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261 Fearless Inc. provides education to 261 Coaches and Club Directors who lead meet runs in local 261 Clubs and encourage members to start running. This is the domino-effect of empowerment that 261 Fearless triggers. Let’s find out more about the 261 Education Program from our 261 Master Coaches, Lisa and Juliet.



Knowledge is the key to empowerment, because only if you have knowledge, can you make an informed decision. We, at 261 Fearless, firmly believe that education is one of the main tools that gives women the opportunity and confidence to feel empowered. The research-based 261 Education Program contains information about women’s health and running, as well as leadership skills, and is taught by the 261 Master Coaches.



Lisa and Juliet, our Master Coaches in the UK, train future 261 Coaches at the initial Train the Trainer certification course and support them along their coaching journey. The continuing education and mentoring opportunities prepare 261 Coaches for their tasks at a 261 Club meet run as they learn about topics such as injury prevention, running and the female cycle, sports bras, and much more. At the same time, the Coaches develop leadership skills by learning what constitutes a healthy working relationship and how they can differentiate in their role as a 261 Coach. Many of them can apply these skills far beyond 261 Fearless as a recent study shows. Lisa has observed the impact of the 261 Education Program in the 261 Coaches she educated:

“I've been a Master Coach for four years and witnessed time and time again the power the education program has in transforming our coaches' lives.  Sometimes they have been so interested in a topic covered that they have gone on to study the subject.  Other times, topics have helped coaches personally to seek medical help.  One thing is for sure, each and every Coach gains confidence; it is like watching flowers opening up.”

  Lisa, 261 Master Coach

Education is a powerful tool that can transform lives. Would you like to be part of this revolution of empowerment and start learning yourself? Check out where your closest club is located, join and apply as a 261 Coach!

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