to perform.

Our new 261 Coaches' motto is "there's no such thing as can't be done" and that's the spirit they will bring to the meet runs. The ladies look forward to motivating and inspiring women to start running, step out of their comfort zone and try something new. We wish them all the best!

Click here to see all pictures of the Train the Trainer certification course in Klagenfurt.

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