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Introducing NEW 261 Meet Runs in three Countries

The 261 Fearless movement is continuously growing, five new clubs in three countries are proof of that. Led by incredible and enthusiastic women, they will hopefully introduce many women in Austria, Germany and the US to the 261 spirit.


Michaela Feurle started her meet run in September in Dornbirn, federal state of Vorarlberg which is located in the West of Austria: "We are a small meet run, but we do great stuff. We are always running cross-country, up the hills and down the hills. Mixed with exercises that target mobilization and strength, this always guarantees fun and a nice workout!", says Michaela. She derives her motivation to lead the club from her fascination with Kathrine and her achievements. 

The city of Salzburg is widely known for its rich history and cultural heritage. It is a favorite tourist destination for everyone who is even remotely interested in Mozart, The Sound of Music and cultural activities - and now it is also home to a 261 Fearless Club, lead by Katrin Tockner, Christina Lackner and Birgit Kocher. "We want to pass our motivation on to others", says Katrin. Brigit adds "I learn a lot about myself when I run, I can also clear my head - that’s what I want to teach others as well!"

The 'youngest' club in Austria - in more than one sense - started last week in Graz, the 'European Capital of Culture' in 2003 and a vibrating, hip student city. The club is led by two students, Elisabeth Eder and Theresa Boiger. Although Graz is also the center of plenty of sporting activities,  there was no comparable opportunity for women to run together. That's what Elisabeth and Theresa want to change: "We want to motivate women and girls to run on a regular basis and to have fun. We hope that our meet run will attract more and more female runners soon!"

Find out more about the Austrian 261 Fearless clubs on Facebook


In the first week of November, Laura Haid is starting her very own club and meet run in the in the city of Rosenheim in Southern Germany, located between the scenic Chiemsee and Bavaria’s capital Munich. Laura is looking forward to spreading the message of 261 Fearless and to motivating other women to have fun and to run together: "I want them to enjoy the freedom, the here and now! I want to savour life together with them for a couple of moments each week."

Visit the Facebook page of 261 Fearless Germany to find out more.   

United States 

Pat Murphy is officially launching the 261 Fearless Club TC - South Shore this winter thanks to the help of 261 Fearless Twin Cities, its parent club. The club is located in sparsely populated and stunningly beautiful Bayfield County in far northern Wisconsin along Lake Superior - runs with stunning lake views are guaranteed. "As a new coach, long-time fan of Kathrine Switzer, a 261 Fearless ambassador, and marathon runner, I look forward to sharing my passion for running and fitness and to building a supportive, fun and diverse community of women of all ages from throughout the area who I hope will find inspiration and motivation from each other and from Kathrine Switzer and 261 Fearless.“, commented Pat. 

We are looking forward to seeing how the clubs grow and how our coaches spread the message of 261 Fearless and share their enthusiasm for running with others. Welcome and all the best for your future endeavors! 

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